A good old fashioned live EP dust up.  Get your elbow pads on and find your spot in the pit because the fearsome foursome are taking the stage for a shit or bust romp through their five track special delivery.  No fucking about these roughhouse hooligans are ‘Guilty Of Nuthin’ and as they strap on those guitars its four to the floor and lets kick up some dust.  No nonsense powerpoppin hard rockin tunes.  Its a buzz and a pocket full of catchy tunes is exactly what the doctor ordered the only gutter here is its restricted to five numbers when a whole live album would have satisfied my dancin shoes.

‘Doghouse’ is addictive and catchy as an STI and I’ve heard a rumour that this is just to wet the whistle before 2020 and that long-awaited long-player hits the death decks. ‘Better At Your Age’ has got a lovely thick bass thump and a melody that once upon a time a young Wellar might have penned. If you happened to walk in early to a venue and these guys were on stage dishing up this racket you’d be delighted. and as the beer flowed and the likes of the boogie-woogie, good-time rocker ‘Misanthropic Boogie’ kicked in you’d get a second wind and sail into the thick of it.  It might only be Rock and Roll but boy do I like it.  Loud and a lot of fun its what a good time should be.  Nothing too serious except the rock n roll.  It sounds like they’re channelling the spirit of Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds and a bit of Motorhead for good measure especially on the final fling of ‘Intercontinental’ again plenty of Rock but with just enough Roll squeezed in for good measure.  A great bit of good time Rock and Roll so what are you waiting for?  Get on it ya fools and it’ll give the band enough of a kick up the rear to get that long-player out but until then this will do very nicely the Rock and Roll bastards  Be loud be Proud! Lets Rock!




Author: Dom Daley