Trash Culture are right up our street. Snotty brash lo-fi punk rock straight out of London town.  it’s fast – it’s raw – it’s uncompromising – it’s in your face and most of all its fuckin’ excellent.

Swinging straight out of the traps like they’ve been mainlining Dead Boys and DeaKennedys all their lives and had nothing but a steady diet of pissed off Rock n Roll and nothing less to suckle on. ‘Me Myself And You’ is smashing the nail right on the head with its frantic backbeat and rollicking chorus spitting bile all over the turntable from the opening lick to the frantic ripping soloing of the final hurrah! But breath quickly because the ticking time bomb tempo of ‘SOS’ is hot on the heels. If you’re not impressed with a bunch of hot sweaty lads throwing themselves about the gaff hitting things indiscriminately and making an unholy racket then quite frankly I couldn’t give a shit and I’d imagine Trash Culture aren’t for you. However, if you like to hear men shouting and screaming loudly and guitars being wielded about and hearing strings being throttled then this most certainly is for you and perhaps you should check out these boys because they have got it going on.

The title track is right off the Dead Boys press and Cheetah would be proud to have kids like this bastardising and twisting the likes of ‘Sonic Reducer’ into something equally as dangerous and uncompromising as this.  It’s eight songs that don’t hang about they’ll kick you in the bollocks nut you then leg it and having Dan at the North London Bomb factory master it is like a seal of quality right there. It’s like The New York Dolls on meth and speedballs mixed with Dead Boys rolling in the dirt so its not so much of a stretch – big deal they’re not reinventing the wheel here folks they’re just rockin’ it out and making as much racket as they can whilst leaving some pretty fuckin’ good tunes in their wake.

Treat yourself, climb onboard, strap up and let yourself be taken for a ride because Trash Culture are ready and able and I fuckin’ love it!

Author: Dom Daley