Imagine the scene: you’ve passed out in a graveyard because you had one too many shots of bourbon last night, and you wake up to a world where every day is literally Halloween… Do those slow-moving figures in the corner of your eye remind you a bit of the fiends from that black-and-white Romero movie you’ve watched too many times?

Under the light of a full moon, you head back home only to realize your old friendly neighborhood is now swarming with witches, and there’s a sacrifice going on behind every window. Finally, back in your own bed, you can’t sleep because the flapping sounds of batwings keep you awake, and you still can’t get rid of that image of the totem in the shadows that wasn’t there yesterday…

For some, this could be the most nightmarish scenario to witness, but to the death rockers of Black Totem, it’s the very (un)life they live and breathe every single day with their third full-length album, “III: Sacrifice Tonite.” Now that’s some introduction to a band I’m sure you’ll agree. Black Totem rock like fuck and fo their way. It’s dark it tribal and it’s not a million miles from the Misfits which is never a bad thing.

Ten tracks of pure vintage audio horror, startu g with the excellent ‘Hex Hood’ guaranteed 100% free from modern-day CGI and cheap jump scares it rattles along with a great tempo and sets the tone. “III: Sacrifice Tonite” brings back the good old days of rocking and catchy as hell blues punk, where Screamin’ Jay Hawkins shakes hands with old-school doom metal, and Samhain and The Misfits. Guitarist and vocalist Spit Poison and bassist Vera Wolf preach these unholy sermons together, never forgetting just the right amount of “WOOOO’OS,” while Tony Cash assaults the drums with human bones and lead guitarist Sam Hate channels the very best of John Christ‘s rocking solos.

If you’re familiar whit their previous records then you will love this. If this is your first taste of the ghoolishly good Black Totem then youll be hooked. The production is spot on and the tunes are exvellent breathing fresh life into a forgotten dark art form. Let some Black Totem into your life you won’t regret it.

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