The first time the album has been released on vinyl and will be available on three different limited edition
vinyl’s – White, Gold and Red & Black Splattered vinyl.

The album, originally released in 1996, features four original members of The Boys – Matt Dangerfield,
Casino Steel, Duncan ‘Kid’ Reid & Honest John Plain along ex Berne Torme drummer Mark Harrison and Die Toten Hosen frontman/singer Campino. The album includes sleeve notes from Campino & Matt Dangerfield along with full lyrics and several never-before-seen photos from the recording sessions. There has been a resurgence in Boys’ releases recently what with To Hell and Odds And Sods getting pressed and selling out it makes sense for this beauty to finally get pressed on wax. Along with Mattless Boys, it’s some of the finest Boys-related curio out there and the quality of sound and of course the music is second to none. Sure the staple classics are here like opener ‘See You Later’ ‘Brickfield Nights’ ‘Soda Pressing’ but the hidden gems are the likes of ‘Gabrielle’ which in its stripped back form is an absolute stone cold classic and the delivery is emotional from the deft piano fills to the sparce drum fills its a beautiful song and takes on a new life.

I always loved the artwork and the cheeky Black and white kickabout it sort of summed up The Boys and this particular release. Anyone lucky enough to catch the band playing an acoustic set at Rebellion even the final Duncan Reid set from some years ago will get the picture of just how good these songs are plugged or unplugged a great song will stand tall whatever form. An emotional ‘Brickfield’ takes me right back to those unplugged Blackpool nights.

If you are lucky enough to hold a copy on its rightful format (12″ of wax) then cherish one of England’s finest ever bands stripped back delivering the goods – Its a real joy to hear especially loud and after a few glasses of plonk. Those big sweeping chords of ‘First Time’ or the raw aggression of ‘Sick On You’ is a beautiful thing.

When I was planning to review this release I put the songs on my phone to play whilst out riding my bike on a crisp morning I pulled over along the local canal and just sat and listened to the whole album from top to bottom day dreaming and admiring just how bloody good these songs are. ‘Heroine’ had me wiping a bead of sweat from my cheek It wasn’t a tear honest.

The only problem I have with this is it was recorded back in 96 and therefore doesn’t have any of the more recent ‘Punk Rock Menopause’ tunes given the same treatment then it could have been a double album covering all points of their legacy. As a stand alone LP ‘Power Cut’ is a must own LP Long Live The Boys and all who’ve sailed within. Easily one of my favourite ever acoustic albums, perfectly captured, perfectly executed.


Last Exit Music

Author: Dom Daley