Dust down your dead man’s suit and lace up your dancing boots, ‘cause Daddy Long Legs are back with a new album, and may well be coming to your town. ‘Theme From Daddy Long Legs’ eases us in gently before new single ‘Pink Lemonade’ takes us down a slightly different route than you might expect. Not a drastic change, but it updates their traditional sound; if you heard it on the radio, you’d like it, but not necessarily think it was them.


‘Ding, Dong, Dang’, on the other hand, could have been recorded in 1939, and sounds exactly like the title suggests, which is no bad thing. Some fine twanging from Murat here. ‘Morning’, Noon, Night’ would have a nod of appreciation from Howlin’ Wolf; down and dirty blues, just the way it should be played. ‘Glad Rag Ball’ gets the hips shaking, “suited and booted” indeed. If this doesn’t get you moving, consult your local medicine man.


‘Bad Neighborhood’ is a scuzzy, acoustic riff, and ‘Celaphine’ keeps up the train-track rhythm, all handclaps and foot taps. ‘Winners’ Circle’ has a breezy, up-tempo Chuck Berry feel to it, while ‘Back Door Fool’ slows things down in a country style, worthy of Jason Ringenberg. Classy.


‘Snagglepuss’ berates a “mean old bag of bones”, ‘Be Gone’ brings a hoe-down flavour; shove your coffee table aside and prepare to move, before ‘Wrong Side Of The River’ brings it all to an end with a more somber tone. If you’re familiar with their work, you’ll know that Daddy Long Legs won’t let you down. Another fine album, but to capture their essence, see them on their upcoming U.K tour.

Author: Martin Chamarette

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