Is it really three years since Mad Daddy released their debut album? Time flies when you’re getting old, and I play it regularly, so I was pleased to hear a second album was about to arrive. With a new rhythm section, but still retaining their grimy roots, fear not. Nothing has changed for the Iggy-endorsed Manx rockers. If it ain’t broke, e.t.c…

‘Too Tough To Die’ kicks off with the title track, another primal riff that clouts you round the head, and some snappy wah-wah. A sonically perfect three minutes. ‘Hot Chicks’ would really suit Iggy, strutting defiantly as it does. And Dolyn’s harmonica playing is even more assured, this time around.

The four songs from the ‘Road Racer’ EP are included here, remixed, but I’m eager to hear the new tunes, and it’s all good news. ‘I’m An Outsider’ is equal parts Ramones and Pistols, so what’s not to like? They are clearly loving playing the songs. This time around, only the singles will be available on streaming services, so you’ll need to order the CD (vinyl to come later). This is a smart move, as it’s nigh on impossible for bands to keep going nowadays. And ‘Stoned’ is another good reason to put in your preorder now. Simple, infectious stuff that will get you bopping.

‘Ride That Train’ is like Dr Feelgood on bad drugs after a long night, very much my thing. ‘Give It Some’ most certainly does, the only song over four minutes long here, but we’re fair rattling along, distorted slide guitar and brutal drumming. The band have kept their edge, whilst getting tighter.

With gigs coming up around the UK in April and May, you’d be daft to miss them. They’ve avoided the “difficult second album” syndrome. If you love dirty punk n roll, they’re worthy of your hard-earned cash. It’s not a tough decision.

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Author: Martin Chamarette