Celebrating fifteen years of causing chaos, destruction and raging like Norse Motherfuckiers across the globe and the root of it all is a catalogue of most excellent records and live shows. The Good The Bad And The Zugly have got the lot and to celebrate they’ve released another album choc-o-bloc with bangers.

satirical know-it-all attitude, Lyrics about god knows what and other things I’m still trying to decifer their debut album so fuck knows when I’ll make sense of this one.

What is this Decade of Regression you ask? well, let me introduce you to what the band considers to be their worst record thus far, A collection of B-songs that have never made the list when dropping their previous records. This album is nothing of the sort and I’m sure tongues were firmly in cheeks when suggesting so. the first glimpse was ‘Walk Around The Porridge’ which I’m reliably informed is a Norweigan term for beat around the bush and it’s a belter. When you dig into this album if you’re new to the band (Which is fine) turn the fuckin stereo up and when you’ve done that turn it up a little more. There sitting comfortably then stand and crack open a beer and give themselves up for Zugly because these tunes demand it. Longterm fans will be already aware of the band’s steadfast uncompromising punk rock hardcore attitude and will know that the band are incapable of making bad albums.

Whilst you’re waiting for Turbonegro to wake from their hiatus coma or Gluecifer to make a new record the GBZ has stolen a march to the crown of Scandi punk rock and seem incapable of putting afoot wrong and this is no exception regardless of the press blurb this record rocks like a mofo make no mistake about it from the opening chords to the final thrashing finale GBZ are on it.

You have the solid Rock of ‘Krenk It Up’ channelling DC with some mega Riff-a-Rama or the ripping ‘Clssic Oslo Attitude’ thats the music equivelant to a punch on the nose. ‘A Couple Of Dudes’ is where Turbonegro would be if they were still making music. But my pick o fthe pack is the riot that is ‘Going Postal’ with its gang vocals that even the most drunk dude in the room can get involved with.

Stream it if you have to but buy it on record for the ultimate experience and if they roll into a town near you don’t hesitate to go – they’ll blow your mind its that simple – All hail the Zuglys they rock like fuck! Buy IT!

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Author: Dom Daley

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