Fast, loud, tight, melodic punk rock gnawing away at your brain is about where Pack Rat sits. After a debut LP a couple of years ago, Patrick McEachnie (Chain Whip) decided he had more in the tank so he’s back with a stunning sophomore LP ‘Lifes A Trap’.
Where the first LP was Pat taking care of everything, this time it is a full band, resulting in an album of bouncy, power-poppy rippers with great hooks and pop sensibility, inspired by the less abrasive, more melodically driven side of ’70s punk. 13 brand new songs with boundless punch and a whole heap of fun from the opening tick, tick, boom of opener ‘Heart Beat’ right through this old – New Wave its a blast and so infectious. to full in love with. Summer never tasted so good.

It’s old school but still manages to sound fresh as fuck. Like a melting pot of Buzzcocks, 80s new wave and a heap of American big beasts hook after fuckin hook ‘Neighbours’ has that bubblegum girlie call back adding a high school bounce to proceedings over the buzzsaw guitars. ‘Ask A Punk’ begins with the lo-fi bass thump whilst the lyrics are barbed and McEachnie has his tongue stuck in his safety-pinned cheek.

‘Can’t Stop’ and ‘Electrified’ are as punk as fuck and Jello would kill to pen songs this cool in 2024. Once the keys on ‘Rat Trap’ get in your ear that’s it game over this will quickly become your go-to punk rock record for the first half of 2024. ‘Pure Trash’ is Ramones for the rats and a thumping runaway train of a track. The fact that bands are making records this bloody good in 2024 is heartwarming and a joy to listen to. Don’t take my word for it get over to Bandcamp and fill yer boots because ‘Lifes A Trap’ is a show pony of a record and I love it. Buy It!

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Author: Dom Daley

Imagine Bloodclot riffing on plenty of NYHC and throwing in some Cerebral Ballzy and the Drips for good measure. You can then press play on this fine record that is over in the blink of an eye. Proper old school hardcore. Heads down and play fast as fuck no bullshit no compromise no fuss.

Absolutely it’s a frantic ’n’ furious 13 minutes If it was any longer it would overstay its welcome – The Hell hail from Norfolk County, Cleveland, and this is their debut offering This shit is proper old school probably the most authentic mid-80s romp from the crows nest to CBGB and back again its that good. It’s relentlessly, pounding and raining earbombs on your skull that sound fresh as anything this genre has thrown up in a long while (Bloodclot probably). Ten songs fly by before you’ve even had the chance to fully get your head around what you’re hearing. If I had a gun at my head I’d say ‘National Razor’ is my Top of the pop then follow it up with the more measured and slower ‘One More Thing’ (partially slower anyway).

The band found each other due to some collision of stars or something like that having all been kicking around in underground bands but it now all makes sense because The Hell are tearing it up on this ferocious debut. It doesn’t matter what the song is called there isn’t time. what you do know when you play it is they feel memorable and fresh and vibrant and at the moment – this isn’t a nostalgia trip to a moment in time long long ago it’s 2023 and in your face enjoy it and turn it up.

You won’t hear a better Hardcore album all year anywhere and if you do, it’s gonna be one hell of a record to be better than this. Get on it! This is excellent from ‘Pistol Grip’ to ‘What A Laugh’ ten slabs of pure Hardcore gold.

Released in UK/ Europe via Drunken Sailor Records, Not For The Weak Records in the USA 

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Author: Dom Daley

It’s loud, rapid, lo-fi punk rock oh and its on Drunken Sailor Records so it must be quality right? Right! Gaffer hail from Perth Australia and play punk rock. Thats it in a nut shell. Its inspired from way back when UK punk 82 hit the streets and bands like Chron Gen, Blitz and Partisans were learning to play punk rock. It’s pretty much twelve songs about life hacked out by a bunch of punks living the dream but with grit and determination and a love for what gets them through and enables them to play and record this. ‘Handcuff’ is punchy, mid tempo pogo pogo punk rock. The lyrics are spat out and the guitars are sharp as they hack and slash through your speakers. Old school from the new school paying respect but doing it their way.

‘Factory’ is slower but no less punchy as they champion Factory life. It is what it is with the one string solo hanging on by a thread its punk rock baby – authentic and enchanting. It draws you in and retains your attention exactly as it should be.

The album lists back and fore from fast punk rock with guts and aggression (‘Wonga’) through the more focussed catchy (‘Hang’) to the swaggering (‘Deadbeat’). You have to love the smash and grab of ‘Generation Gap’ as the cymbals crash and that riff cuts deep. It’s true what they say about the louder you play it the better it sounds. It certainly grabs your attention and whilst its nothing new it is a fresh take on a style long forgotten – whilst many of the originators went forward with a more metallic sound Gaffer stay true to their roots and dish up a fine platter of punk for a new generation. The more you dig into this album the better songs jup out on you from ‘Skin Of Your Teeth’, the excellent ‘Stop’ and the early Buzzcocks of ‘Clean Shirt’ my suggestion is if you’re looking for some fresh blood on an old genre of UK 82 then Gaffer is your one stop shop – Go get some and invite your friends.

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Author: Dom Daley

Liquids recorded this album with the help of Erik Nervous. Then Erik mixed, mastered and released it via his label Nail Biter Records. It is distributed by Drunken Sailor Records (for the UK) and Australia’s finest Computer Human Records. In the United States the record is available from Violent Pest Records and is limited colour pressing. That should be all the background you need when investigating this album.

Ok Ok maybe not all the info you need to make an informed choice but its like the seal of quality. Liquids’ Mat Williams seemed like one of those creative punk rockers who was going to release what he wrote and as often as the weeds grow in my yard. Prolific is another word you could useif you kept your ear to the ground but don’t take your eye off social media or you’ll miss a release. Two albums (one a double) and a whole lot besides were pumped out of Indiana between 2015-18. You know the drill hardcore, Ramones pop, A splash of Devo, and more but that gives you the gist. I guess I’d align with Alex Wonk for quality of output maybe even more prolific Then it went quiet. then after several years of nowt, it was a new album last year this fucker but this has some added junk in the trunk and on vinyl. Twenty-seven tracks to be precise. Sure it’s Lo-Fi it’s not going to be high fidelity half-speed remastering but to be fair most of the songs only last under a minute with a couple barely stretching out over two FFS! Hell, how did I miss this even as a digital release it’s got a cover of Meat Loaf ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ that is almost prog length reaching out over three minutes although I’m sure Meat would have liked this version much better than his bloated anthem. It reminds me of The Briefs goofing around, Genius? Hell Yeah!

Some of the jerking rhythms are like a sped-up Undertones ‘Nobody Likes You’ is like a fucked-up Scooby Doo tune The Briefs meets NomeansNo at times and some of these songs are so rapid that even some speed metal bands would bow down with respect. ‘Life Of Oi’ is a pair of 18-holers moon stomping all about the place. The covers don’t end there as ‘Strutter’ is taken to school and given a proper punk rock makeover even Gene would raise an eyebrow for. The four bonus tracks are also all killer and no filler. A hot mess of an album that I can’t recommend highly enough. It’s punk rock baby but not of this earth what a top top record! Buy it!

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Author: Dom Daley

Phillidelphias Chained Bliss first came to our attention back in 2019 with their ‘Stained Red’ cassette EP. This full length album sees the band back on the radar sounding ready for action and up for the fight.

Punk Rock with Melodic guitar lines jaring power chords, while frantic choruses. ITs got plenty of bite and roar as well and is set to get your pulse rate up.

Chained Bliss come from a base of garage rock, skateboards, and a scene we relate to the likes of a lot of So Cal punks. There is clearly a love of thrashing around making noise and living for the moment. From the thump of the bass line on opener ‘Nonfiction’ there’s confidence happening here and I like it! ‘Devils Laughter’ is more of the same with a great tempo that helps ramp up the vibes. It also contains a smart breakdown in tempo that is welcome.

It’s not all banger after banger mind, however, the cool opening on ‘Creative Seizure’ reminds me of prime-time Fugazi and if they’re channeling that kind of smarts then the future is bright, very bright. ‘Pillars of Abuse’ starts with a cool groove that helps catch your breath but you can feel the tempo rising as the drums get louder we’re barely a minute in when the circle pit opens up and you can’t wait to throw your carcass in for more brain banging punk rock but it does ebb and flow like the best of the Banshees used to.

‘Inner Citadel’ bumps into the excellent ‘Ominous Life’ and the party continues. hit after hit of energy washes over you. It’s basically ten tracks of the very highest standard punk rock you could wish for. Some great melodies and breakdowns all add to the thrill of what an LP should sound like.

This is a band and an album that should be taken into the hearts of punk rock kids everywhere it’s a great LP and one that deserves to be cherished long and hard everywhere. they’re probably too modest to say it but I’m not – this record is all killer and no filler and banger after banger in the youfs language get out there and check em out! before they blow up and you’ll be too cool to listen. They saved the best til last as well with the final three offerings being the best tracks on this album ‘Drifter’, ‘Mirrors’ and ‘Stained Red’ – bloody great stuff!

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Author: Dom Daley

Imagine Joy Division forming and releasing a record in 2022 with the primitive Bauhaus bass thump and cymbal snap on the hypnotic ‘Guillotine Blade’ Vocals like a tape recorder memo to self part spoken part sung in hushed tones whilst industry hammers away on some Dub tip. It’s dark, unnerving, cold and painting a hundred portraits in my mind ‘Down Her Cheek A Pearly Tear’ is like a primitive Bunnymen explosion mixing up some post-punk from the clashing acoustic chords to the drum rolls all building to the chaotic end – great stuff indeed.

‘Sense Of Occasion’ is like cold concrete written in Black & White playing out in a laid-back Dub echoing chamber never breaking out of the almost horizontal rhythm it sounds huge when turned up as the dry bass line rattles of the painted walls.

originally released as a limited cassette via Future Shock I’m glad Drunken Sailor pressed it on vinyl and it came across my horizon otherwise I’d never have had the pleasure. It’s dark and cold and intimidating and uneasy at times but in a way, all of that makes for a warm comforting record as well which is a strange juxtaposition and one that could really fuck with you but ultimately the song will win you over. ‘Fate In Disguise’ is as bleak as anything Joy Division ever recorded.

‘For The Tsarina’ had it been released forty years ago would have seen these guys compete with McCulloch and the likes of the Teardrop Explodes for column inches in melody maker and sounds and had Ian Brown sang on the closing track ‘The Creek At Sundown’ people would be raving about it. Nine tracks of modern, retro post-punk

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Author: Dom Daley

The driving keyboard is what will get you in the end. Insanely catchy as the songs drive on mowing down everything in its wake. It’s like hypnosis through punk rock. ‘A Casual Death’ is anything but. Christ pre-pandemic (remember that?) there was a band out of Vancouver called The Corner Boys and they released one fantastic album then split. Another great record was Chain Whips well since Covid drummer/songwriter Patrick McEachnie has stayed as active as possible using his time to great effect by picking up a guitar and playing. Basically, he made an excellent record all on his own, and if you were paying any attention to his other releases you will know. Those who do just simply know what to expect, sure, of course, this is fucking right up there flat out excellent.

‘Coming After You’ is rapid and right to the point. Making a racket and finger-wagging and full of menace. The title track is a tub-thumping cross between some bedroom homage to the UK Subs and Tubeway Army it’s the synth that’s humming away throughout as the guitars sound like a twenty-year-old Tascam four-track at best only adds to the intensity and manic feel.

‘Two Sides Of Your Heart’ is akin to Chubby And The Gang in some ways – just thrashing away around a hypnotic melody and a blitzkrieg keyboard solo that is a face melter. The record isn’t hanging around either bopping til it drops with songs around the one and a half to two minutes long. Kick-off turn in an awesome melody – kick the listener in the tits then fuck off. Jobs a good un- Next!

When the tempo is turned down a shade (‘I’m No Sustitute’) it’s a killer with a twisted melody and that fuzzed-up synth. It’s not new at all, it’s not big or clever and it’s nothing to write home about if you’re after a polished modern production. Its infectious, banger after banger – twisted melodies layered upon thrashing guitars and monotonous melodies playing with your head. You know you like it but you haven’t the foggiest why? Is it the ripping pace? The Melodies? the mindless pogotastic beat? is it the Ramones love in of ‘Lost Cause’ and ‘Stay Away From Me’ reminding you what it was like to fall in love with punk rock? Of course, it’s all of it. A top tune is a top tune no matter what style it’s done in.

Hell, that was a blast! Ten songs in twenty-something minutes – perfect punk rock for the masses. Now how do we get to the masses? People need a face full of this DIY bad boy as soon as possible. Quality record – just buy it!

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Author: Dom Daley

After numerous releases on Drunken Sailor, Total Punk, Neck Chop, then teaming up with The Beta Blockers for his last full release, Erk is back, this time on his own.
‘Bugs’ was released on cassette tape back in 2020, So it makes sense to follow it up a year later on vinyl. It might be a solo recording but damn, you wouldn’t think it, right from the total punk of the opening track ‘Our Hungry Fruit’ there is something of an outpouring a relentless no let-up – full audio assault from the weird headfuck opening introduction of ‘Bugs’ its full-tilt throw a grenade and see what happens musical journey.
Erik has that Devo influence, but with a “new new wave” sound Distorted, frantic, not afraid to run with a Bontempi synth rather than a thrashing guitar and the pots and pans drum machine as well, Erik knows what he’s doing. It’s punk for sure but with unashamed pop music thrown in with equal amounts of gusto.
It is packed with frantic schizoid punk like ‘Instant This Instant That’ followed by the more trad punk of  ‘Futurekick Again’ ‘Bugs’ is the sound of another pandemic summer that’s equal amounts of shit and enjoying the isolation you didn’t think you would get. Erik sounds like he’s had the best of times every time be it 202 or 2021 it still sounds fresh and fantastic.  ‘Wrong Weird’ probably sums up this record weird in a good heads fucked way of course and again followed it up with something completely different like the fantastically named ‘Piss Eyed Sleazoid’. We sort of end up where this record began with the ‘Bugs!!’ outro.  a Weird and slightly wonderful slab of work from the talent that is Erik Nervous so if you’re looking for some punk rock that’s impressive whilst being different and left of center then ‘Bugs’ is for you.
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Author: Dom Daley

We’ve got a few suggestions this Bandcamp Friday and we’ve kept it lean for you so get yer credit card out and come with us on the Bandcamp Friday journey kicking off with a couple of recommendations from some artists we love and then a few labels who do such a great job of releasing some of our favourite records.  There are others that haven’t quite gone live at the time of writing such as a long out of sale Loyalties release you should go find and Steve Conte has an offer today



‘Be There’ (369 Music) is the next single from The Dowling Poole. Listen to the track on Soundcloud here.

It will be released on Friday the 7th of March for Bandcamp Friday when the music platform waives their fees and all revenue goes straight to the artists.

‘Be There’ features guest appearances from long time collaboratorAndy Lewis (Jackdaw4, Sugar Plum Fairies, Jocasta), on bass. Darby Todd guests on drums. Darby’s recently played with Martin Barr (Jethro Tull), The Darkness and Kee Marcello (Europe) and featured on the recent The Dowling Poole songs ‘We Are The Noise’ and ‘Slow Genocide’.

Recorded in different locations in France and the UK, Jon and Willie are busy writing their fourth album to be released later this year.

Author: Martin Chamarette


Another favourite round here is Rich Ragany & The Digressions so check out the latest tune Here

“There’s a place in the universe callled Boötes Void… where it’s near empty. It’s also been called “The Great Nothing”.  A supervoid. One of the largest-known voids in the universe. Surrounded by galaxies and light.

It is believed the scale of the void is such that if the Milky Way had been in the center of the Boötes Void, we wouldn’t have known there were other galaxies until the 1960s.
That’s how long it would have taken light to travel… to journey through the darkness.

The song is from the perspective of someone who is within darkness in their lives and can’t unsee it.
Then, sees it in everything. Maybe even becomes it. But finds that through the very act of experience, and through the struggle of moving forward, can begin to see the warmth and light that also exists.

I find it very moving and inspiring that, even in the expanses of space, where there is cold chaotic changes that routinely destroy, that life and creation can, and do, emerge.

The idea of all these galaxies and filaments surrounding Boötes Void is light giving it a frame that can eventually travel through to the other side, is a comforting thought.

Not always easy… but our eyes, our hearts and spirits can stretch to see something beautiful.

I try to remember this (with varying degrees of success) when things get really rough… old ghosts and doubts whisper in my ear and tell me I am alone, not worthy or with no direction.

Stretch to see something beautiful.  That was the feeling I had when writing it.  Please forgive me if it’s a clumsy metaphor.  It’s not so linear that it can’t be interpreted for your own experience (or hopefully, it will just sound pleasing to you).”  What more can we add to that?


Some others who should benefit from Bandcamp Friday would be those independent labels who are the beating heart of the underground scenes we all love so much.  A few of our favourites would be Beluga Records from out of Sweden who have their Bandcamp page and offer some amazing records we’ve had many an hour rocking out to some of their releases and records they put out.


Some of the recent records they’ve put out have been fantastic such as More Kicks, Jordan Jones, Mud City Manglers and most recently a nice compilation from Asteroid B-612 and most recently a cracking single from The Erratix.



Heading south you have Ghost Highway Records outta Madrid Spain.  They’ve long championed underground garage rock and all other sub-genres including power pop, punk rock and more.  Some of their recent releases that deserve people’s attention would be The Boatsmen and their superb ‘Verses The Boatsmen’ album they co-released as well as the tribute to the New Bomb Turks compilation.  They’ve long been champions of UK kings of garage noise The Hip Priests and given access to some of America’s finest in the shape of Jeff Dahl, Electric Frankenstein and Pat Todd.  A worthy benefactor of anyone’s Rock and Roll coin on Bandcamp Friday.


How about heading across the pond to Spaghetty Town Records and a label who’s partnered up with their European brothers in vinyl.  they’ve also brought to the party some epic Rock and Roll records most recently in the shape of RMBLR who’ve just dropped their new EP and Spaghetty Town is the perfect label for these scuzzy rockers. The label has a wealth of great titles so you could do a lot worse things this Friday than delve through the Spaghetty Town wormhole and head off on a rockin’ discovery trip.


Heavy Medication Records have for a while had records reviewed on RPM and more recently put out a couple of really impressive releases primarily a New Bomb Turks tribute that’s available through their Bandcamp page.  Based in Warsaw Poland the label have been responsible for Doojiman & The Exploders record that’s a must-own as well as records from Poison Hearts.  Hit em up




What about some Taken By Suprise records?  Out of München, Germany the label does a fine service if punk rock n Power Pop is your thing then they have a big catalogue up on Bandcamp that deserves your attention.  Releases from The Briefs, Suspect Parts and more recently Neighbourhood Brats.  you certainly won’t be disappointed with your catch if decide to dip in.



TNS Records out of Manchester have some cracking offers up for Bandcamp Friday as well and in turn, help support some great punk rock bands such as Wales finest Pizza Tramp.  The new Jodie Faster is also a fine addition to their catalogue.  They also do a Spotify list of New Punk Friday where they champion the best in punk, Hardcore and Ska tracks released recently.  A label that does tireless work for a scene that deserves our attention.


Another German label that has always had the back of punk rock and roll is Wanda Records.  With some excellent releases from Peter & The Berlin Blackouts and Mom the label has always delivered brilliant product and ship anywhere (or the UK at least).  They’ll also be handling the Euro distro of the new RMBLR EP which is good for those having palpitations when faced with some of the overseas shipping fees.


Finally, another label releasing really good records is Drunken Sailor Records Banging out new bands and records like its nobodys business.  Drunken Sailor also struck a distro deal to handle Australias finest Stiff Richards that should be Sold Out but they don’t hang about and are also pressing up a couple of new records that are also available for you digital fiends in the shape of Australias Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters out on digital through the label but coming soon on vinyl.  They trawl through the worlds best underground bands to fit into their vision of what makes a great records and release it for our listening pleasure.  Head down to their Bandcamp page and get lost investigating what they have to offer and grab yourself a new favourite band.


Welcome one and all as we crack open the March batch of 7″ singles and as you’ll see we have a variety of bands and some superb singles for your delectation.  We welcome some old favourites and of course a format we always welcome the good old split with this months split coming from a pair of bands we love Bitch Queens and The Drippers.  We also welcome plenty of debutants to our exclusive club and hope you find something you can enjoy and support… hit it…


Johnny Thunders – ‘Chinese Rocks’ (Golden Robot Records/Die Laughing Records) All Johnny ever wanted to do was make the kids dance and he sure as hell did that Now a lot of his live shows were during the classic age of the bootleg and this bad boy is no exception the sound quality is not the best as you can imagine but it does capture the energy of his shows.  Taken from the upcoming live album; ‘Cosa Nostra: Live At The Mudd Club 1983 Gothenburg’.  which will be available as limited edition vinyl and on all streaming platforms.  We can argue over the merits of another release of a bootleg but hell, I miss this guy like no other performer I ever bought a record of, so, as one of those sad completist types I’ll be clicking the link.  They just don’t make em like Johnny anymore untouchable!  Pre-Order/Save HERE



Bitch Queens / The Drippers – Split (Lux Noise Records)  Kicking off this month’s Singles Club is a right pair of bangers.  Our favourite Basel boys are back with fellow European rockers the Drippers.  ‘Ignorance is bliss’ they say but if you ignore this then you’re ignoring the opportunity to get involved with the latest release from 7″  from one of the best loud Rock and Roll bands who just love to knock out singles as often as possible.


This is another riot ride of adrenalin with a solid melody and some lovely wah! and duelling guitars Get on it here kids you won’t regret it!  If that wasn’t enough to convince you then flip it over and get an earful of The Drippers who are the ‘Beach Kings’ and channelling their best Motorhead they hurtle off on a rapid drumbeat and more Wah! than you deserve.  Its a corker of a tune to be fair and a worthy companion for the mighty Bitch Queens split repertoire.



Rich Ragany & The Digressions – ‘Marionette’ (Self Release) Like a rush of adrenaline the first song from the brand new Rich Ragany album is birthed into the ether and ‘Marionette’ is uplifting and boundless with heartfelt energy as the band head into the difficult second album but on this evidence, it’s not difficult at all. Subtle melodies clash with some fantastic duelling guitars throughout. The sound is big and makes you wanna get up and move as you search for the tennis racket and hairbrush when you’re alone in the house to join the Digressions for the solo and chorus.  Get on it kids its a grower. Bandcamp 





Marc Ribler – ‘Shattered’ (Wicked Cool Records)  Like a lazy Sunday morning bit of Rock and Roll with a gentle chorus and melody, some nice slide guitar playing. ITs got that swirling organ laying down underneath the beat as the song jogs on like a shot of Tom Petty.  The B side is even more laid back with eastern flavours from the New Jersey man as he kicks back.  Bandcamp






Wheelz – ‘Twenty Twenty’ (No Front Teeth)  “No Coast” punk rock outta the Midwest. Four new sloppy ’n’ snotty anthems in the vein of UK ’77 meets American Punk like a blend of The Briefs, Spent Idols, Toy Dolls and Partisans. Sure take a look at the picture, drink it in because they sound exactly like you want them to sound.  Its a perfect snotty sound capsule from the late 70s’ with modern production. ‘Politicians’ is a mash-up of ‘The Last Time’ (Stiv would approve) and mid-period Rancid. Buy UK Here / Facebook US:  Hipsters can get it on Cassette: EU:



Dead Meat – (No Front Teeth)  The second single from London’s snotty KBD punks Dead Meat. Another four killer cuts Featuring members of Kool and the Gangbangers, The Cavemen and the Speedways. The regular edition is spray paint on genuine leather… yes it smells like a new sofa, genuine dead meat… loads of different colours of leather chosen at random with each order (mine was a lovely pink).  Anyway, don’t let the waffle distract you Dead Meat are four noisy fuckers who could wake the dead (Meat) with their raw punk rock.  Buy Here from the excellent NFT label direct or the bands Bandcamp page Here. ‘Through The Heart’ starts off like the bastard son of Motorhead but descends into a sloppy tasty slab of punk rock.  It’s like the partisans never happened but with added gob and glitter. Hold onto your knickers boys because ‘Hanging On The Weekend’ is a belter.  Snotty rapid punk rock with the sloppiest solo ever before falling into a gluey mess with ‘Son Of Sam’ about the NYC killer from the 70s.  ‘Don’t blink or you’ll miss em as this four-track EP is brought to a stunning halt with ‘Nuffin New (For Trash Like You)’ – Punk as fuck and you should be on top of this before they’re all gone!


Black River Delta – ‘Burning And Burning’ (Sofaburn Records)  FacebookHailing from Sweden Black River Delta delivers a gritty bluesy rock and roll sound but avoid many of the cliches and pitfalls and deliver a pretty fresh take.  ‘Burning And Burning’ is an impressive introduction if you don’t believe us check out the video.



Local Drags – ‘Think Straight’ (Self Release)  Sure we’ve raved about previous offerings from Local Drags why wouldn’t we the guy writes great songs.  This new track from Springfield’s favourite rocker does what he does best and that’s writing feel-good rocked up power pop and boy does he does it well.  ‘Think Straight’ is an indication of what we can expect from the new album.  as we look forward to the full-length LP ‘Keep Me Glued’  this will do.  Bandcamp







The Stools – ‘Feelin Fine’ (Drunken Sailor)  Crash bang wallop! we’re off lo-fi garage punk rock that would get a pit going in a morgue as ‘Can’t Feel Good’ is an attack on your senses and as rapid and fucked up as possible.  What a fantastic way to introduce yourselves. Hang on ‘Half-Track Mind’ has the brown noise inducing bass rumble before soaring into the stratosphere.  You’ll be fist-pumping and chanting along before you know it “Half Track Mind” indeed.

If you’re waiting for the love ballad then you’re listening to the wrong record but if you want raw in your face blues-infused punk rock then welcome. ‘Rockpile’ is a slower more groove-based song with some cool maracas for mixing it up I’m sure.  Taking this sucker home ‘Eyeball Crush’ is like a punk rock fuck up garage blues hand jive – about as subtle as a flying mallet but all together thoroughly enjoyable. pick it up here



Continental Lovers – ‘Doesn’t Matter At All’ (Self Release) Another new song from the mind of former Breakdowns main man sees the catchy punch of ‘Doesn’t Matter At All’ as Joe unleashes a subtle melody that burrows into your ear and works its way into your head and as all good pop songs do start scratching its name into your memory. Joe mixes up his love of bands like Cheap Trick and T Rex and uses the influences to great effect and ‘DMAA’ even after a few plays sounds like a song you’ve heard a thousand times but still remains fresh as the first time you heard it.  Backed by a nice acoustic run through ‘Sister Saint Joan’ is a nice one-two from Continental Lovers.  Hopefully, when this pandemic pisses off we can get a full album recorded in a studio with a full band and we can all hold in our hands another great slab of Rock and Roll – power pop. Bandcamp 



Johnny Casino – ‘Twenty Twenty’ (Golden Robot Records)  What a barnstormer from Casino.  Letting out all his lockdown frustrations in a three-minute record which kicks serious backside. Then flip it over and you have a more dreamy acoustic cover of the Bored track ‘People Say’.  Best of both worlds and a worthwhile investment. With an impressive history in Australian Rock and Roll Casino doesn’t do bad records and this is a fierce shot in the arm that I’m sure we can all get down with.   Instagram / Bandcamp / Facebook 


Harker – ‘The Beast Must Die’ (Wiretap Records) Get a load of this Brighton based band taken from their soon to be released album that drops at the end of April. With its fuzzed up guitar its a fine introduction to the band and an indication of what we can expect from the album. check out the video below.



The Mercury Riots – ‘Save Me A Drink’ ( ) Hailing from the USA ‘Save Me A Drink’ is the first single from the band and is a combination of loud, fast, jet-fuel powered rock n roll its classic rock kids but with a modern twist.  A classic power trio but keen followers of Bullets and Octane and The Brave Ones will recognise the band.  With a swaggering riff and big groove, its got it going on and will have the classic rock writers salivating at a new band on the scene to breath new life into it.


The Blips – ‘Throw Me Around’ ( Cornelius Chapel Records)  what an earworm this was.  From the first play, it started to burrow in my ear and I began to crave it more and more.  Birmingham, Alabama’s The Blips are set to release their debut long-player and this is just a sample of what they have to offer and on this evidence alone it’s got the potential to be a corker if this bright and breezy number is anything to go by.  Pick it up Here  or visit their Bandcamp page Here






The Lurkers – The Boys in the Corner (Damaged Goods Records)  The original Lurkers none the less turn up with a pair of bangers that steal the crown of the singles club with a classic slice of pub rock punk rock Lurkers style.  This, the second single from last years impressive album ‘Sex Crazy’  (still makes me giggle when I look at the cover) anyway one exclusive track ‘We Close The Door’ is a wonderful slice of Lurkers noise that’ll have you singing along before you’ve finished the first playthrough. with a wonderful guitar break that perfectly compliments a really vibrant song. Pick one up whilst they’re still available from Damaged Goods Here