Cyanide Pills – ‘Hope Your Having Fun’ (Damaged Goods) Another day another single lifted from the epic new long player from Leeds Leeds Leeds finest Cyanide Pills. ‘Hope Your Having Fun’ is from the album and the usual punchy power poppin snotty bop n roll dished up by these fine gentlemen this one comes on coloured wax and exclusive non album track B side in the shape of the raw riff-a-rama of ‘Don’t Tell Me Everythings Alright’ which is weird in a way because everythign is alright when there a new Cyanide Pills record to look out for but under Tory rule and the divvys who still vote for em then Cyanide Pills have always got material to write about and it keeps em honest and delivering quality tunes. Record of the week? Hell Yeah! I love Cyanide Pills even though they don’t play in south Wales. Buy it! / /

The Uppers – ‘Manic Melodies’ (Spaghetty Town Records) Spaghetty Town Records are amassing quite the catalogue of top notch records. The latest off the production line are St. Louis/U.S.A. rockers The UPPERS. Its their second record after their 2020 “Get down with…” 7″ (NO FRONT TEETH/BOULEVARD TRASH) release. This has four tracks kicking off with the superb hooky ‘Stimulation’ ITs snotty bedfellow to the likes of The Briefs, The Boys, Exploding Hearts and such likes. Sugar sweet melodies played quickly and full of memorable melodies all covered in sweet bubblegum guitar riffs n classic drum licks. Superb stuff. Can’t wait fo ra full length LP if this is what they’re capable of – Simply, Buy IT!

Jonesy – ‘Doppelgangbangers’ (Heavy Medication Records) Not to be confused with the 70’s UK proggers with the same name, this Jonesy hails from Montreal and plays dirty, hormone-driven, catchy-as-hell bubblegum punk. While the first album fell on the Ramones/Dictators/Real Kids side of the punk spectrum, these four new songs throw some Slade and 70’s riff rawk into the mix while retaining all the pervy fun and un-PC humor that’s an integral part of the band’s modus operandi. It’s ten inches of sleazy pleasure centered around girls, cats, rock & roll and girls. You might need penicillin after listening to it!

Black Spiders – ‘Destroyer’ (Spinefarm Records) Hard Rockin mofos who are currently on tour have released a video for the track ‘Destroyer’ with a heavy as hell riff that has a Bass rumble thats like a fuckin anvil being dragged through your speakers its that low slung and heavy.

The Dictators – ‘Thank You And Have A Nice Day’ (self Release) First new material from the handsomeless Dictators is a Rockin swaggering bit of boogie woogie with plenty of groove and predictably a really decent tune. Sadly thats it the other three songs might well be freakin classics from these proto punks but I was expecting a couple of new tunes at least. ‘Avenue A’ is a stone cold classic as is the ‘Savage Beat’ still with HDM vocals and ‘I live For Girls And Cars’ is sleazy Rock n Roll rounding off a decent reminder that The Dictators still have it.

Duff McKagan – Longfeather (The World Is Flat) After the mellow and dark corners of his last solo album this single from ‘Lighthouse’ is more uptempo and, well, rockin. Duff has turned into a really accomplished writer and his vocals have grown to be a real force in his own right. This is excellent rock n roll from the GnR four stringer and if this is a sign of whats to come the album should be another really impressive piece of work.

Safety Pins MAgazine split. UK Subs/The Mistakes (T&M Records) Always an enjoyable read and always giving away a cool seven inch vinyl record and this issue is the turn of a pair of UK Subs demos and one off the brand new Mistakes album which we reviewed a few weeks back. The Subs demos are of ‘Shes Not There’ and ‘Brand New Age’ two cracking songs and two well collectable versions. Two previously unheard rare Subs demo tracks rescued and restored from a Pete Davies tape then given to T&M. ‘She’s Not There’ has Charlie Harper sharing the singing duties with Paul Slack on this ultra-rare take…