What’s that you say? More posthumous live material from Motorhead? Do we really need that? Of course, you do! It’s fuckin’ Motorhead!! And there WERE rock and roll!

This collection consists of decades of shows from Motorhead’s long and illustrious career. The Lost Tapes have been coming at us in dribs and drabs over the last few years and this lovely box set has added the latest set from the Download Festival in 2008 to complete the collection… There may be more, who knows? I’m sure there’s plenty more live material floating around.

The first blistering set is from Madrid in 1995, it’s a varied set with a few gems such as Dog Faced Boy and Over Your Shoulder from the Sacrifice album that they were touring at the time. We even get a cover the Hawkwind classic Silver Machine that sounds great given the Motorhead treatment. Phil Campbell & his Bastard Sons still play Silver Machine to this day. There are 24 tracks here, granted, 2 of those are drum and bass solos but that’s fantastic value for money.

From Madrid we head to Norwich for the next batch of Motorhead madness. This set dates to 1998 and we get another quality set from Lemmy and the lads. All the standards are here including Iron Fist, Overkill, Ace of Spades, Killed by Death, as well as few numbers including Civil War and the title track from the Overnight Sensation album.

Next up, we head into the millennium with a show at the KB Hallen in Malmo, Sweden dated November 2000. Opening with We Are Motorhead, which was a mainstay in their set from this time onwards until Lemmy sadly passed away in 2015, the band delivered another noise-ridden cacophony littered with classics as well as their brilliant cover of the Sex Pistols God Save the Queen.

We go all the way to 1984 for the next disc of greasy goodness with a show from Heilbronn, Germany. Great to hear Nothing Up My Sleeve and Steal Your Face getting an airing here. The amount of material that Motorhead amassed over the years is incredible. We also get a turbocharged version of Ace of Spades; this is probably the fastest version of that song I’ve ever heard! Full on thrash pace!

Lastly, we get the set from Download in 2008. Opener Doctor Rock kicks the proceedings off with style, we have another full-on set of classics including In the Name of Tragedy, Metropolis, Going To Brazil, and a fantastic version of Overkill with ex-guitarist Wurzel putting in a guest appearance.

This box set gives you plenty of bang for your buck with 8 CDs chock a block full of Motorhead mayhem. It really is a must for any true Motorheadbangers collection. That’s the way I like it, baby!

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Author: Kenny Kendrick