Introduce The Slop.  Who are you and what do you play?

Mickey – Guitar/Vocals

Kiki – Drums/Vocals

When and where did the Slop come together?

Kiki had a band called Lost Cat, They had a studio in LA and when they couldn’t make it to practice we would swoop up on the spot and jam for fun. This was about 2015 ish

Where did the name come from?

It probably came from Hasil Adkins song “The Slop”, but it wasn’t like we heard the song and named ourselves The Slop. We were listening back to our recordings one night on the way home from jamming, by this time we had a couple songs together and we just started laughing at ourselves because it sounded so sloppy but it was still kick ass! Hence, The Slop was born.

What/who were your influences growing up that made you want to be in a rock and roll band?

There’s always so many to name, but of course like The Beatles, Elvis, New York Dolls, Stooges, Dead Moon, The Ramones, Link Wray just off the top of the head

Describing yourselves as 77 punks and the antidote for zipper booted punks of the last 20 years there must be kindred spirits you’ve bumped into on your travels?  where do you think you fit in in today’s scene?  there is always a circle of life as far as fashion and music trends come and go.  Who will you spearhead the scene with?

Honestly, we paid some guy to write a bio for us we didn’t exactly want to describe ourselves as 77 punks, buuuuut, we’ve played with Cheetah Chrome once at The Shitskey A Go-Go and we got asked to play with Agent Orange but it was kind of a far drive and the budget was full so we had to pass cuz we’re rockstars like that hahahaha jk, but seriously we were just too tight on cash to bust that mission.

And as for the scene… Fuck the scene! WE WANT THE AIRWAVES! 1 2 3 4! ….. just kidding. I’d say were somewhere inbetween the garage rockers, the teenie boppers and the boot stompers. I don’t know, We hardly fit in at all. You either love us or you hate us.

Tell us a bit about recording the album?  How did the songs come together?  What about recording it did you have a plan? producer in mind? what about the songs how many did you have written?  how long were they there being road tested?

Oh God, it was a fucking nightmare. We basically taught ourselves how to record for this record. In retrospect we probably should’ve just went to a studio, but we didn’t want to pay somebody to do some half ass shit with our shit. We didn’t want to be rushed and get stuck with some dinky ass recordings that didn’t do us any justice. We wanted it to sound kind of like the US Horrors first album like trashy, fatty, lo fi.

Long story short we recorded that bitch in a few months, we’re happy with it. For the most part. We had been playing these songs for like 2 years, these and a few other songs that we scrapped that might be on the second album, who knows. We just wanted to have them recorded so we could focus on new stuff.

What is next for The Slop?  2020 a new record? Singles?  Tour?  a European tour maybe?

We just put out two Halloween singles on iTunes and Spotify and all that gnar .. We actually recorded those at Lolipop  which changed our opinion about recording studios. We had had a lot of fun, Iggy was great to work with.

We’re gonna be remastering and re-releasing a Christmas song called Mr. Santa Claus mid December.

We plan on releasing a couple singles starting in February leading up to a full length album by Spring/Summer. Followed by a European tour BAYBEE! We’re super stoked.. we have a couple dates set up in France, Spain, and Belgium. We want to go to the U.K. but our tour manager said it’s gonna be a little tricky because of Brexit, but our fingers are crossed!

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