PUPPY AND THE HAND JOBS (Yup, that’s their name) are apparently three obnoxiously jackoffs who (amazingly)  are back with another crude EP of filth-ridden, barely listenable/tolerable punk called ‘I Hate Everything’.

With seven songs crammed onto a seven inch single EP. VFM or what? Seems like some effort to make a record trying to alienate people to never buy your record (maybe these guys are minted and bored) in a way the likes of GG Allin could only have dreamt of.  Titles like ‘Cocksucker’ (all 36 seconds of it) and ‘Rocker Hag’ and ‘Predator’ a bass-heavy riff all about duck taping someone up in the trunk of your car and barely keeping them alive will always have an audience. It’s crash bang wallop with a Ramones influenced melody.  Puppy and the gang don’t seem too bothered about sound levels either which is why they hate everything I guess.  I’m surprised they can get their tongue out of their cheeks long enough to record this but hey fill yer boots.

Wait a minute ‘Plan 9’ is over a minute long and has a melody and a tune and sounds like some effort was used to write it at least. Is Puppy playing us all? to take this sucker home they leave us with ‘That’s Bullshit’ which must have taken all of 30 seconds to write which leaves me wondering how it lasts almost two minutes? it’s like punk-prog and having a bass-led breakdown and spoken words middle eight they’re getting ahead of their pay grade here which is absolutely Bullshit the noisy bastards.  If you like some filthy pointless punk rock then you should be all over this much like the X rated artwork that goes with the single and not the clean one they’ve sold out for on the digital version because they’d be banned.  Fuckin’ punk rock sellouts they really do hate everything. But it’s worth checking out for the artwork it’ll make every schoolboy chuckle out loud For fuck’s sake.

Bandcamp Here 

as for a Fecebook link, of course they’re not there these guys are punk as fuck!

Author: Dom Daley