Criminal Kids release “Live At Liar’s” to help support Chicago’s Liar’s Club during area covid lockdown and you don’t need me to tell you this is a most worthwhile EP to add to your collection.

Earlier this year they got together and played a live set from Chicago’s infamous dive bar/music venue Liar’s Club.  They donated the money raised to the owners of Liar’s Club. Criminal Kids consider Liar’s their home base, and after being around since 1995 they wanted to help in the best way they know how, and boy what a blistering and tight set this EP is.  the playing is exceptional and the interplay between the band is almost magical, No it is magical.  One play through some decent headphones is enough to convince me I’m hearing sleazy punk rock n roll magic as the band kick the living shit out of ‘Little Bitch’ as the attitude comes through that bass thump holding this little bitch together and the band are throwing the riffs around like a rag doll.  the band then performs their debut single ‘Outcast’ and all they do is turn up the ante and before that filthy bass line walks in they twist the intro like a corkscrew and then shake it a little and everything comes pouring out like some cheap champagne.  Then ‘Vanity’ from the bands previous ep is up and it sounds more vital, more like a hand grenade has gone off and the explosion leaves your ears ringing. Like a filthy snotty early AC/DC if they were a punk rock n roll band.

Before you can draw breath your neck deep into the final offering of ‘Takin’ It Back’ and then maybe you can indeed draw a breath.  Fuck me that’s about as good as it gets for full tilt Rock n Roll played with passion, commitment and a mile wide fuckin’ grin.  I love the Criminal kids and hope they never grow up but I do hope they help save Liars Club and they get to release another record in the not too distant future and make it at least ten tracks long.  Absolute fuckin blast!  Buy It!

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You’ll find “Live At Liar’s on all major streaming and download outlets now.


Author: Dom Daley