A more diverse list of tunes I don’t think we’ve aired. So why not join us as we delve into what tunes we’ve been spinning this past week. Kicking off with the majestic Generation X and a classic off their ‘Valley Of The Dolls’ album. I still get a buzz off that record and it takes me back to the day it came out and getting my dad to buy it in Woolies. Game changer of an album.

How about a new old song? Flesh For Lulu had some success in the 80s and singer guitarist Nick March went on to sling his rather cool six string as part of the Urban Voodoo Machine troupe and they were all the better fo this talented inclusion. Nick lost his battle with the big C and the music world lost a real talent. Fast forward a few years and a box of tapes were found under a bed that contained a bunch of recordings that go on to become ‘Cosmic Mind Fuck‘ which was released this summer and we are lucky enough to include ‘Bad Dog’ from the album. All profits from the sale of this album, released with the full blessing of Nick Marsh’s family, will be donated to a cancer charity in memory of Nick so do check it out.

We go early on Hotshots ‘Hot Picks’ this week as he chooses to delve into the Manics catalogue of B Sides and ‘Automatik Teknicolour’ is his first ‘Hot Pick’ quickly followed up by the excellent choice of 3 Colours Red and ‘Nuclear Holiday’. His hattrick track comes from Givvi Flynn who sang with Ginger Wildheart and The Sinners with a song off her debut album.

If those ‘Hot Picks’ weren’t enough how about a hidden rare track from Therapy? ‘Never Ending’ is the gift that keeps on giving. We then head stateside for some punk rock n roll courtesy of Stiletto Boys with ‘Triple Two Stroke’ off their ‘Rockets And Bombs’ album if you want info on them you have to go back to myspace and hang around in a retro world trying to be hip. Having been feeding off a diet of classic Stooges music this past week how about a cut from the ‘Funhouse’ sessions in the shape of a superb studio take of ‘Loose’ – garage rock perfection and this mix is truly majestic off possibly the bands finest album ‘Funhouse’.

Hotshot lobs in a cut from The Idol Dead and ‘Travelling Man’ from their ‘Die On My Feet Or Live On My Knees’ album closing off Hotshots hot picks for this week.

We head back to the States for Libertine and a track off their ‘See You In The Next Life’ album excellent punk rock n roll from the late 90s. We stay in that part of the world for Sick Bag and the closing cut off their most excellent long player ‘Halfway To Hell’.

Can’t believe its taken us 32 episodes to play something by the Senseless Things and this is off the recently remastered ‘The First OF Too Many’ album from 2021 anniversary mix. It’s like night and day comparing the two mixes and the CD also has a live show from the band at the peak of their powers. Stunning album.

Of all the new bands releasing music in 2024 Bad Nerves are right up there with the best of them. Recently seeing them play with The Hives and pushing them all the way taken from the brand new album ‘Still Nervous’ the track ‘USA’ is a banger.

Another recent release is America’s Fast Eddy and ‘No More Neon Lights’ from the excellent new album ‘To The Stars’. Another new track and new band for RPM Online is No Wayne with ‘Doin Fine’. Wytch Pycknik are another new band who are releasing their debut album so we play the first single ‘Rawkuss’.

To finish off this impressive list of tunes we play Brightons Rough Gutts and a track ‘Mothers Love’. Hopefully, we’ll be back next week with the full complement of neerdowells. thanks for checking us out and hope you enjoy the music and talking nonsense. Like- Subscribe- share.