Fond of all things yuletide at Damaged Goods HQ, having released a fabulous collection of Christmas records over the years, even if they do say so themselves! This one is up there with the best of them and is sure to sell out quickly!

The Sensible Gray Cells are Captain Sensible (The Damned) on guitar/vocals, Paul Gray (The Damned) on bass/vocals, with Marty Love (Johnny Moped) on drums.

Join with them in celebrating all things that are daft and frustrating about the festive season. The band’s Xmas ditty ‘A Stupid Xmas’ captures everything you love to hate about this special time of year. It also has the catchiest chorus since Slade and Wizzard ruled the charts! AND wait till you see the video!

So, if you’re bored with watching endless repeats of Morecombe & Wise, or on the other channel Nigel Farage scoffing bugs on ‘I’m A Celebrity..’ and maybe fancy a crack at trying to solve a real, modern day ‘whodunnit’ then flip the record over for the somewhat darker flavoured ‘B’ side ‘Keep it to Yourself’ which sees the band in full on ‘armchair detective’ mode, taking a look at the as yet still unresolved Madeleine McCann mystery.

***VINYL FANS TAKE NOTE*** A certain number of records will have a deliberate mistake hidden.. well, somewhere or other – a jolly wheeze inspired by some of those old Stiff Records ‘instant collector’s item’ mispressings. We won’t say anymore!

November is almost done and we can all get on the eggnog but before that there is time to squeeze in a right mixed bag of new singles and videos. From Kenny’s write-up of the brand new Valhalla Awaits track through some classic punk and pub rock to some balladeering and pop songs for you to get your heads around, Go check them out. But hold on Those cheeky chaps The Sensible Gray Cells begin the Crimbo madness before we unleash December’s festive tunes…Enjoy…

Valhalla Awaits – Is There Anybody Out There? (VA Records) The long-awaited new single from Welsh wonders Valhalla Awaits is finally unleashed and it’s been worth the wait. The band have been busy in the studio adding the finishing touches to their latest EP which will be released soon. The guys have had a busy summer with various festival performances, following on from their support slot with fellow Welshmen Those Damn Crows on their UK tour earlier in the year.

This taster from the EP has all the VA trademarks: A fantastic vocal performance, melody, riffs, tasteful guitar solos, powerhouse drumming and crystal-clear production values. A mid paced track full of atmospheric guitar melodies courtesy of Rhys Carter and Chris Green, a rock-solid performance from drummer Snoz Lawrence leaves bass player Sam Kilby to hold it all down on the bass front. The track builds beautifully and climaxes with some stunning guitar work.

Yet again, vocalist Andrew Hunt plays an absolute blinder. His velvet tones soar over the music with ease while giving us an ear worm of a chorus that has been in my head ever since my first listen to the track. The band just go from strength to strength, and I can’t wait to hear the EP and catch the lads in a live setting soon. Bravo guys!!

The track is available to stream/download now wherever you listen to your music. Author: Kenny Kendrick

The Sensible Gray Cells – ‘A Stupid Xmas’ (Damaged Goods Records) I couldn’t think of a better person to release the first christmas single than the good Captain and his Sensible Gray Cells. Join with them in celebrating all things that are daft and frustrating about the festive season. The band’s Xmas ditty ‘A Stupid Xmas’ captures everything you love to hate about this special time of year. It also has the catchiest chorus since Slade and Wizzard ruled the charts! The B side is classic Sensible a gentile romp with soe neat guitar work ably backed by Paul Gray and Marty Love.

***VINYL FANS TAKE NOTE*** A certain number of records will have a deliberate mistake hidden.. well, somewhere or other – a jolly wheeze inspired by some of those old Stiff Records ‘instant collector’s item’ mispressings. We won’t say anymore!

Christmas / Mrs. Anthrope – Split 7 (Self Release) Christmas drop their 19th release with this split 7″. The band are full of snot and anger on their side ‘Armageddon’ whilst the lyrics might be apocolyptical the music shows a way more melodic and softer side of Christmas and it really works for the band with a most excellent record. I certainly wasn’t expecting such a melodic gang vocal on the chorus. Also from St Wendel Mrs. Anthrope is a new band with their first song right here. ‘Squeezy Brains’ is a fast banger that just makes you wanna dance! oh and break stuff. Its punk rock baby and it rocks! Can’t wait to hear more from these guys as its always great to have new music from new bands. Great single!

FRANK CARTER & THE RATTLESNAKES – ‘Brambles’ (International Death Cult / AWAL) second song to be taken from their forthcoming album ‘Dark Rainbow’.  With a palpable sense of foreboding and menace, and arrives as something of a plea for a perfect love With the first half of the song being some dark ballad like song it then enters a darker twist before some lush strings and hushed vocals. A melodic pop song from Carter moving in a different direction than I was expecting keeping fans on their toes.

Faz Waltz – ‘Rave A Comin’ (Spaghetty Town Records) Oh baby its coming on like the bastard children of Little Richard and Jerry Lee with its boogie woogie piano leading the way on Rave a Comin. Its full tilt get your party pants on and lets go. The B Side isn’t far behind with a trad bop n roll with plenty of swing. Pure Rock n Roll nothing more nothign less. Expect a new album in the early part of 2024 and on this evidence expect a whole bunch of Rock n Roll kids. Great stuff. Horns a honkin and ivorys tinkling get these cats on tour with Jim Jones Allstars or would that be Rock n Roll overload?

Jim Bob – ‘This Is My Mix Tape’ (Cherry Red Records) Hot on the heels of his most excellent long player released earlier this year Jim Bob has knocked together a 10″ EP of four classic covers from ‘Are Friends Electric’ to ‘Pretty In Pink’ but he also entertains a Squeeze cover and Dexys ‘Gino’. Of course, its quality its Jim Bob and he’s been in a rich vein of form as of late and this only adds to his quality catalogue and will have fans old and new beaming with his take on some pretty classic tunes. This might be his first mixtape but I hope it won’t be his last. I can think of a follow-up bunch of tunes right off the bat Go Jim Bob.

Greg Kuehn – ‘Medicine Man’ (DC-Jam Records) Greg Kuehn, (TSOL keyboardist and prolific composer) is releasing “Medicine Man” the first single off his upcoming EP on DC-Jam Records. ‘Medicine Man’ is a song about recovery and mental illness, a subject close to Greg’s heart. He has been in recovery for nearly 30 years. TSOL fans tak e a breath because this is a dark ballad from Greg but its dark and soulful and sincere. but most of all its damn good.

Bob Vylan – ‘Hes A Man’ (Ghost Theatre) Taken from the upcoming album ‘Humble As The Sun’ which is out in April of 2024. With just one vocalist (Bobby) and one drummer (Bobbie) they have created a unique and ever evolving sound, one that crosses styles and genres, doing away with the traditional and embracing new and uncharted sonic dimensions. They incorporate these styles within their music in an attempt to bridge and blend genres and subcultures together. It is this very unique style and sound that has found them embraced by rock, rap, punk, dance and alternative crowds alike.

Golem Dance Cult – ‘Ghost of Las Vegas Taken from the bands latest album ‘Legend of the Bleeding Heart’. The idea was related to how we can feel alone even (especially) when surrounded by other people, like ghosts roaming in a casino…. in Las Vegas. The duo take chances and aren’t afraid to mix it up on their records but its sharp, captivating and interesting concepts. Besides if you don’t like a bit of Goth then getoutofhere. Here at HQ we love a bit of sparse bbuzzsaw guitar and low range vocals. Check it out.

Penny Rich ‘PC’ (self Release) Cardiff-based noise punks release a studio take and live version of ‘PC’ and it’s angry as fuck and comes out of the speakers swinging so get your dukes up and protect yourself. With a throbbing growling bass rumble, psychotic vocals, and that Grungy Punk riffage that served the likes of Nirvana really well. One to look out for for sure and hopefully I can catch them live soon and see how this brawler comes across – gumshields at the ready.

Johnny Moped – ‘Lockdown Boy’ (Damaged Goods Records) the loveable Lodon boys knock out a tuneful ragged slice of pub rock and they do it so well. Before you’ve heard it through once you’ll be spilling beer and singing along in your mates face with your arm tight around his neck moments before you either get turfed out of the boozer or you stumble and fall. Cheers guys its a belter and leaves me feelign warm and nourished. ‘The Other Side’ no the other side is like they left the tape running when they’re having a chat before the band kicks in with a short sharp burst of energy before fading away – strang? Yup but its Johnny Moped go check it out

Cyanide Pills – ‘Hope Your Having Fun’ (Damaged Goods) Another day another single lifted from the epic new long player from Leeds Leeds Leeds finest Cyanide Pills. ‘Hope Your Having Fun’ is from the album and the usual punchy power poppin snotty bop n roll dished up by these fine gentlemen this one comes on coloured wax and exclusive non album track B side in the shape of the raw riff-a-rama of ‘Don’t Tell Me Everythings Alright’ which is weird in a way because everythign is alright when there a new Cyanide Pills record to look out for but under Tory rule and the divvys who still vote for em then Cyanide Pills have always got material to write about and it keeps em honest and delivering quality tunes. Record of the week? Hell Yeah! I love Cyanide Pills even though they don’t play in south Wales. Buy it! / /

The Uppers – ‘Manic Melodies’ (Spaghetty Town Records) Spaghetty Town Records are amassing quite the catalogue of top notch records. The latest off the production line are St. Louis/U.S.A. rockers The UPPERS. Its their second record after their 2020 “Get down with…” 7″ (NO FRONT TEETH/BOULEVARD TRASH) release. This has four tracks kicking off with the superb hooky ‘Stimulation’ ITs snotty bedfellow to the likes of The Briefs, The Boys, Exploding Hearts and such likes. Sugar sweet melodies played quickly and full of memorable melodies all covered in sweet bubblegum guitar riffs n classic drum licks. Superb stuff. Can’t wait fo ra full length LP if this is what they’re capable of – Simply, Buy IT!

Jonesy – ‘Doppelgangbangers’ (Heavy Medication Records) Not to be confused with the 70’s UK proggers with the same name, this Jonesy hails from Montreal and plays dirty, hormone-driven, catchy-as-hell bubblegum punk. While the first album fell on the Ramones/Dictators/Real Kids side of the punk spectrum, these four new songs throw some Slade and 70’s riff rawk into the mix while retaining all the pervy fun and un-PC humor that’s an integral part of the band’s modus operandi. It’s ten inches of sleazy pleasure centered around girls, cats, rock & roll and girls. You might need penicillin after listening to it!

Black Spiders – ‘Destroyer’ (Spinefarm Records) Hard Rockin mofos who are currently on tour have released a video for the track ‘Destroyer’ with a heavy as hell riff that has a Bass rumble thats like a fuckin anvil being dragged through your speakers its that low slung and heavy.

The Dictators – ‘Thank You And Have A Nice Day’ (self Release) First new material from the handsomeless Dictators is a Rockin swaggering bit of boogie woogie with plenty of groove and predictably a really decent tune. Sadly thats it the other three songs might well be freakin classics from these proto punks but I was expecting a couple of new tunes at least. ‘Avenue A’ is a stone cold classic as is the ‘Savage Beat’ still with HDM vocals and ‘I live For Girls And Cars’ is sleazy Rock n Roll rounding off a decent reminder that The Dictators still have it.

Duff McKagan – Longfeather (The World Is Flat) After the mellow and dark corners of his last solo album this single from ‘Lighthouse’ is more uptempo and, well, rockin. Duff has turned into a really accomplished writer and his vocals have grown to be a real force in his own right. This is excellent rock n roll from the GnR four stringer and if this is a sign of whats to come the album should be another really impressive piece of work.

Safety Pins MAgazine split. UK Subs/The Mistakes (T&M Records) Always an enjoyable read and always giving away a cool seven inch vinyl record and this issue is the turn of a pair of UK Subs demos and one off the brand new Mistakes album which we reviewed a few weeks back. The Subs demos are of ‘Shes Not There’ and ‘Brand New Age’ two cracking songs and two well collectable versions. Two previously unheard rare Subs demo tracks rescued and restored from a Pete Davies tape then given to T&M. ‘She’s Not There’ has Charlie Harper sharing the singing duties with Paul Slack on this ultra-rare take…

What new superlative can you use about a band who’ve constantly delivered above and beyond? Every time they released a record I’m so happy because they kill it every time, they don’t reinvent the wheel they just roll with it doing what they do and doing it better each time. They’ve pretty much delivered faultless, flawless Punk Rock mixed with power pop, good time rock n roll, and trawled the decades to improve each time. Always delivered with a sparkling production with timeless relatable themes with succinct lyrics and political commentary through the energetic, enthusiastic riffs ‘n licks that pour energy onto the blazing tunes that set the tempo to the soundtrack of your day. The Cyanide Pills are the leaders of the pack in a saturated scene they manage to shine through like diamonds with each album release.

Throughout the pandemic, I craved some music to pass the days of endless government BS and spin and scouring the Internet for any news on bands I love. Often checking in on Dirty Leeds finest, Come one Cyanide Pill it’s been too long I’d tell myself and then after a gap of too many years, I have the email to tell me the wait is over, a clutch of new tunes were in the can and I could wake up to a new soundtrack. Boy, was my anticipation rewarded! the soundtrack to the new Cold War was upon us and it burst into life Opening with the fantastic single ‘The Kids Can’t Be Trusted With Rock n Roll’. The first taster we had from the band still sounds fresh and makes me smile now hold off calling the Punk Rock Police.

If you’re familiar with the band’s output you’ll kinda know what to expect with the likes of ‘Running Out Of Time’ its classic Cyanide Pills, exactly what you want for these reprobates in leather jackets doing punk rock better than anyone currently kicking up dust on dancefloors. I love how sharp that overdrive riff is on ‘Hope Your Having Fun’ whilst the lyrics get spat out of the speakers it’s a bitter sweet pop tune riding a great clean overdrrivven guitar. But you can Bop til you drop for some ‘Low Budget Rock n Roll’ snot everywhere but be careful you 60s babies thinking you can still boss it this one’s quicker than you think.

‘Day After Day’ is power pop perfection with a big hook on that chorus as the riff leans on Joan Jett and of course, the Ramones why not when it sounds this good? ‘Lapdog’ is a slice of bootstomping Rock n Roll thats like a howling good time out on the lash with Mott The Hoople and Slade with some top riff-a-rama yelping at your ankles and who doesn’t want to howl Woof Woof!

‘Act Natural’ they say, don’t get too excited Phil whispers in my ear as the uptempo onslaught continues Catchy, energetic, poignant its all in here kids. Earworm, done. The jive talking ‘Won’t Be Long’ is a classic and I hope to God that the lyrics pan out. I so fuckin hope so, 13 years is long enough to suffer the smug cunts. Come the revolution I’ll be dancing round the burning skip singing ‘won’t be long’ on the top of my voice.

‘I Know What They Can Do’ heads down a darker road altogether but the attitude rises up and is a beast of a song. Whilst ‘Do You Wanna Go Out Tonight’ is a tub-thumping reminder of classic Hanoi Rocks punk rock. The record picks up steam as we head into the home straight and sixteen tracks more than makes up for the wait for this 4th long player but they’ve always offered quality and lots of it. That’s Alright With Us’ is a bittersweet, happy-go-lucky song with lyrics that would and should make you angry but it’s hard to stay fumin when the music is so fuckin good! We might be heading to Hell in a handcart but the soundtrack is fuckin’ champion. You know the drill by now ‘Tell Me Something New’ is beautiful. Simple this Rock n Roll game. Write a whole bunch of banging tunes and get rich and famous, isn’t it?The penultimatee rocker is ‘Pecking Order’ a straight no nonsense two minutes of crash bang and wallop. Leaving a happy go lucky ‘It’s Over’ to put a full stop on proceedings. Another day another masterclass from Cyanide Pills. Me I’,m going back to the start and playing this through again and again and again.

I hear by announce the final result, Cyanide pills are still in charge and on top of their game. They should be duly elected to run whatever they fuckin like. lifetime peerages all around me thinks. Buy this album it’s a Banger.

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author: Dom Daley

Those ever-busy folks at Damaged Goods Records are in festive mood, to an extent. So, if you fancy an alternative Christmas compilation, this will fill your stocking. As varied as expected, with Billy Childish, Helen Love, Holly Golightly, The Courettes, and many more…

Wild Billy Childish And The Musicians Of The British Empire kick it off with the decidedly un-festive ‘Christmas 1979’, a Scrooge like tale of Christmas past. The Courettes rescue the spirit with the gorgeous ‘Christmas (I Can Hardly Wait)’, and Holly Golightly brings some some country-fuelled warmth with ‘Christmas Tree On Fire’.

Helen Love is on the E numbers again with ‘Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight)’, which rattles past so fast you might need to play it again. I feel Joey would approve. ‘Silver Bells’ by Cookooland  is equally boptastic, while Wat Tyler strangles ‘Oh, Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’ in record time.

Thee Headcoatees’ ‘Santa Claus’ is yet another version of ‘Davey Crockett’, and Severe tackle ‘Stop The Cavalry’ in Sham 69 fashion, which works surprisingly well. The classic ‘City Of Christmas Ghosts’ by Goldblade and Polly Styrene still sounds great, while ‘Little Stars’ by Holly Golightly is actually quite sweet.

The Singing Loins provide ‘Ding Dong Merrily On High’ for a traditional singalong, and the mighty Buff Medways blast through ‘Merry Christmas Fritz’. And, there’s more. If you’re a regular customer of Damaged Goods, you know what to expect, and will likely add this to your Yuletide collection.

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Author: Martin Chamarette

After having a right good chuckle at the cover artwork here it was down to business and right from the kick-off the chug of that riff and a rock-solid pound of ‘Fits You Like A Glove’ it was a right proper meaty punk rock showdown happening.  right through to the catchy chorus you’re singing along and punching the air.  there’s something about this here punk rock malarky that draws you in for a lifetime of “oh yeah that feels good that does” and The Lurkers who’ve been around a while I might add certainly know a trick or two and as far as openers go this ones catchy, meaty and a right good tone-setter.

I enjoyed the GLM album four years ago when it was released, My God was it really four years ago? Wow well, they’ve spent those four years well knocking together this set of banger.  There isn’t any new ground being trodden and the path they head down is well worn but it seems much like Cock Sparrer on ‘Forever’ it seems these old punks can teach them young guns a few new tricks; when I say tricks I mean they can teach ’em how to write a good solid tune. ‘London Jeepster’ is another melodic toe-tapper.


The title track has the feel of the more recent Subs albums its focussed and powerful with a great sympathetic production from the formidable hands of Pat Collier.  Pete Stride said in an interview that ‘The Boys In The Corner’ was autobiographical and it’s a measured look down memory lane but not in a cheesy way at all, no sir, Its got a bit of punch to it and sounds like one of those end of set drinking songs that middle-aged (cough cough) punks like  This ones spot on.

If you want rockers then ‘Approaching System Overload’ the bands (eco-awareness number) will service your needs whilst  ‘High Velocity’ is a right punch up featuring guest vocals from Danie Centric from The Feathers. To be fair this is a really solid set of thirteen songs with variety and a cheeky grin here and there from the opener to the Ramones like ‘Electrical Guitar’ via the cool ‘Doll No.5’ and the booze-soaked ‘The Boys In The Corner’.

If you’re looking for another ‘Fulham Fallout’ or ‘Gods Lonely Men’ then you might not find it here but you will find a band full of energy and a fistful of top tunes for these weird times we currently find ourselves in and another gawp at the artwork will give you a good giggle as well.  Get on it you wasters.


Buy ‘Sex Crazy’ Here



Seemingly untouched by the global crisis as much as any passing trend, Billy Childish continues to swell his catalogue at an amazing rate. After CTMF’s ‘Last Punk Standing’, comes the first of four albums by his latest project, The William Loveday Intention. Yes; four albums, already in the can. Joined by James Taylor and Dave Tattersall, “People Think…” has the flavour of a western-themed record. The Medway Delta is augmented by tales from the saddle, while Billy’s voice remains firmly in the Kent marshlands.


The production is lush, as befits the ‘widescreen’ feel of most of the songs here. Violins and mariachi trumpets enhance songs like ‘My Love For You’, which has the richness of The Urban Voodoo Machine, while ‘Again And Again’ and ‘This Wondrous Day’ reminds me of Dan Sartain’s recent ‘Blue Prairie’ album, though I imagine that Billy has cast an influence on them already.


The richer sound suits the songs and the cinematic feel throughout, but there are still the Lo-Fi elements you’d expect; the insistent, monotone keyboard riff of the title track, which manages to name check Kylie Minogue, and the fiddle led lament of ‘The Bitter Cup’.


I’m guessing that it’s Julie singing on ‘You’re The One I Idolise’, though I don’t have all the details to hand. A sweet song that echoes some slower T Rex tunes. Then there’s the skeletal blues riff of ‘My Father Was A Railroad Man’, one of the oldest riffs, that John Lee Hooker must have heard as a child.


This is an interesting side-step from Billy, and bears repeated listens. What the next three albums will bring, only he knows, but this is very promising.

Damaged Goods Records

Buy ‘People Think They Know Me’ Here

Author: Martin Chamarette

Hot on the heels of Junes summer sizzlers we had a bunch of other contenders for inclusion.  So, it only seemed fair to reconvene the Singles Club this weekend and hit the 45 RPM switch and drop the needle for some new singles from the superb to the very good through the downright weird or catchy but none dull or not worth inclusion.  Welcome one and all round two of the June singles Club…


The Sensible Gray Cells – ‘So Long’ (Damaged Goods) This bad boy dropped out of nowhere.  I knew they were recording a follow up to the magnificent debut album and then a scuppered tour then this.  Fuckin’ champion it is too. A rollicking Who like anthem (handclaps as well) ‘So Long’ is a belter  Welcome back gents, I can’t wait to hear the album now.  In direct contrast, the humour of the characters involved asks a very pertinent question on the B Side and they’re right.  What is the fuckin point of any of em?  Never mind just Andrew.  Damned fans should be all over this and if its a good representation of the long-player then bring it on I can’t fuckin’ wait.  Facebook / Pre Orders Here




Chuck Norris Experiment / Sator – ‘Split’ (Ghost Highway Records)  Not heard from CNE in a while and I love a bit of Sator and what they offer so was pleased to see they did a split on the most excellent Ghost Highway Records.  Opening up is a right sharp shooting ‘Turning Me Inside Out’ from CNE.  Its tight, loud, and fast! everything you want from one of the finest Swedish exports currently making noise. Then a second more laid back groove as ‘One Hand On The Hip’ is a sleazy example of the versatility of the band who can easily excel in the full-tilt rockers as well as chilling with the acoustics and now it seems keeping it short and sweet as well. As for the Sator offering ‘Feathered Remedy’ is up first and the band give it some wellie and it sounds like a runaway steam train rattling down a hill with a great chorus. Wrapping up this bad boy is ‘A Song For You’ which is a glamorous romp in all its sub one minute glory.  Buy it before they’re all gone its a banger. CNE Facebook



Spaghetti & Mayer- ‘Shits Fucked’ (Acetate Records) Eddie Spaghetti & Frank Meyer from the awesome Supersuckers and Street Walkin’ Cheetahs respectively put on their shit kickers and kick some shit.  Its got a stolen Stooges riff, some rollicking’ barroom piano and a bunch of profanities what’s not to like?  It’s a veritable top rock n roll tune by numbers and hits the spot.  Only available from Acetate Records direct download it’s the best buck-fifty you’ll spend this pandemic that’s for sure.  Get on it kids and turn it up! Now, how about a whole long-player from the two imagine if that were a goer and it sounded as good as this track? Fuck me sideways I’ll take some of that

Buy Here



Jerry Lehane – ‘Kiss My Tattoo’ (Rumbar Records) Taken from his EP Dogmatics man Jerry Lehane releases this mighty fine slice of energetic rock and roll with the emphasis on Rock! from the gutsy solo to the punchy tempo this is like listening to a gang of brothers cruising towards a rumble knowing they will get the job done.  Excellent single and well worth checking out. Get on it Here






Dirty Streets – ‘On The Way’ (Alive Records)  Like a throwback to a time when long hair and bellbottoms were the thang and three-piece bands were where it’s at.  Dirty Streets jam their thang and lean heavily on the dirty blues from Cream to Led Zep and the likes of Free especially on ‘Can’t Go Back’ from its classic guitar break its like Humble Pie and paul Kosoff never roamed the earth.  they hit their groove and stay on it.  from the hushed laid back summer tune ‘On The Way’ through the hedonistic rock out of ‘Can’t Go Back’ to the jig is up White boy blues of ‘Walk A Mile In My Shoes’ which for me is the pick of the three and quite reminiscent of a certain Georgia Brotherhood band who shook their money maker. The album is eagerly anticipated and is available next month.  Website /  Facebook


Brian Ray – ‘I Ain’t Superstitious’ / ‘Spell Breaker’ (Wicked Cool Records)  Gia Ciambotti take a bow lady.  Why did you ask? well take a listen to that voice she can sing the living hell out of that song.  whilst its a cover of a classic the vocals take it to another level.  that and the neon green and black splatter on that wax. The flip side features the Wicked Cool recording artist Michael Des Barres. Spell Breaker is a cool smouldering track again a great vocal performance from Des Barres on a slab of dark pop-rock with added sparkle on that production of the co written song between Barres and Ray.

Buy it Here



The Owen Guns – ‘Fuck Cyclists’ (Riot Records) Australian Hardcore Punk act THE OWEN GUNS have released their first single & video ‘F**k Cyclists’ for Riot Records (Part of the Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group).  ‘F**k Cyclists’ is a short blast of punk rock born out of the frustration of frequently being stuck behind cyclists on narrow country roads. Straight to the point, it pulls no punches.

THE OWEN GUNS would like to point out that they don’t condone acts of violence towards those Lycra clad irritants, no matter how tempting.

Stream/buy ‘F**k Cyclists’ HERE

The Rellies – ‘Isabella Is Annoying’ (Damaged Goods Records) The Rellies are brothers and songwriters Ryan (13yo) guitar and vocals and Riley (11yo) Bass and Vocals as well as Jarlath (11) on drums and Aiden (12) on guitar. All met in Sydney’s infamous suburb of Kings Cross. What were these young ones doing in such an area? Learning music of course – ha ha. The band has been playing together for around three years. Songwriters Ryan and Riley like to argue a lot at rehearsal but actually love nothing more than to grab their vintage guitars and play songs by their favourite band, The Beatles. Aiden & Jarlath seem happy to do whatever. The Rellies play a mix of indie, garage-punk and rock.

Their greatest achievement is becoming part of the Damaged Goods family and playing live at Sydney venues like The Oxford Arts Factory and El Rocco. Don’t question Damaged Goods Records for they’ve released Cyanide Pills and Thee Spivs previously so they know what they’re doing besides when this enters your head you’ll be annoying everyone you know with the sound of The Rellies.

Fur – ‘Grow Up’  Like a mash-up of Weezer, Green Day and the anti folk club ruled by the likes of Crazy & The Brains this is twisted pop at its finest.

Fontaines D.C. – ‘I Don’t Belong’ (Partisan Records) “I Don’t Belong” taken from the forthcoming album out 31st July on Partisan Records. Pre-order / Pre-save the album: Here

Jailbirds – Watery Grave’ (Golden Robot Records)  Drawing their influences from the obvious (Sabbath) and the not so obvious Jailbirds are loud and they play ROCK! They come from Canada and its big riffs, big vocals and big production on this new single.  Check out the video below.

Tom Wardle – ‘Secrets’  Power-Pop tastic.  Big hook, Big solos & bigger production but sadly no big hair. Tom had praise from high places Namely Rolling Stone Magazine for his last single ‘Jacqueline’ and on this evidence that’s not going to stop any time soon. This power-pop rocker just gets bigger as the song motors along.  The recipe isn’t a secret it’s just born out of hard work and talent (obviously) The only downside is the inspiration behind the song.  The least said about the tricky trees the better but at least Tom supports his local team which we can get behind. check out the video and

Want a second round of Singles in August?  Damn right. So many 45s and video singles coming out how could we not update you on whats hot.

Scumbag Millionaire / The Drippers – Split (Lux Noise) Two of the hottest bands on the Scandi Action Rock scene have teamed up for a split which is never going to be a bad thing. arch your back plug in your air SG and drink some beer because ‘Let Go’ rips like fuck from the howl of feedback its off like a dragster.  Top tune to be fair and the band justify exactly why they are one of the best exponents of the scene currently. As for The Drippers, their track is ‘Långgattan’ Don’t worry little Englanders the lyrics are in English and the track is absolutely blistering. This is a shining example of how to do a split.  Two bands kicking the shit out of two songs. Simple.  Lux Noise know their shit – Buy it!

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The Gotham Rockets – Blast Off (Rum Bar Records)  Oh Yeah man how cool is it to hear a bunch of tunes dripping with sleazy Lowe East Side grease and dirt all over their horn honkin’ low slung rock and roll. If we were to mention such cool bands as The Devil Dogs, The Waldos, Jack Black, The Pristeens, Simon and the Bar Sinisters, and The Fleshtones then you get the picture.  This is cool all-girl bv’s tambourine shaking twelve-bar shmoozing Rock and Roll and we dig it.  ‘What’s Done Is Done’ has lashings of super sexy saxophone and we love that. ‘Rip this Night’ is a familar rolling of that stone known as the hand jive rhythm and to close off this bad boy ‘Nothing But A Man’ is hip shakin’ detroit rock and roll its got the beating heart of the MC5.  Well done to Rum Bar for again pulling up some brothers and letting them ride the crazy train to a wider audience of Brothers and sisters who just get it.  Join in and blast this bad boy off! Facebook


Reverend & The Makers – ‘Elastic Fantastic’ (Cooking Vinyl) New song ‘Elastic Fantastic’ is taken from the ‘Best of Reverend & The Makers’ double vinyl, double CD and digital download album. ‘Elastic Fantastic’ is one of two new track featured on this best-of album.  the video is shot by multi BAFTA-nominated director Chris Shepherd. It features Rich Westley from The Moonlandingz and can be pre-ordered Here

Dogmatics – ‘Summertime’ (RumBar Records) It’s been 30 years since Boston’s legendary Rock n’ Rollers the Dogmatics has recorded new music together and this is the taster for what’s to come. later this fall there is gonna be a long-player that’s hitting the shelves.

Its cool Rock and Roll boys and girls and although its a cover its got style and a whole bunch of swagger and a fair indicator that these cats have still got it. Click the link and sample it for yourselves. If this is the appetiser then bring on the main course it’s gonna be great!





Sweet Knives – I Don’t Wanna Die 2×7″ (Big Neck Records) Rather than wait for the inspiration to do a full album Fat Neck convinced Alicja and gang to do a special Double 7″ with a Gatefold Cover! Alicja has already created 2 videos for this release and they just completed a tour with the songs laced in throughout the set.
Synth Rock, with soulful vocals that have guitar hooks and ripping lyrics striking like a cobra attack! isn’t a million miles away from what I’m hearing. ‘U Don’t Mind’ is like a rough house Buzzcocks tribute. Besides I can’t remember the last time I picked up a double 7″ single how cool is that?

Synth New Wave call it what you like but the four songs on offer are really impressive with ‘Some People’ stealing the show with its dark riff and futuristic synth parps.  Check it out for yourselves at the link



Chuck Norris Experiment – Back It Up (self Release) Taken from their new record ‘Shortcuts’ our friends CNE do what they do best and that’s rock hard and do it on their own terms this one is brief and to the point. They’ve even shot a promo video for it where they flex their muscle. Its always good to hear some new music from Swedens premier hard rockers.  Go check it out



MARK SULTAN “Filthy Rat” EP – (Slovenly Recordings) Garage rocker Mark Sultan has one cool 7″ single out on Slovenly.  I love how they framed this single “Monsieur Sultan makes autobiographical on the suave and sparse “Filthy Rat,” switching gears from slow to GO! on the swinging flip “Heart Attack,” harmonizing with his own bad self over a classic teenpunk shuffle beat with the unmistakable goldenthroat that all the crazed kids the world over swoon for”.  How can one better that?  One can’t so just pop along to his Bandcamp  page and check this shit out for yourselves ya crazy punks.



Puppy – Poor Me (Spinefarm) 


Tyla’s Dogs D’Amour – Devils Flynn – (King Outlaw Records) CD and vinyl edition signed and numbered by Tyla
In  Celebration of  30 years of the ‘Graveyard of Empty Bottles’.  2019 Dynamite versions of both ‘Errol Flynn’ and ‘Comfort of the Devil’ by Tyla’s  Dogs D’amour. Features Si, Gaz, Matty and Scotty, and T. When I heard about the reworking I was a bit skeptical as to why seeing as the original was and still is one of the finest recordings I’ve ever heard and then I actually gave it a listen and low and behold, whilst it’s not to be compared with the original (Its not a competition) its something of an accompaniment and is different enough to warrant a rework and to be fair sound bloody good, No scrap that it sounds fantastic.  Like Gerald penned in his review recently, I would certainly concur with his fine words.  It’s great to see Tyla back on 7″ plastic that’s for sure and this is a worthy addition to the collection. Buy Here

Indonesian Junk – City Lights (Rum Bar Records) The first track to be released from the band’s forthcoming new album ‘Spiderbites’ is another tip-top slab of sleazy low slung Rock and Roll.  Straight out of Milwaukee this Rockin’ trio have been cutting tunes on Rum Bar Records for a number of years and the one constant (or rather One Of the constants) is the quality of the tunage they keep maintaining.  Its loud guitars, cool hooks, melodies, and just all-round great songs.  What more can you want from your Rock and Rollers these days?

You can be sensible and pre-order the album Here because as night follows day if this is an indication of what’s to come then this is gonna be a good un and you can take that to the bank – Stone Cold Fact!


Sinner – Last Exit Hell (AFM Records) The first song from the new album is released on video ahead of the album coming out in September “Santa Muerte” is out 13th September Order here:

Hawk Eyes – Smokes (Drakkar Entertainment) With a track taken from the album “Advice” which hits the streets next week out September 6, 2019 Order: Here Comes out via a video single this slice of hard rock will have many a bedroom rocka reaching for the tennis racket an mirror

Bankrupt – Come Back Joe Strummer This snappy track from Hungarian Bankrupt is a tribute to Punk Legend Joe Strummer (obviously) with some Eastern European ska-punk in full effect. check it out then pick it up Here

Tarja ‘Tears In Rain’ (Ear Music) Tarja release the single ‘Tears In Rain’ from their album that’s released this week.  Some heavy harmonies and classic rock riffage leads the way for this Heavy Rockin outfit.  Pre-order “In The Raw”: Here Get the single “Tears In Rain” here: Here

Riskee & The Ridicule – Cut Your Teeth (Bomber Music) Fresh from Rebellion Festival Riskee & The Ridicule are back with some in your face grime n punk taken from the album ‘Body Bag Your Scene’.

Black Income – Loaded Gun (Tubeit)

Taken from their brand new album ‘Unsound’ Black Income is available Here  Their dark brooding Hard Rock is something of a throwback to some classic 80’s hard rock but twisted with new techniques and a modern feel check out ‘Loaded Gun’ – Website Here

Automatic _ Too Much Money (Stone Throws Records) Straight outta LA’s DIY scene this three-piece low – Fi post punkers are doing their bit for sleazy pop punk with this catchy ’45. More instant than ‘Calling It’ ‘Too Much Money’ is like a late ’70s early ’80s throwback when anything goes and as long as it sounds cool its punk rock.  from the tin-pot snare hits to the constant bass throb and those Sonic youth spoken vocals this is addictive like sugar pop but dark inside.  The band are heading to the UK and Europe as part of their Winter tour.  If I had to offer a comparison it would have to be Suicide now go check em out Here at these social media outlets.  Bandcamp | Instagram | Facebook

Johnny Moped – Hey Belinda (Damaged Goods) Out on Red vinyl to coincide with the band’s Rebellion appearance is ‘Hey Belinda’ taken from their ‘Lurrigate Your Mind’ ita slab of stone-cold solid punky pub Rock and the production is rather splendid and offers a fine-tune an air of sheen and polish.  It’s backed by an old but gold tune that’s been given an update and again the production is rather splendid and lends itself to ‘Hiawatha’ Making this limited edition 7″ blood red single isn’t a bad purchase punk rockers in fact it would be a bloody good one Get it Here




Diamond Dogs – Recall Rock and Roll (Sound Pollution) Classic good time barroom honkin’ Rock and Roll.  Sulo and the boys are back in the ring taking some hefty swings with this barnstormer PArt classic Bowie and part classic Mott The Hoople but all Diamond Dogs.  Taken from their forthcoming long-player  ‘Recall Rock ‘n’ Roll and the Magic Soul’: Here

The Electric Shakes – Phoney Highs (Self Release)  This South Coast three-piece have brought the volume.  Always finish on a high they say so what better way to round up this 45 rpm jaunt.  Are you sure there’s only three of em?  Sounds like a batallion of riff-a-rama throwing shapes and rockin’ the fuck out.  ‘Phoney Highs’ is no-nonsense rock and roll played through some sturdy amps and harnessing (just) extreme volume for the sake of playing dirty Rock and Roll.  Call it Garage Rock or Action Rock with a touch of ’70s hard rock thrown in with the odd bullet belt (please tell me these boys wear bullet belts?) If they don’t they should.  the second track is the cowbell thumping riff n roll ‘Hound Dog’ and its barking at the moon stuff.  What a fine pair of tunes and if you love Rock and Roll like we do here at RPM HQ then this is totally up your alley.  Strutting like a rock and roll peacock this is excellent and the way to close the door on this months round-up and get this party started.  Lets Rock! Bandcamp