Not really needing an introduction but here goes anyway, Bauhaus frontman Peter Murphy launches Silver Shade Records with two releases. The First is a short sharp poke to the temple of some covers that have helped shape the uber Goth vocalist and performer and he wastes no time in bastardising Iggys ‘Funtime’ into a heaving wall of distortion and wailing and it sounds fantastic and seeing as its live it has a very raw live feel to proceedings and what a way to kick off a record, spot on.

‘Transmission’ is performed in front of Hooky and Murphy owns it with his iconic and most distinctive vocal. To be fair who can forget his band’s cover of ‘Ziggy’ so hearing Murphy perform some iconic tracks in his own style is a joy to behold. He’s done nine studio albums on his own so this series of live recordings is most welcome for his championing some classic tracks and keeping their soul and spirit alive. The quality varies to be fair and the bootleg sound quality or straight from the board of ‘Final Solution’ is chaotic and head fucking in its delivery. Sure ‘Space Oddity’ isn’t exactly pushing the boundaries but so what it’s all about Murphy’s interpretation of the music that shaped him and its nine tracks that are absolutely nailed and his Bowie cover is spine-tingling and sparse.

One track I wasn’t expecting was his take of ‘Purple Rain’ and as we head to its conclusion ‘The Light Pours Out Of Me’ is Gothtastic before ending the record with a wonderful take of @Hurt’ that features the one and only Mr Reznor on Keyboards and sounds like it might have been recorded in his living room with its spine tingling vocal from Murphy worth it for this rendition alone, amazing. Oh, for the record, it was Rezner who wrote it, not Mr Cash as some might have you believe. A real treat even if it is a bit on the expensive side even if it is Pressed on very special Gold Nugget vinyl and housed in a deluxe, embossed and UV glossed sleeve, limited to 2,000 numbered copies.

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‘Live Volume Two’ – The second release is still £40 but this time you get two LPs of live Murphy material which is nineteen tracks spread over the two records and is a wonderful recording from 2008. From the chilling intro to the howling feedback goth classic of ‘The Line Between The Devils Teeth’ that flows into the dark brooding chug of ‘Disappearing In Her Hand’ is Murphy at his very best from a whisper to a scream or a howl its engaging and powerful stuff as the listener is treated to a thrilling show that glides effortlessly through his career from Bahaus classics to the very best of his solo material up to the recording. ‘Marlene Dietrich’s Favourite Poem’ and a fascinating ‘A Strange Kind Of Love’ bleeding into ‘Bela Lagosi’s Dead’ and then following the acoustic version into a full electric ‘Shes In Parties’ that stutters into the fantastic ‘Be My Wife’. To release both albums at the same time is cool even at the price I fear these will be must-owns for any self-respecting Goths out there looking for a fix of one of the genre’s finest, most inventive and iconic artists at the very top of his game. Buy Vol Two Here

Author: Dom Daley