Representing the Isle of Man, it’s only fitting that the “rock n roll, punk blues guys” (Iggy Pop) of Mad Daddy are releasing their ‘Road Racer’ EP to coincide with this year’s TT race. It’s the perfect combination; oil, sweat, hairpin bends and righteous rock n roll.

‘Road Racer’ opens, full throttle through the gears, like ‘Motorbikin’ on bad drugs. Slightly heavier than before, shades of the Chuck Norris Experiment. ‘It Ain’t Easy’ and ‘Be Bad’ tip a nod to the Stooges’ ability with primal riffs, while retaining their own identity, while ‘Here To Stay’ has the requisite “hey, hey, hey”s to get you hitting the repeat button.

No need to reinvent the wheel here, just enjoy the pared back appeal of Mad Daddy. And with a spanking new t shirt design to accompany the TT races, they’ve got my order come Bandcamp Friday in June. You know it makes sense.

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Released 4th June on Bandcamp for download, available on all streaming services

Author: Martin Chamarette

From The Home of Razzle this four-piece play bullshit-free punk rock n roll and infuse into that remit the soul of The Cramps and a bunch of Psychobilly mixed with the grunt of a lifetime devoted to loud guitars and punk rock.  It’s not rocket science and they’re not reinventing the wheel here but they do understand that it’s important to have a good time being creative and I do enjoy some Dr. Feelgood harmonica honking as well and Mad Daddy throw in a fair bit of that here. ‘Just You Wait And See’ is a lovely slice of boogie-woogie pub rock just like Wilcos old muckas used to throw down.


Ten tracks are what’s on offer and there’s plenty of energy to boot ‘Ride With Me’ has got guts and a heap of wheel spins going on.  The guitars are honkin’ like a hog on heat and the harp is quality.  In a tight club with writhing sweaty bodies, these tunes would be an absolute blast.  Take the twelve-bar romp of ‘Pretty Lady’ and the nice tone of ‘I’m Bored’.


The bass gets in on some grunt work as ‘Hey Elvis’ descents into a brawl of volume between the rhythm section and that lead guitar. Elvis!, Elvis! I think I’ve got tinnitus and these cats ain’t slowing down as ‘Real Bad Day’ is on the march whilst ‘Let’s Get Messed Up’ is something of a Wildhearts meets The Ramones vs the Cramps and Feelgood dust-up and that’s an impressive fight to the death.


With no time for a slowie or token ballad, the nearest you are going to get is the mid-paced Garage thump of ‘Outta The Way’.  As far as new bands go this is a very decent introduction. There are some great ideas and songs going on here tied in with some great harmonica playing that compliments some crunching guitar work.  Mad Daddies have given this debut album some right proper wellie and its good to hear.  Check em out!

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Author: Dom Daley