Fast, loud, tight, melodic punk rock gnawing away at your brain is about where Pack Rat sits. After a debut LP a couple of years ago, Patrick McEachnie (Chain Whip) decided he had more in the tank so he’s back with a stunning sophomore LP ‘Lifes A Trap’.
Where the first LP was Pat taking care of everything, this time it is a full band, resulting in an album of bouncy, power-poppy rippers with great hooks and pop sensibility, inspired by the less abrasive, more melodically driven side of ’70s punk. 13 brand new songs with boundless punch and a whole heap of fun from the opening tick, tick, boom of opener ‘Heart Beat’ right through this old – New Wave its a blast and so infectious. to full in love with. Summer never tasted so good.

It’s old school but still manages to sound fresh as fuck. Like a melting pot of Buzzcocks, 80s new wave and a heap of American big beasts hook after fuckin hook ‘Neighbours’ has that bubblegum girlie call back adding a high school bounce to proceedings over the buzzsaw guitars. ‘Ask A Punk’ begins with the lo-fi bass thump whilst the lyrics are barbed and McEachnie has his tongue stuck in his safety-pinned cheek.

‘Can’t Stop’ and ‘Electrified’ are as punk as fuck and Jello would kill to pen songs this cool in 2024. Once the keys on ‘Rat Trap’ get in your ear that’s it game over this will quickly become your go-to punk rock record for the first half of 2024. ‘Pure Trash’ is Ramones for the rats and a thumping runaway train of a track. The fact that bands are making records this bloody good in 2024 is heartwarming and a joy to listen to. Don’t take my word for it get over to Bandcamp and fill yer boots because ‘Lifes A Trap’ is a show pony of a record and I love it. Buy It!

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Author: Dom Daley