Lunadon is getting down to work these past few years with many record releases and this one kicks off with the storming sonic blast that is ‘Goodtimes’ and it’s Goodtimes indeed as the song sprints with a thunderous bassline driving this bad boy to Hell and back. There is a sense of purpose with laser-like focus at play because the sleazy ‘New York’ enters the fray next with a timewarp-like audio quality its LES from back in the day with teased guitar licks and tub-thumping behind another warped fuzzed-up bassline that cracks the whip on a most enjoyable number. It’s like Audio crack folks and before you know it Lunadon is crying out for your attention on ‘Out In My World’ as the song thrashes round like a bad trip in some sleazy garage bar everything is whirling around with the needles in the red and hunting you down. The guitars wail and the rhythm section crashes on with purpose and menace – excellent stuff before crashing and burning into silence.

The only problem I have with this EP is just that, it’s only an EP! Man, I want more and more of this please Mr Lonadon this is essential Rock n Roll kids and you need this in your ears right now! ‘Get Back To You’ is punching – no it’s swinging big haymakers and I love it. ‘Hollywood Blues’ is prime-time Garage Rock in the time-honoured Stooges fashion and its slower more menacing rhythm and tempo is right on the money.

To take this one home the amps are revved up and like a speeding hot rod there’s the smell of burning rubber and oil everywhere as ‘Zenith Forever’ thrashes its way to oblivion. What a cracking EP. Maybe with more plays this will turn out to be the high point of a solo career for me and Lunadon reaches the mighty high of that D4 debut. simply majestic. Buy IT!

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Author: Dom Daley

Dion will be touring the Midwest USA and Europe this summer with many more dates to be announced for 2024. 

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6.26 || COLUMBUS OH @cafebourbonstreet 

6.27 || CLEVELAND OH @happydogcleveland 

6.28 || CINCINNATI OH @motrpub &

6.29 || LOUISVILLE KY @portal_louisville 

6.30 || ST. LOUIS MO  @sinkholestl 

7.02 || KANSAS CITY MO @minibarkc 

7.03 || MINNEAPOLIS MN @firstavenue

7.04 || MADISON WI @mickeys_madison 

7.05 || CHICAGO  IL 

7.06 || DETROIT MI @lagerhousedetroit 

7.07 || TORONTO ON @monarchtavern  


24.7 || LUGANO CH @luganobuskers


26.7 || LUZY FR @rockabylette

27.7 || BINIC FR @binicfolksbluesfestival

29.7 || SEIGNOSSE FR @blackflag_bar

30.7 || PARIS FR @supersonicclub

31.7 || SAINT GILLES CROIX-DE-VIE @rocksea_live

01.8 || CHARLEROI BE @rockerill

02.8 || HAARLEM NL @slachthuishaarlem

03.8 || LEIGE BE @microfestival

04.8 || TBD