Dion is quite the Prolific musician this past few years with albums and tours a plenty and this new release for 2023 is ten tracks of Garage Punk rock goodness. from the opening lo-fi smash n grab of ‘Secrets’ its off to the best possible start. With a wall of distorted guitars and a sparse floor tom beat and the lofi vocals its Garage ‘Rock goodness a plenty and just what I wanted to be hearing from mr D4 and place to bury stranger guy.

As well as the In The Red Versions of the LP (Black/Red  Splatter) there are very limited numbers of a LEVITATION and FUZZ CLUB RECORDS “Shockwave” splatter version.

Lunadon leans on garage rock, punk and some power pop for good measure he doesn’t venture out of his comfort zone but his comfort zone has and is on the fringe of those genres and its a style he absolutely pulls off. In fact the openning single and lead track reminds me of The Boys in the melody and delivery of the vocals.

Lots of wrestling feedback on the guitars as ‘Nikki’ unfolds It is sparse and sounds like it was conceived in an underground tunnel with a solid consistent beat. That cold detatched feel continues on ‘Diamond Sea’ as Lunadon lets his vocals walk all over the song from screams to howls to melodic proper singing its all in here like a Bowie sketchbook thats been uncovered and I do like that piano thats holding it together whils tth eguitars are wrangled with.

‘I Walk Away’ is a bruising affair coming on like a distant cousin to fuck up Jon Spenser and Gallon Drunk chaotic and beautiful all at the same time. Its pretty much the MO of ‘Systems Edge’ as it lurches from raw to eve rawer material. Its a real attack on the senses as one track smashes into the next and so on it goes. ‘Shcokwave’ is like a feral Jesus and Mary Chain cut from the 80s heyday and then ‘Grind ME Down’ staggers in like the fucked up son of the Stooges.

‘I Don’t Mind’ is like a twisted pop song that has been out all night on a bender of Ket and cheap wine. The chorus is burrowed deep into my ear and I can’t shake it off I find myself singing the words I Don’t Mind over and over and tempted to march like Jagger as the song plays in my head.

The album then plays out via the sub eight minutes of ‘Room With No View’ and gone are the areratifs of the sub one minute songs or the two minute balsts of sonic ice and the fucked up trip of ‘Room’ as the guitars are put through the ringer and get absolutely rinsed fo rthe next seven minutes its the sound of the road to hell being trodden without a care in the world as Lunadon takes this impressive record home. I like it a lot and I knew that would be the case. I’ll venture in sparingly and I know it will drag me in much like when I get anew Dead Moon record and f this is half as good then its a winner all the way. Join me and get fucked by the sonic head fuck that is ‘Systems Edge’.






In The Red

NOV 28th – Hanover DE, Lux

NOV 29th – Copenhagen DK, Beta

NOV 30th – Berlin DE, Urban Spree

DEC 1st – Saarbrucken DE, Horst

DEC 2nd – Winterthur CH, Gaswerk

DEC 3rd – Bern CH, Hush Hush


DEC 7th – Queens NY, TV Eye