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DESPERATE MEASURES, the high energy, London punk and rollers release their brand-new album ‘Sublime Destruction’ on March 22nd on Cadiz Music. Loaded with eleven personal and political, hook-laden anthems, the album was written over the last two years and during the pandemic. Featuring previous singles ‘Thinking Of England’, ‘Back To The Rats’, and the title track ‘Sublime Destruction’, the album was recorded with Andy Brook (who has produced, engineered, and toured with the likes of Status Quo, Ginger Wildheart, Wonk Unit, Hayseed Dixie) at The Brook Studios, Wallington, Surrey.

From the opening roar of ‘Back To The Rats’, the Sex Pistols riffarama of ‘The Rich-Tual’ and the danced-up Stooges grooves of ‘Enjoy The Ride’, through to the Psychedelic Furs like ‘Untouchable’, ‘Sublime Destruction’ is anything but sublime. Instead, it’s a huge statement of intent from a band that back up their in-your-face attitude 100% on the stage. Having just completed a roaring UK tour with Cleveland, Ohio punk legends the Dead Boys, and currently in the midst of a dual headline tour with friends Janus Stark, Desperate Measures have blasted out another smouldering track ahead of the album’s release next week in ‘Seven Sisters’, their epic ode to their North London manor.

“I live and work on Seven Sisters Road, one of London’s most deprived streets,” explains frontman Eugene Butcher. “There’s glimmers of hope against the odds but desperation and despair are always near.”

That sense of anguish is perfectly channelled in the song’s moody, fiery heaviness. “The money train never stops, and you never see the cops on Seven Sisters…”

Desperate Measures are celebrating the release of ‘Sublime Destruction’ with a special album launch gig at The Lexington, London on March 30th with The DeRellas and Thrill City. Tickets available HERE

Full steam ahead they said as the good ship RPM Online Podcast sails into treasure-filled waters. This Episode is positively overflowing with new tracks as well as an exclusive Live cover from Ravagers that will never be on streaming services or CD and is limited to 100 copies of White Vinyl. Spaghetty Town Records have kindly let us play the Ravager’s cover of ‘Goin Downtown’ by the Lords Of The New Church. That’s only one of the reasons why you should check the Podcast out.

Sweden’s First Boy On The Moon Kick off this Episode with the opening track of their new album ‘Dreamer’. Hot on the heels comes a new track off the Final Cock Sparrer Album ‘Hand On Heart’ out on April 5th. ‘I Belong To You’ is classic Sparrer and an album that sees the band get better and better.

Now co-host Hotshot likes nothing more than fantasising about Sex Pistol and Radio broadcasting inspiration and role model Steve Jones so we’ve dug deep for a sparkling live rendition of his classic ‘Silly Thing’.

Gareth ‘Hotshot’ Hooper

Hotshot wanted to change the mood by introducing a track from Garbage who penciled in a re-release of the album ‘Bleed Like Me’ with his favourite track off the album. How about Japan’s finest glam punks Angel Face with a brand new track off their Slovenly Records self-titled album. A new track from Bullets And Octane, and Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard before Hotshot plays Suede with a track off their latest album ‘Autofiction’.

Ravagers are a glam punk n roll band outta The USA and they have a brand new LP released through Spaghetty Town Records as pointed out in the intro above. 100 copies pressed no streaming and no downloading. This will be a must-own record and rare as rocking horse shit. We’ve got an exclusive don’t miss it.

Desperate Measures have been playing support to Cheetah Chromes Dead Boys around the UK and currently in Europe and getting great reviews so having heard the new Desperate Measures album it’s only fair we play ‘Sublime Destruction’ the title track of their soon-to-be-released Cadiz records album. Staying with Cheetahs how about a new track off The Streetwalkin Cheetahs and a wonderful track ‘Call The Dogs’ being released on Poland’s awesome Heavy Medication Records. While we’re playing the label’s newest releases we also have one from Jonesy the potty-mouthed Canadians 10″ release on HMR but not before Californians Crymwav pop by with ‘Mars Fever’ and Mala Vista get aired with a single off their soon to be released album coming out on Spaghetty Town and Beluga Records in Europe.

Marc Valentine is set to release his second album on Wicked Cool Records in the next few months, so, no time like the present to play a track off it, and having had the privilege to hear the album I can tell you it was tough which one to play seeing as the whole record is fantastic power popping Rock n Roll. Gareth drops in one of his favourite songs from Powerkeg before a fine track from The Mysterines who we reviewed recently when they played support on the Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes tour of the UK.

If you’re still with us then stick around for a banger from The Empty Page who announced this week that they have a new album coming out on their own label if this is anything to go by it promises to be excellent and the first Empty Page track we’ll be playing. With just a couple of tracks to play Sweet Tooth blast away any fatigue with their banger ‘So Gone’ from their epic Lövely Records release ‘Split Image’. This leaves River City Rebels to wipe the floor with us as they blow the fuckin doors off the show with ‘Unless Your White’ out on Screaming Crow Records.

That boys and girls is one hell of a playlist from top to bottom we doubt you’ll hear a running order with as much quality as that. Keep it RPM Online Podcast – It’s A Revolution!

It’s not often I get excited about hearing a new album these days so cynical and jaded one can often feel when hearing so much new music (and old) but I did get a little flutter of the pulse when I saw that The Loveless had actually completed a full album of material and pre-sales were available through the Cadiz website. so as the saying goes a fool can often be parted with their money and I clicked the purchase button.

The band has previously released two very limited edition EPs which feature some of the songs featured on this thirteen-track album. The album kicks off in a raunchy style with an original composition ‘Wild In The Streets’ and their credentials are laid bare and the cards are on the table. X has form and once played with punks legendry icon Stiv Bator before his untimely death but will be most known for being an integral member of 80s punks  Sigue Sigue Sputnik as well as playing with Adam Ant. It should also come as no surprise that Almond has a history of post-punk even when his pop career took off as the vocalist for Soft Cell but this Bowie, Iggy & Reid-influenced garage rock adventure is a fresh and vibrant romp through the late 60s and 70s garage rock genre from the covers they take ownership of and the original songs they insert through this love letter to good time underground Garage/glam rock.

‘Wild In The Streets’ is the perfect uptempo opener and showcasing Almond and X’s songwriting and their love of some loud, raw guitars and all things sleazy Rock n Roll. ‘Putty In Your Hands’ is a groovy bubblegum blowing hypnotic slice of Rock n Roll. It’s the zipped up, collars-turned-up leather jacket we all wish we could pull off whilst leaning on the jukebox whilst chewing on a lucky strike, no filter of course. There’s more to these cats than just being a covers band, to be fair even if they were they’re one formidable and cool covers band. Having Iggy’s rhythm section along for the ride adds yet more authenticity and throw a guest appearance from Glen Matlock on ‘Pills’ and you have a covers band that knows a thing or two about garage punk n roll and they are cooking on gas and we’re only halfway through side one.

Their take on The Sorrows ‘Take A Heart’ perfectly suits Almond’s vocal style and to be fair running through The Kinks ‘I’m Not Like Anybody Else’ is a smokey and exceptional take and rather than going for a better know song from the Davies catalogue they’ve chosen well. The last track on side one is the smouldering slow burner ‘Dark Side’ that suits Almond’s crooner persona but the beauty is in the guitar breaks that pepper the track like shooting stars in a misty evening sky lighting up everything beneath it showcasing a band who are right on the money and in love with what they do adding authenticity and star quality to a fantastic side of music.

Flipping it over side two begins with another Almond and Neil X composition ‘Nothing At All’ and then a few cover tracks the first culled from their previously released EP ‘Hot Hard & Ready’ before chasing through another Alice Cooper band track the fantastic ‘Under My Wheels’ but then they delve into the 13th Floor Elevator Roky Erickson track ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me’ again pure garage rock goldust. In a moment of clarity and pardon my ignorance, but, the trippy take of ‘Shape Of Things To Come’ ties it all together in a homer moment because the original is from this fictional band Max Frost and the Troopers taken from the movie ‘Wild In The Streets’. There you go for anyone else (like me) who might be a bit slow on the intake. which only leaves ‘I’ll Be Gone’ and we’re out of here and a thoroughly enjoyable and authentic record is done and dusted and their love of the music shines through and infects anyone within listening distance of the speakers. What a way to draw 2023 to a close than with a really enjoyable Rock n Roll record that makes me warm and happy whilst a tip of the hat to the past and fist bump to the future we should never forget where we’ve come from and thanks to records like this we won’t – to the songwriters they’ve chosen to represent so well and who helped shape this record I thank because The Loveless just became my Christmas party album for 2023. Buy It!

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Author: Dom Daley





We live in an era of lockdown crafted, post-pandemic albums. With live performance taken out of the equation, in that dark period between 2020 and late 2021, musicians had to get creative. And get creative they did. Stripped of the ability to perform with their respective bands, Baz Warne (The Stranglers), Paul Gray (The Damned), Leigh Heggarty (Ruts DC) and Marty Love (Johnny Moped) joined together digitally and formed Wingmen; a musical union that somehow manages to sound like the sum of all of those legendary bands, yet also nothing like them. Say hello to Wingmen, a band formed in extraordinary circumstances.

Due to be released January 27th via Cadiz Music, it’s important to stress that at no point during the recording of this debut Wingmen album were the musicians ever in the same room playing together. And they still haven’t. This music has formed, as so much did in those explosive first waves of punk that these musicians were born from, out of boredom. To stop from going stir crazy during lockdown. And the results were instantly rewarding.

“I called Paul and suggested to him that we should have a go at a new project after enjoying working together on The Sensible Gray Cells record and if so, did he have anyone in mind,” explains drummer Marty on how Wingmen came to be. “And we both wanted to work with Leigh, and he was interested in the idea. I asked Leigh if he knew any vocalists that may fancy it and he said Baz Warne could be worth a call, and to my surprise Baz said yes! So, then there were four. We all started sending song ideas to each other. The first was ‘Brits’ from Baz and then ‘Starting Blocks’ from Leigh. After that the songs just kept coming…”

The proof of this is clear to hear in the ten songs that complete the project. The album is chock full of dynamic songwriting and performances, over-flowing with ideas and inspiration. You can clearly hear the styles and identities of each individual performer in the music, and the influences of their individual bands, but somehow, despite having never played in the same room together, Wingmen sounds like a band.

Bassist Paul Gray continues…

“Although we’d recorded various parts at our homes for our respective bands before, none of us had employed this process to make a complete album! Only Marty and I had worked together before, so it was a complete leap into the unknown. We all had loads of ideas to throw into the pot – some songs arrived completely fully formed that we simply added our own parts to, and others were more akin to musical sketches that ended up as co-writes. The album is a true collaboration inasmuch as none of us knew what parts or melodies or lyrics might be added by anyone else – it was an immensely exciting process! No rehearsals, no pre-production, just us winging ideas to and fro, with the drums going on last of all in the studio – which is completely the opposite of how things are usually done, of course.”

Today, we get to sample the first taste of Wingmen’s work in ‘Down In The Hole’, a song that channels the intense moods and feelings that lockdown created.

“This album may well have never come about were it not for the fact that our lives were suddenly put on hold,” explains Paul. “Some of us felt the effects of the enforced isolation from friends and loved ones that followed – and wondering when the hell it was all gonna end – more keenly than others. ‘Down in the Hole’ is a nod to them, and those that live with the effects of depression to a greater or lesser degree on a daily basis. Not a particularly jolly subject I know, but the music suggested a fairly dark lyric and the song just kinda ended up writing itself”. 

Although unconventional in its creation, the good news is that Wingmen is not a just a studio project and will be a band that plays live. Dates are currently being booked and who knows what else the future holds for Wingmen. For now, we’ll leave the final words to guitarist extraordinaire Leigh Heggarty…

“If someone had told my teenage self that I’d know members of The Stranglers, The Damned, Eddie & the Hot Rods, Johnny Moped and for that matter The Ruts – let alone that one day I would be in a band with them – I’d have probably told them that they were mad. It’s worth having a dream sometimes.”

‘Wingmen’ will be released January 27th, 2023, via Cadiz Music. Live dates are to be announced.

A launch event is confirmed to take place December 11th at the Triangle Café & Bar, SE8 to feature an exclusive album playback, acoustic show, and meet and greet. Full details TBC!

Pre-order the album HERE:

Follow Wingmen on Facebook HERE:

Newtown Neurotics to release new album ‘Cognitive Dissidents’ via Cadiz Music on October 21

Pre-order the album HERE:

In a world full of charlatans, honesty and compassion have great value, and so it is clear, that the Newtown Neurotics with their new album ‘Cognitive Dissidents’, due October 21st via Cadiz Music, have that in spades. 

Authenticity is a much sought-out ingredient in music and can only be claimed by a band with a reputation and track record that evokes trust, a trust which their fan base return with fervent loyalty, who will be thrilled to see the band back out on the road for their November 2022 UK tour.

Following an incendiary set at Rebellion Festival last August, the band are primed to take their music and message across the country with a set that pulls together both new material from their forthcoming new album with well-loved landmarks from the past.

Newtown Neurotics has over the years, released five albums and eight singles (which includes the eerily predictive ‘When The Oil Runs Out’ and the majestic ‘Mindless Violence’) and now return with this fresh salvo under the title of ‘Cognitive Dissidents’ which describes the people who wilfully reject evidence over what they ‘feel’, a play on the term ‘Cognitive Dissonance’.

Written and recorded by the band whilst in lockdown, during which the world tottered and swayed from the moorings that had previously anchored our lives and Coronavirus struck down our loved ones threatening us all, music became, as it always had been, one of the most important things to sustain us through our troubled times.

Always uplifting, never downtrodden, this is punk rock at its finest; this is the Newtown Neurotics music at its finest. In its form and content, it destroys complacency and dogma with reason and logic, and contains melodies that stir the head, the heart, and the soul.

Pre-order ‘Cognitive Dissidents’ HERE:

Catch Newtown Neurotics live at the following dates in November and order tickets HERE:

Tuesday 8th Nottingham, The Bodega

Wednesday 9th Newcastle, The Cluny 2

Thursday 10th Edinburgh, Voodoo Ballroom

Friday 11th Glasgow, Mcchuills

Saturday 12th Middlesbrough, Westgarth Social Club

Sunday 13th Todmorden, The Golden Lion

Saturday 19th Brighton, The Prince Albert (Matinee)

Tuesday 22nd London, The Lexington

Find Newtown Neurotics online at:

Official Website –

Twitter – @NNeurotics 

Facebook – /newtownneurotics
Instagram – @newtownneurotics Bandcamp –

Recorded at their Wonkfest 2017 and released on CD & DVD its those mad bastards Wonk Unit at their beautiful best – live and unedited in front of a packed and enthusiastic home crowd.  Alex leads the masses on a crazed juggernaut of Punk Rock.


Wonk Unit you either give yourself over to the mind of Alex Wonk and hop on board for the ride or you are left outside scratching your head as to why all these people are wearing big fuck off grins and if you happen across a live show you’ll wonder why everyone is drenched in sweat.  Watch this video and it will become apparent or listen to the CD its fifteen full force Wonk machines of punk rock excellence you might wonder why its taken quite so long for Alex to get this out there but I’m sure Alex has also asked that question of himself but in fairness he’s been a busy boy.  They do get better and better that much is true but he’s had a baby – toured non stop – released more records. so the world kept turning but it seems it slowed down enough to get this finished. The video is a well shot (sometimes unstable) live show but it’s Wonk Unit of course the camera thats in the pit is going to be ever so slightly unstable. You will however get a good idea how bloody good these cats are at playing live music.  Anyone whose ever been to the Dome in Tufnel Park Norf Londun will know what a great room it is to see a band you get all the hits (cough cough) from the Wonk back catalogue you’ll be treated to ‘Lewisham’, ‘Go Easy’ and ‘Donkey Of The Damned’ but I did notice a flaw then as the DVD goes from ‘Je M’Apepelle Alex’  to the monster that is ‘Kings Road Sporting Heroes’ but thats fine.

Alex admitted to sitting on this for twelve months and it might not have come out at all after he wasn’t fussed about a live album but once he sat down to play the mixes he was blown away how good the desk recordings were (warts and all) so it came to pass thats why it was delayed but hearing the finished thing you’ll be glad it has seen the light of day.  The DVD has added wonkyness of commentaries as well as the bands promo videos all thrown in for VFM.

You have to love the brass and Cello on ‘Old Trains’ then to follow it up with the craziness of ‘Awful Jeans’ Tremendous stuff indeed.  If you are new to the Wonk family then treat this as something of a best of Wonk live and a good place to start then you can go pick up the jewson lot your life will be so much more enhanced when you give in.


Wonk Unit are a splendid example of punk rock in the 21st century and in Alex they have a genius songwriter who thinks outside the box in fact I don’t think he’s ever looked inside the box let alone be there.  Giddy up kids spend those Chrismas vouchers on something good for a change and ‘Live In Chapan’ is a jolly decent gift so go on treat yourself

Buy Live In Chapan Here


Seventeen songs in an hour reworked with a bunch of their friends guesting on a song each what a genius idea.  It features over eighty musicians from around the globe making it one hell of a logistical project calling in Friends from as diverse projects as Vic from The Slackers through Jim Jones (not quite a stretch granted) the son of Dave a Crash Test Dummy and previous work colleagues such as Wilco Johnson.  A truly epic and exciting undertaking but something I expect to truly show off the songwriting talents of Paul- Ronny and his band of ne’erdowells and zombie drummers.

The album gets underway with The Great Malarky tackling ‘Orphans Lament’ and putting a twist on the tune but keeping it totally Gypsy like so were eased in gently. whereas Jim Jones takes ‘Killer Sound’ in an altogether dark place with that piano sounding truly terrifying in its sparse run but as you might expect Jim puts in a stellar performance and incidentally he plays everything on his version which deserves a mention and a tip of the hat to him – exceptional stuff and someone that clearly gets what UVM are all about.  What a brilliant performance of a menacing song.  The Future Sound Of London asked Jesus for help and knocked out a wonderful ‘Help Me Jesus’.

One of my Favourite UVM songs (certainly live) would have to be ‘High Jeopardy Thing’ and Dr Will & The Wizards drag it through the swamp then shine it up not as good as the original for sure but it’s all about the interpretation and its good.  Whilst the delta blues thang gets turned up with ‘Bucket Of Blood’ from Son Of Dave for what is a truly bourbon-soaked bop n stroll for sure. the last couple of tracks have embraced the UVM mantra and run with it even if they’ve both headed off down to that crossroads and traded their souls for a shot at these tunes.

As for my favourite Urban Voodoo Machine song that can change depending on what time of day it is but I guess there are some I gravitate towards no matter when what or where and hearing these interpretations has twisted my melon man and put a new spin on the songs for sure. Tigre Blanco take ‘rusty Water’ somewhere I wasn’t expecting it to go.  Whilst Ledfoot takes ‘Emptiness’ into the void and in a strange way makes it warm and comforting.

To be fair none of these artists or songs they’ve chosen was ever going to make synth pop out of what they had to work with and for the most part, its around the mantra of Bourbon soaked Gypsy Blues Bop ‘n’ Stroll and what a creative and inspirational bunch of people have come together around the Gypsy Hotel and from the original germ what a community that now exists making wonderful sounds in all directions The Broadway Twisters smash it up on one of my favourite tunes and play a pretty straight rock n roll ‘Cheers For The Tears’ which goes to show you don’t have to dissect and reconstruct a tune sometimes just rip it up baby!

I particularly like TV Smiths take on the classic ‘Goodbye To Another Year’ and his cheeky inclusion of an extra verse well done that man – he clearly gets it. Then back to back that full-fat version with the beautiful and touching  ‘Loretta’s Lament’ performed by Katherine Blake to send a shiver down your spine.  Wait, Los Plantronics turning up the disco surf for ‘The Theme for The Urban Voodoo Machine’ oh look if you know you know.  Los Plantronics should be the music played over every tannoy in every supermarket the world over it would certainly make the experience more enjoyable (pitch that to the supermarkets)

To finish off we have the single ‘Heroin (Put My Brothers In The Ground) where Wilco does his thing all over this very different version than the one that was cut on the ‘In Black ‘n’ Red’ album and showing the versatility in the songwriting because its quite different to the other version included on this very album. which only leaves ‘Dirty Water’ to close off the album in fine style with The Inmates kicking up a shit storm as they sign off this love letter to old London town and all who sail in her.  Well done whoever pulled this together, its a testament to those who know and a better late than never to those just jumping on board.  ‘Friends & Family’ is an absolute blast from the first to the last it’s bursting with passion and talent and if you ever had a doubt then forget that just get out there and get it and whilst your waiting – get a bottle of plonk and a shot of bourbon and get ready to bop n stroll! majestic stuff indeed.



Buy ‘Friends And Family’ Here


Author:Dom Daley