Comprising of Roger Deering and Lloyd Stewart Casson, two former members from LA glam stompers Smash Fashion, along with Greg Rogers drummer with legendary LA stoners Goatsnake, and bassist Bruce Braddock, Crymwav (and no, that’s not a Dom Daley editing faux pas, it really is spelt that way) are about to release ‘24/7’, a six track EP that is one of the true surprise packages of 2023.

That’s largely because Crymwav somehow manage to not sound like any of the bands the four members have been involved in previously, and instead blend the very finest elements of late 70s/early 80s hard rock with the punk rock spirit of the NWOBHM, whilst not forgetting a sprinkling of arena rock fairy dust to make their tunes immediately stick in your head.

Lead video and EP opener ‘American Carnage’ is an immediate hit with yours truly with its melody lines chock full of thunder and lightning making the band sound like a modern day take on Thin Lizzy, whilst elsewhere there’s more than a hint of Scorpions during their mid-80s prime evident in the excellent ‘Loop Garou’, something which also beggars the question, can we expect the odd human pyramids to appear when Crymwav get to play this bad boy live?

Of the EP’s other three original tracks the thing that keeps popping into my head is how much this EP reminds me of ‘Riggs’, the self-titled record by a fourpiece from Tennessee released way back in 1982. Not that Crymwav sound like Riggs per say, it’s more the fact that to this very day that LP has a truly timeless quality about it, and here songs like ‘Sense of Adventure’ and ‘Mars Fever’ along with the hugely impressive ‘Surfing A Crimewave’ all possess that same eternal glow. It’s that wonderful sound of four guys with their amps cranked up really high, playing songs that simply make everything in life feel great, something which, if there is any justice in this world, you should all get to experience some time soon.

And if this all wasn’t enough, that NWOBHM influence I mentioned earlier fully rears its head in the shape of an EP closing cover of Tank’s ‘Walking Barefoot Over Glass’, a version which retains the blood, guts, and beer charm of the original whilst also giving it a Crymwav twist for 2023, something that would surely have made Tank main man Algy Ward (RIP fella) grin from ear to ear.

Released on October 27th via Electric Pudding Records, ‘24/7’ is an EP any discerning fan of REAL classic rock music needs to check out. Hit the links below to follow the band and tell them RPM sent you.

Author: Johnny Hayward