(Atlanta, GA) Has it been 10 years of Ravagers already?!  Those rabid Baltimore rockers are back with a 10 year anniversary release of their debut EP “Livin In Oblivion”.  Originally pressed in 2013 on Virginia’s Cricket Cemetery Records, “Living In Oblivion” has been long out of print and we all agreed it needed to be back out there.  No more paying exorbitant discogs prices anymore.  Also, this EP has some Ravagers classics, that are also live staples, like “Suicide Bomber” and “Cold Heat”.  These tracks set the tone for Ravagers follow up releases “Natural Instinct” (2015) and “Badlands” (2022).

“Livin In Oblivion” was produced in 2013 by longtime friend of the band and guitarist Matt Gabs (Biters/Fishnet Stalkers), who later joins the Ravagers, first appearing on their latest release “Badlands” (2022).  The 2023 release comes with original art and insert.  It was also remixed and remastered by “Badlands” producer Dan Dixon.  The vinyl is available now in the US from Spaghetty Town Records and is available on all major streaming and download outlets.

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