Two Days of Female and Non-Binary Punk, Garage, Rock and Power Pop

(New York, NY) Coming in hot after Fear City Fun Fest’s second triumphant year, Oh Bondage Up Yours Fest is back for its second year of high-octane rock n roll. Oh, Bondage Up Yours returns with two days of the best bands in punk, rock n roll, power pop, and garage rock bands with female or non-binary members currently spanning the globe descending upon TV Eye in Ridgewood beginning Friday, June 7th, and concluding Saturday, June 8th. This year’s lineup features some household names as well as some of the most exciting newer acts currently waving the banner of rock n roll.

Garage rockers Miranda and the Beat and Hattiesburg, MS hardcore band Judy and the Jerks headline Friday night’s gig, while power pop legend Nikki Corvette and up-and-comers Hayley and the Crushers. The remaining lineup is rounded out by the likes of Mirrored Hell, Linda and the Losers, FAFA, Silver Dagger, Phagocyte, Frida Kill, Tracy City, The Trashers, The Tasteless Treats, Badzy, and Femcel.

Tickets are $30 for individual days and there are limited weekend passes available for $50.
Don’t miss New York City’s rock n roll party of the summer.
TV Eye
1647 Weirfield Ave
Ridgewood, NY