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Well we’re pretty much up to date folks and December hasn’t exactly been the month to sit back and bask in the glory of our musical achievements as we’ve all been too busy going to a plethora of live shows a veritable feast of new (and reissued) records and a chance to look back at another year and hopefully look forward to 2019 and what delights musically are on the horizon. With most things seemingly grinding to a halt I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank the writers who’ve contributed in any way to this website and the bands, managers, agents, promoters or PR people who’ve helped us in any way it means a lot and keeps the wheels of Rock and Roll rolling and at least there’s a corner of the industry that is still quality over popularity but things can change and we’d love the quality to become popular who knows it might be your album or your band that kicks a dent in 2019 and we hope to be there however small a contribution.  Keep it real folks keep it RPM.

With the Month of December still with a week to run we’ve been busy going to shows all over the place and thank God there are bands still out there playing we’ve been to Swansea for Trampolene York for The Dogs D’Amour, we’ve also been to Newport for Bad Sam and Pizzatramp.  But London for me was blinding as The Briefs, Miscalculations and More Kicks did a number on the Lexington.

There have been some quality records come out this month as well in the shape of those lovable noise bringers Exit International so in their honour here have a gander at this.

Also, the Interrupters zigzagged across the UK and packed them in at every venue entertaining old and new punks with tunes off their huge selling new album –

One of the best albums we’ve heard this year was reviewed in December by Ben and that was The Spangles debut ‘#Sweet FA’ although we were expecting good this is way better than that.

so there was no let up in the quality music coming out this month and we hope this continues next year as we expect new albums from big hitters like Michael Monroe who releases ‘One Man Gang’ also The Hip Priests will unleash their new long player via Ghost highway and Gods Candy Records so keep buying records keep going to shows and keep reading RPM. with just Christmas Eve to go where we bring you a special interview that needs your attention, it’s us done for 2018

See you in 2019 stay Sick!

We leave you with this one from Craggy Collyde here he is swapping a copy with Buffalo Tom frontman Bill Janowitz Enjoy a merry Christmas and a rockin new year!




December passes and possibly the saddest news for us was the shock news of the passing of Pete Shelley so here you go a couple of him in his prime for he will be sadly missed by us. thanks for the tunes Pete it was awesome.