Who doesn’t love a great wild west film where the hero gets involved in a shootout at high noon.

Well, how about for a change an album that you could put in your player and would instantly be the soundtrack to your favourite western.

Sarah Vista has managed to write a great album with killing fever that instantly transports you back to the wild old west.

The title track “Killing Fever” gets things off to a great start and is a great murder ballad.

The second track “Get 3 Coffins Ready” is yet another stunning track with horns starting the track and carrying on through which adds an extra nice touch.

Another highlight is the track “Now You Are Sleeping” which has a sound that mixes rockabilly with country and is instantly catchy and will get your foot tapping.

“Belle Starr” comes in with an irresistible country sound and keeps the quality of this album high.

“Hell At High Noon” is up next and as the title suggests is a track about retribution at high noon with the drums and guitar giving it a great atmospheric sound that drags the listener in.

Overall every song on this album is a winner and equally as good as the songs mentioned above.

Sarah has succeeded in writing a great album that takes the listener on a journey with every song having a great story behind it yet being instantly catchy that makes you go back for more and rediscover something new on each listen.


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Author: Gareth Hooper