They just don’t give a shit anymore. Nah, it’s a lyric of the new album, not their attitude to making music. Sounding like the bastard children of Evan Dando and Dee Dee Ramone Mean Jeans heads out of Portland to bring you a brand new fifteen-track album.

Of course, it’s not mentally taxing and the premise of the record is to have a good time all the time. Hell, the record is out in time for their jaunt around Oz with The Chats who seem just about the right touring partners for this three piece they’ve been at this for a decade and a half already and show no sign of relenting or running out of ways to write songs about having a blast.

From’ I Don’t Give A Shit Anymore’ through the Dee Dee thunderer ‘Diagnosis’ the band is killing it. Check out the melodies on ‘Lost My Mind’ as they ham it up on Judge Judy that came after a dream, yeah of course it did you nutters.

They unashamedly don’t stray far from the format of Da Brothers and they seem like a happy family cutting their shapes like the boys from Queens and why not if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. You do wait for the slowed-down number with brass section or the faux cod ska number but they don’t arrive (thankfully) if anything the songs get faster and more Ramonesy as the record gets in deep. ‘Brake Up With You’ will have Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, and Tommy all giggling from the other side and asking where their cut of the songwriting credits are.

Mean Jeans probably don’t give one single flying fuck about any shape or form of criticism they might get for their take on punk rock and neither should they because you can do a lot worse than base your records of the Ramones that’s for sure and besides there will no doubt be some kids on those Chats dates who’ve never heard the Ramones and will fall in love with Mean Jeans. Again, that’s cool with me. An enjoyable romp of a record but not something I’ll be revisiting over and over because I’ve got its Alive and Ramones Mania. Enjoy them live and pick up the new album kids but remember wear sunscreen it might be hot throwing yourself around in the pit.

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Author: Dom Daley