Woohoo! A new record from Gino and The Goons.  Always a good day when some trashy punked-up garage Rock n fuckin’ Roll winds its way into my speakers.

It might look like its thrown together in some sweaty smelly garage on the wrong side of town, made on cheap beers and even cheaper guitars but hey who cares? I don’t and I very much doubt Gino and the Goons wive two hoots either way. With  Songs borrowed from the good and the great and thrown into some thrift store blender then poured out into the heads of Gino and the gang then poured into the speakers for our listening pleasure.  Hell, that might well be the formula right there and do you know I don’t much care.  To be honest, Gino and The Goons have a knack of writing killer punk rock songs and plenty of them and ‘Do The Get Around’ deserves to be heard far and wide. ‘Pills In My Pocket’ sounds like Mick n Keeth have been on a five-day bender dropping as many pills as possible and then end up in stiv n cheetahs basement.  It might not end well for all concerned but for us the listener we get some dirty Rock n Roll and I’ll take that every time.  The title track is pure trash with distorted vocals and squealing feedback Why would you go back and do a retake and turn the amp down?  this is punk as fuck! for gawds sake and they’re having a ball that much is evident. Take the trashy ‘Take It Off’ its a throwback to the dawn of Rock and Roll just a hook and a melody and it gets kicked around in some parking lot and rolls in the dirt Jerry Lee will be along shortly to set the whole shebang on fire. Yeehaw! lets rock kids.

‘Prissy Missy’ wraps up side one with some pure evil fretwork like these guys stumbled on some dirt road and came to a crossroad and ended up hockin’ a lurgy on old nick and making off with his latest tune.

‘Break Your Hearts’ sees Gino struttin’ and laying down some mighty fine six-string licks and duckwalkin’ through the chorus. This record reminds me of a couple of bands from about a decade ago when sleazy scuzzy rock n Roll was the order of the day and Flash Boys ruled but Gino has handclaps whilst declaring He’s your man besides I might be wrong but ‘Monkey Love’ is illegal and this one is pretty infectious.  Top tune though there can’t be any denying that.

‘SAMF’ channels the finest vintage of the Stooges when they were wild and reckless then to finish off they strap up their chaps and saddle up their horses as they ride off into the sunset with ‘Better Belief’ playing in the distance like a punk rock Zoro, Gino and The Goons are on fire on this here record and if you want to know what the fuss is about then I suggest you hop on right here and click the link and get Drunken sailor to send you a record before they’re all gone and you’ve missed the party and are left wondering what if and why didn’t I.  Quick!


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Author: Dom Daley