At the start of every show, even since the beginning, you’ll hear frontman Spike proclaim, ‘WE’RE THE QUIREBOYS AND THIS IS ROCK’N’ROLL’. Everyone knows this is the invitation to get the party started, have a great evening of music, and to clap your hands and stamp your feet. Songs that make you laugh, make you cry, and all emotions in between. Old friends will be there, new ones are made, plus, as is now legendary, you’ll be able to meet the band at the bar.

All the emotions of a Quireboys show are to be found on the new album ‘Wardour Street’, due for release this coming September 13th via Cadiz Music. There are songs that will make you want to rock’n’roll, there are also songs from the heart, to make you laugh, love and cry, which is fitting, as the album is dedicated to the band’s co-founder, and best friend, the legend that was Guy Bailey, rock n’ roll personified!

So, who did the Quireboys ask to step in on guitar for the new album and shows this year? Only a legend could grace the position of another legend, who else could they turn to, other than their great friend Luke Morley, who kindly agreed to help out while Thunder are on hiatus. Luke has also produced the new album.

Following the release of the ‘Jeeze Louise’ single earlier this year which saw the band back to their boozy bar room rock n’ roll best, the Quireboys return with another taste from their new album in single ‘Raining Whiskey’, to be released June 21st, which features vocal contributions from Scottish singer and songwriting legend Frankie Miller alongside Spike.

“Let’s cut to the chase, Frankie Miller is the singer’s singer, and the songwriter’s songwriter,” explains Spike. “Just ask Sir Rod Stewart, Willie Nelson, Elton John, Joe Walsh, the list is endless, even Ray Charles had a hit with one of his songs.

“I first met Frankie at the Brit awards in 1993, the year The Faces performed with Bill Wyman on bass,” continues Spike. “It was both an honour, and a shock when Frankie came up to me and congratulated me on the Quireboys success, and as we got talking, we hit it off straight away.”

In 2014 Spike released the album ‘100% Pure Frankie Miller’, a collection of Frankie’s songs reimagined by Spike and mutual friends Luke Morley, Simon Kirke, Ian Hunter, Andy Fraser, Bonnie Tyler, Ronnie Wood, Mark Stanway, Tyla Pallas etc.

“There were enough songs to last a lifetime and I put my heart and soul in to listening to them all. It was an incredible journey into how he wrote songs, and how a chorus could become a verse, then that chorus become a bridge into another melody under the same chords. How not to over sing, when to over sing, but most of all write from your heart, from the first person, but also how to write in the third person. So hard to explain.

“And now, years later, going through the new songs I’d written for the new Quireboys album ‘Wardour Street’, with Luke Morley, he asked whatever happened to the song ‘Raining Whiskey’. I told him I’d never released it, and the recording was still sitting in Rockfield Studios. We got the tapes from our very good friend Nick Brine, who’s mixed the new album, and we’ve rerecorded it, in a rock n roll style we believe the Quireboys fans will love. Obviously the first person to hear the new version of ‘Raining Whiskey’ was Frankie Miller, he loves it, and urged us to release it as a single 

So, it is my honour to present the new single by the Quireboys, featuring Frankie Miller. ‘Raining Whiskey’.