formed in 1996 when Heitham Al-Sayed, John Morgan and “Haggis” put Senser on hold they recruited guitarist Jules Hodgson and set about recording their debut album. Following the release Senser reformed and it was back and fore with other projects taking precedence until 2018 Heitham, John and Haggis started cultivating the second Lodestar LP that we now know as ‘Zonen’ which features Haggis on Bass and Guitar, Heitham on Vocals and John on Drums with additional input from Charlie Beddoes ( Rub Ultra, Nasty Little Lonely) on Bass.

‘Zonen’ kicks off with ‘Surrender To The Tide’ a crushingly heavy Sabbath droning riff before Heitham starts singing and the sludgy doom-laden rock continues. It’s rightly supremely confident in its swagger as it pushes my speakers to the max. I love the breakdown in all its evil heaviness.

Woah I did say my speakers were beginning to creak under the strain and then the Bass throb of ‘Bring Me The Head’ enters the frey. it’s addictive in its heaviness and whirling swirling riff – it must be a blast to play with its hypnotic roll.

‘Be Ready’ is a grinding slog positively bursting with evil licks it sounds dark and full of menace much like the rest of this record. The breakdown gives a feeling of alchemy and aboding darkness in a good way of course before picking up the pace with a subtly solo that tears a hole in space and time and that guitar tone is filthy (should come with a health warning).

And breathe, ‘Hyperitual’ has Haitham going head-to-head with the solo as you ready for the inevitable break out and it doesn’t disappoint like dropping an anvil on your heart through the speakers it ebbs and flows wonderfully.

The first video lifted from the album is ‘Flame’ which has the heaviness but fucks with your head a little more with a crushing bass sound and a more, dare I say commercial melody.

‘1983’ opens with an acoustic-picked synth-laden slice of space rock making way as a brief interlude before ‘The Stranger’ steams in. ‘The Real World’ is like getting in the furious pit wearing old-school lead divers boots and kicking the shit out of anything and everything. The last of the original songs on offer is ‘Sigilis Burning’ which is the accumulated content of everything before it meted into one heaving riff that blows away the cobwebs of those near three decades before surrendering to ‘The Harp’.

Being almost thirty years between albums this is the sound of the 21st Century wreaking havoc for the past three decades of wait. Ten new originals and a head fuckin take on ‘The Harp’ from The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. I needed that, head well and truly cleaned by the heavy as fuck juggernaut that is Lodestar. Welcome back people let the riffs rain down.

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Author: Dom Daley

To celebrate the release of Zonen, Lodestar play two shows, including the Desertfest, with more shows to be announced soon.

Lodestar UK shows


Sat 18th Southampton Heartbreakers 
Sun 19th  Desertfest  London