After releasing his self-titled debut album in 2017, Dion Lunadon (The D4, ex-A Place To Bury Strangers) is set to release his sophomore album ‘Beyond Everything‘ on June 10th via In The Red Records. Available for pre-order HERE.    Today, Dion shares a brand new video for ‘By My Side‘, which he produced in collaboration with Blau! Production. “This is a song that has taken on new meaning to me. It’s one of those songs where the lyrics are up to the listener’s interpretation, as opposed to a straightforward narrative. Lyrically, it evokes cinematic images more than a feeling. Musically, it all started with the idea of a strange dissonant hum that gives way to the song dropping. I love Hitchcock and crime movies, so the video is placing pictures to the score…Crime and dissonance.”

Ulysses Trash is the sophomore album from Australian born, UK based artist Dez Dare. With the pandemic still raging, Dez took a meagre amount of time to buy some new gear and expand his studio. Spending late 2021 writing and recording 18 tracks that delve further into themes of the ethical vacuum of modern capitalism and politics as well as the destructive course of the digital society we live in, that filled the debut album, ‘Hairline Ego Trip’ (4th June 2021).

Ulysses Trash is built on the dichotomy of clarity in the world we are presented, and the sanguine nihilism of accepting your life is without control. Ulysses is a hero. A leader. Ulysses also means the wrathful, the hater. There is a pervasive movement within our leaders who champion destructive behaviour, smiling while destroying all in their path. Presenting themselves as saviour, while smirking and damaging the people they serve. Not only are we lied to by our leaders, but we lie to ourselves. Making justifications that allow us to feel better about our choices. The lies we tell ourselves to survive.

This album is a call to inaction, surely we have to try? An open letter to embrace our place in the ecosystem in which we exist and understand where we fit in the grand scheme. To remember that beauty is in the minutia, the quanta in which we all are made.

Dez Dare unleashes new single ‘They Scream, My Head is so Full I Can’t Dream’ – a song that Darren says deals with “the birth of the 24-hour news cycle and the introduction of social media feeds have filled our eyes and brains to the point of exhaustion. We are screaming out for silence.”

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On June 17th 2022 The Alarm release the new album ‘OMEGA’ into record stores and music streaming services across the globe. Check out the brand new video for ‘Fail’ lifted from the album.

The online streaming edition of Omega features a brand new 2022 mix and is also available to be heard in Dolby Atmos Spacial Audio at various online providers who offer this specialised listening service.

Omega is also available to pre-order as a limited Deluxe Edition here