Hailing from The Netherlands, The Dirty Denims return with their 4th studio album entitled ‘Party On!’, where they continue the quest to bring their self-proclaimed brand of “happy hard rock” to the masses. 

If you dig the sounds of AC/DC, The Donnas and Sahara Hotnights, then you can’t go far wrong with ‘Party On!’. The Dirty Denims unapologetically live in a world of denim & leather, flying V’s and flicking horns, and why the hell not, it ain’t a bad place to be!

Straight from the off the title track sees the band, led by singer/guitarist Mirjam Sieben, firing on all cylinders. They play a no-frills, high-energy style of rock n’ roll that never gets tired and never feels old. Angus inspired riffs and licks courtesy of guitarist Jeroen Teunis, a bluesy breakdown led by the rhythm section of bassist Sebastiaan Verhoeven and drummer Suzanne Driesen, making up a raucous, high-energy racket.

Check out that uber cool artwork, that pretty much throws out the vibe of the album. It’s like Joan Jett hanging out with David Lee Roth, drinking beer at a frat party in California circa 1984, and there’s nothing wrong with that in my book.

They’ve pilfered all the best AC/DC riffs, channelled the rawness of garage rock and the melodies of the sleazy 80’s rock scene to great effect here.

There are hints of Suzi Quatro in ‘Devil In Me’, with its killer

glam rock hook and licks that Joe Perry would be proud of. It needs more cowbell though. Elsewhere,

‘Why Do I Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night’ channels Thin Lizzy style twin harmonies and a Sweet style glam rock stomp to great effect. With an infectious melody and an instant earworm of a hook, it’s a strong album closer and probably my favourite track on the album.

With strong singles like the title track, the groovy, guitar-driven   ‘Victory’ and the power pop nugget that is ‘Guestlist’, (it has a bass solo, for real!) the Eindhoven based band have already shown the world a taste of what they have to offer with ‘Party On!’. Are you ready to grab a four pack, spark up a Marlboro lite and join the party? 

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Author: Ben Hughes