Andy Caffrey is the man behind CR Dicks and thats good enough for me, That and being on Slovenly is an endorsement in itself.  I haven’t got a clue about the name either and its probably best not to ask.

What does the record sound like I hear you howling at the screen? Well, its a fucked up fuzzy slice of walking on the Wildside it’s got hip hop fuzzed-out blues distortion of some description (‘What Kind’) the vocals are howled through a tunnel by the sound of it as are the sporadic and chaotic backing vocals and there’s crazy sax honkin (played by none other than Pete Balestrieri, ex-VIOLENT FEMMES) and some slick and sick funky bass slapping its way through these choppy waters. It just works and you need to trust me on this.  Turn it up then when it gets uncomfortable turn it up a little more – that’s the fella. 


‘Tweaker Of The House’ is something Beck was able to write many moons ago but not as street and dangerous sounding as this. Imagine a noisy garage-punk – hip-hop hybrid with just enough dirty Beastie Boys meets Jon Spenser. Sounds interesting, right? of course, it’s intimidating but “Dick Moves” isn’t sweetness and light it’s not Coldplay nor safe like Noels High Flying Birds this is cutting edge and music to fuck you up. It’s demented  ‘Therythmethod’ will fuck you up if the volume is right. It’s not helped much when the lo-fi of ‘Red Moped’ enters the fray with its Suicide-lite drum machine beats and hushed vocals but wait it’s destroyed when ‘Skate To Die’ explodes through the speakers all thrashing distorted guitars and fucked up vocals burst through the speakers. 

Its probably for the best that ‘Black Girlfriend’ is the final track such is the sonic assault taking place but for the next three minutes you’re taken on a garage rock road trip of the finest kind.  What a scorcher to end up on its discord juddering rhythm is the perfect way to sign off.  I guess we’ll see Andy in about another ten years when he’s got enough for another journey through the darker side of Rock and Roll for us, but we’ll all sign up for the trip thought right? Fuckin’ right we will! my bag is already packed for the ride.



Slovenly Recordings

Author: Dom Daley