Brigata Vendetta are a new band to be reckoned with in the famed Bay Area punk rock scene, but the three members are anything but newcomers! Frontman & bassist Darrel Wojick and guitarist Mike Caputo will be familiar due to their involvement with Harrington Saints – well, they are joined by Bum City Saints drummer Brian Zobel. Those familiar with the Harrington Saints won’t be disappointed when the needle drops on Brigata Vendetta rather they’ll be suitably impressed and thoroughly pleased with this offering.

This is How Democracy Dies’ is the debut LP on Pirates Press Records. It’s 13 songs of smarting rapid uncompromising hardcore punk rock and boy does it get the blood pumping. Written over the course of 3 months and recorded in workmanlike marathon sessions at Oakland’s Sharkbite Studios in a single weekend, with frequent Harrington Saints collaborator Scott McChane manning the board it sounds like it was a band on a mission bristling with energy and ideas and finding the vehicle to let it all out. It’s like being hit in the face with an anvil but enjoying it so much you want to do it again.

What began as a side project for Darrel and Mike became their prime focus after Harrington Saints went their separate ways, and despite their familiarity playing together, the new band brings with it fresh sounds and fresh perspectives. Make no mistake this is punk as fuck and as hardcore as the likes of Bloodclot or any of the Agnostic Fronts of this world. Park The Saints and Suede Razors this is fuckin’ brutal and in your face. The likes of ‘1000 Cuts’ or the epic ‘Nothing Left’ would give a raging Lemmy a run for his money at his most aggressive best.

Straight from the get-go ‘Get The Spirit’ is the battle cry and a howling good time thereafter. Rapid and galloping but the guitar breaks are superb. It all makes for a really exciting record that doesn’t stop from the opener right through to the closing punch of ‘Greenies’ Which opens with the most filthy bass riff and sound I’ve heard in ages. Wham bang thank you man. This shit is on Fire and I love it.

If OFF! or the likes of MDC light a fire in your heart then this is for you. ‘Tempers Flare’ sounds like a band who just discovered Bloodclot and AC/DC and wrote a song including the two beasts. This record is relentless in its quality and delivery ‘Bodies’ is punishing and before we’re done ‘Into The Ground’ will leave you buried under an avalanche of noise that is hard as nails, heavy as hell but fuck me sideways it sounds good, no sounds fantastic! They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Brigata Vendetta completely dispels that myth because ‘This Is How Democracy Dies’ is an absolute Banger! Buy It!

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