Heavy as a tonne of bricks Landing on your head ‘Re: Generation’ kicks off with ‘Future Shock’ sounding like a female-fronted Senser when they were at their devastating best mixing it up in the mid-90s. but wait, the pace is changed like a full-speed handbrake turn on ‘No Man No Right’ as the band gets their ska on and goes in for some skanking. with a rather splendid saxophone break.

Breaking through during lockdown this ten-legged ska/punk/grime/dubstep/metal machine shouldn’t work at all but it does. Via some sparkling production and great arrangements.

This compilation pulls together some single mixes in the shape of ‘Virus’ and ‘Keep On Believing’ and playing with some new mixes as well as some brand new tunes its throwing the kitchen sink effect that will hit your ears in one huge loud production. Can’t say I’m up to date on my Grime or my dubstep but I do know when something is done very well and this is that. now the full-on punk rock I do get. ‘Learn TO Live With It’. The uplifting tone of ‘Sunny Side Of The Street’ works really well from the acoustic intro in the whole band joining in for a really good tune.

They speed it up and turn it up on the really bright ‘New Style Rocka’ Having several members of the band who can handle the vocals is a real asset from the fellas doing the hard rock to the sweet female rasp of ‘Train Leaves Tomorrow’ but don’t be fooled it’s like a steel fist inside a velvet glove Laila Khan delivers be it doing the hard rock or the punk stuff as well as she sings the pop stuff the do when they need a strong melody over whatever style they happen to pull off for each song. Doing this for a decade these guys aren’t some johnny come lately they know what they’re doing and do it very well indeed. It is no surprise to see they’ve worked with Skunk Anansie as well as drawing influence from the Streets and Dubwar as well as classic Ska bands it’s a real melting pot going on and ‘Re: Generation’ should put them in front of a much bigger audience no question.

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Author: Dom Daley