Described as toe-tapping party tunes is doing themselves a bit of an injustice because there rock and rollers have got a bit more about them than that.  They write songs with a hook and melodies and granted, would shake the shit out of any party I’ve no doubt but it’s not just about being the soundtrack to kids making out is it? Maybe it is I won’t judge them.

Opening track ‘Getaway Car’ is jammed with a great hook and some right tasty playing and I love that hook and want to join in on those gang vocals and that guitar solo kills me man, as the kids say – “on point my man on fuckin’ point!”

I looked up what was happening in Stamford, Connecticut. Right where these cats come from and it would seem there isn’t a lot going down in their neighbourhood so I’m saying right here right now that Jacques Le Coque is the best band in Stamford no question about it.

With a couple of albums, Jacques Le Coque (self-released, 2012), Hooky (King Pizza, 2015), and the Tip of My Tongue 7” (Windian, 2015) to proceed this album the title gives it all away and tells you exactly what’s happening.  This is power pop with a buzz saw sharp guitar sound and a tonne of melody with a great walking bass line right through the spine of this record.

‘I Got You’ has a great rhythm behind those dreamy vocals then its back to the ’50s for ‘Outsider’ where the whole crew joins in on the bv’s but I love the cha cha cha of ‘Pretty Penny’ and at least they’ve moved into the ’60s for inspiration on this one. At this moment in time it’s my favourite song not just on this album but this week it makes me want to drag my heels and walk around with my head down and my hands in my pockets daydreaming like I used to do as a kid. Superb.

I knew they couldn’t leave it there so they really crank it up on ‘Roller Girl’ like the Ramones or Buzzcocks never happened. It’s like a cross between the looser Rock n Roll Johnny Thunders when he was looking for a kiss and End of the century Ramones and that’s a place that really appeals to me that’s for sure. Before we’re done those horns on ‘No Worries’ are killing me, man what a tune. I love this sloppy rock n roll and the horns are inspired. With only ‘I Only Want To Rock And Roll’ left the band want to rock out one more time and I get that totally and what better way to sign off than with a 12 bar romp.  ‘Positively…’ has just kicked my backside and if you chill out get a little loose and crank this up it will positively kick your backside too.

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Author: Dom Daley