A marriage made in heaven is Killer Kin dropping their debut album on Dead Beat Records. Killer Kin are a wild and reckless power Garage band kicking out the jams loud and fast and through the medium of some killer tunes channelling the spirit of Ron and his bro Scott via the heart n soul of Stiv and a whole host of cool cats from the MC5 to motorhead its all in here kids and you just need to cut loose and go with it.

New Haven is where it’s at, yup Connecticut rock n roll central baby. from the opening salvo of ‘Mr Dynamite’ you are under no illusion of what this is about. It’s hedonistic fast n furious here for a good time and not a long time as the roar of the bass guitar rumbling like a freakin freight train. It’s high adrenalin little Richard meets Lemmy rock n roll with some Chuck Berry thrown in for good measure captured on old school analogue with the needle firmly placed in the Lo-Fi red just the way this high octane shit was meant to be.

the bottom line is this – if you have the fire then you can dance with the devil and tame the savage beast and Killer Kin just nail it ‘On The Chain’ is moving and shakin like a shitting dog grooving on the Stooges riff and doing it so sweetly its a beautiful thing. As you stagger through the ten tracks on offer you are left wondering how bands like Killer Kin aren’t at the top of everyones list for bands to champion. ‘Stunner’ is rapid, ‘Hound Howl’ is thuggish fury as it blasts from start to finish – Gawd damn I love this record it makes me want to run through a brick wall.

Hang on a minute ‘Damned And Doomed’ is a slice of Dirty Deeds DC done through the medium of Garage punk and when it shifts seamlessly through the gears it gets punchy. ‘Motorbanger’ paves the way for ‘Sonic Love’ which is just about the peak of this record as it evokes the reckless Jim Jones rockin’ out with Jerry Lee on a long lost Hip Priests banger. What a killer record this is, 100% sonic energy like a rocket in a bottle that’s just been shaken and exploded everywhere I only wish there were more bands like this who cut loose their influences and ran with it spilling their heart all over the stage and capturing it on tape to share with the world. As the band sound like they’re about to spontaneously combust on ‘Shock Collar’ it only leaves the honking ‘Cross That Line’ to burn out and not fade away.

What an explosive record, full of energy and style it swaggered in like a fuckin peacock with a heart as big as the Stooges and blasted out like the bastard sons and daughters of the MC5 in full flight. Fan-Fuckin-Tastic they are the future and not the past they sing as it crashes and burns and asks what we think about that. Well, I think they’re bang on and I’m here to testify that this record can and will make you more desirable and live longer. Absolute Banger!

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Author: Dom Daley

Dead Beat Records is proud to announce the release of Killer Kin’s self-titled debut album on 04-28-23. The New Haven, CT five-piece has been causing a stir with their unapologetic sound that delivers a fierce and powerful “Metallic KO”.

This high-octane explosion of blistering riffs, pounding drums, and bark-snarling vocals capture the menace of high-energy rock n roll in its rawest form. With tracks like “Mr. Dynamite,” “On The Chain,” and “Motorbanger,” listeners are sure to get that dangerous rock n roll feeling in all the right places.

Lead singer Matt says, “If you haven’t seen a hound from hell, now you’ve heard one!” Our debut LP features ten chain-banging, soul-stripping and razor-sharp rock ‘n’ roll sluggers that are sure to have you stoned on raw powerage.”

Killer Kin promises to unchain an untamed beast inside the listener with their contagious energy and primal intensity that is sure to leave them begging for more.

Jesse Malin – ‘Wendy (Tail Lights Fade)’ (One Little Indian Records) A re-recorded version of the original album song ‘Wendy’ and the first of three to be issued in the coming months that have not already been included on a bonus LP of new versions with the reissue. Reimagined and re-recorded with his longtime band, the material was produced by Derek Cruz and engineered by Geoff Sanoff, who worked on Malin’s recent ‘Sunset Kids’ and ‘Sad And Beautiful World albums. Whatever Malin does is fine by me the guy has never put a foot wrong from his D Gen days through Bellvue, The Finger and beyond, his solo records are a breath of fresh air and this reimagined version of a classic is another day for Malin but a lifetime of memories for us fans. Brilliant! Bring on those live uk tour dates.

Baby Schillaci – ‘So Bad’ (Lavender Sweep Records) Dark, brooding, restrained, punchy ‘So Bad’ is a monster of a tune lying in the darkened corners of your mind before kicking off as the throb gets more and more intense. A really impressive single and video to perfectly accompany it. Baby Schillaci are building momentum before they release their EP this summer. Get in on the ground floor as these boys climb and climb. Great stuff.

Jim Jones Allstars – ‘Gimme The Grease’ (Ako-Lite Records) It’s been a long time coming but having new music from Jim Jones is always a welcome blessed place to be. ‘Gimme the Grease’ is a horn honking, snare shuffling, hip shaking howling good time. when the horns honk in over that shuffle and phat bassline it’s musical manna from the Rock and Roll Gods. Single of the month? Fuckin right it is, Hallalulia Sweet baby Jesus. This is the sound of the summer coming and I can’t wait for the live shows that are about to hit us. Greased hair, Memphis hip shaking and Dirty Horns all topped off with the unmistakable bark of Jim Jones. These All-Stars have absolutely nailed it like you ever doubted them. Get on these live dates Here

The Shunkos – ‘EP’ (Lavender Sweep Records) Being the little hipsters that they are this cassette-only release of their first five tracks has been long overdue. Of course, it’s fast, loud, a little bit dirty and a lot of fun The Shunkos have been skating around the South Wales scene now for a while and grabbing plenty of admirers with their hectic live shows in some unique venues (how about an off license?) Sure these songs were written and recorded before they’d even played a single show so it’s fair to say they’ve evolved already and whilst the core of their repertoire is inspired from down under these boyos have shread some of that skin and developed their own punk rock noise and they’re reeling in more and more admirers with ever show.

The EP kicks off with the Chubby & The Gang style ‘Uni Mate’ it’s not big or clever but the Uni Mate is real and your introduction is short sharp and to the point. Now finish your beer and get on the dance floor. ‘Meal Deal’ is inspired by the Tesco special and rides in on a surf lick and rollicking chorus that will have you bopping along. there are five tunes involved on this tape and to be fair there are some belters on offer like ‘Bepop Dan’ who sounds like a right cu next Tuesday but his tribute from these Shunkos is fitting and punching. Picking a favourite tune is a tough one but ’83’ is a tasty number with plenty of bites. Get these boys on tour with the Chats or Cosmic Psychos, it would be messy but a whole heap of fun and ‘Beer & Gear’ would sound great alongside ‘Nice Day To Go To The Pub’ so much so they should be twinned (if that’s such a thing anymore) Port Talbot has never had it so good. Get one of these powder blue tapes sharpish if you want to be hip.

Killer Kin – ‘Mr Dynamite’ (Dead Beat Records) Killer cut from their debut album is just enough of a peek under the curtain of the awesome Killer Kin. Part Stooges (ok big part) some Alice Cooper and a generous heap of Dictators and a sprinkling of The Cavemen should see you in the right ballpark. Unhinged reckless Rock n Fuckin Roll! pounding rhythm with that fuzzed-up garage lead being fired around the speakers indiscriminately hitting anything and everything and if you’re asking if this single is an indication of how damn good the album is gonna sound, then I can confirm you better hold on to your pants, this one a motherfuckin ripper! Only a couple of weeks to go and you can own the record.

Steve Adamyk Band – ‘Do You Wanna Know’ (Drunk Dial Records) These songs were never meant to be on an official release. Rather, they are the spontaneous recordings of longtime bandmates after splitting a case of Costco Coronas. Recorded in the summer of 2021 in Mayo, Quebec. Power Poppers Steve Adamyk Band do a sterling job of hammering out top-notch power pop punk rock and these covers are part of their DNA and how they sound like they do. Fantastic cover, hang on, two fantastic covers. I’m not sure which I prefer but the whiney keys on the Sedatives ‘Slip Away’ might just grab it for me. either way a cool 45 and I’m glad it has seen the light of day. check them out. Also, I love Drunk Dials’ premise for their Single releases it’s such a cool thing to do from getting bands you love inebriated to releasing 45s of what comes as a result of the drinking and rockin’.

Nosebleed – ‘All I Know’ (TNS Records) Lifted from the bands album that was reviewed on these here pages to much applause ‘All I Know’ is a cool cut drifting from dreamy garage rock to a solo that lifts the hairs on the back of your neck. Nosebleed nail it.

Midtempo homage to surf rock is just about right and with an easy singalong even the most inebriated gig goer could manage to sing along to. Hit the link and check ’em out, Top stuff.

The Hip Priests – ‘Pissed On Power’ (The Sign Records) Short sharp and to the point our favourite UK reprobates of all things noisy Garage/punk/rock have a new album about to drop in the coming weeks and have been releasing videos to accompany some of the tunes from the album and ‘Pissed On Power’ is the latest. Ferocious and fucked up the band have stepped up the energy and this earworm will testify that. From the pounding rhythm to the flashing blades vying for your ears through the relentles solos. This one has everything you want from the East Midlands based misfits. Let there be Rock and some more loud guitars for good measure. Filmed at various venues and a van that smells like the inside of Colin Grigsons jockstrap stuck to Vim Fuegos leather strides – We Love it!

Jim Bob – ‘Thanks For Reaching Out’ (Cherry Red Records) known for being the frontman of Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine this first offering from his new album of the same name. It’s a ray of sunshine in dark times from the acoustic guitar and its beautiful big chords to the semi-deadpan vocal delivery it’s a smartly constructed slice of alternative post-punk. It is the sound of a bottle being uncorked and all the fizz goes everywhere spilling out pop, punk rock Buzzcocks style, and some smart kinks melody it really is a fantastic song and if the rest of his twelfth solo studio album is half as good as this then I can’t wait it’ll be a belter.

Stevie R. Pearce and the Hooligans – ‘Out Go The Lights’ (Self Release) Stevie and his merry band of new Hooligans are back swinging their hard n heavy sounds and this time they’re getting punchy. Inspired by a near altercation Stevie R Pearce is raring to go. Taking his new hooligans out on the road for some selective dates. ‘Out Go The Lights’ is hard, heavy and in your face. Pearce & his Hooligans are locked and loaded and pounding away along their heavy path with mega riffage and screaming solos its got the fuckin’ lot and my moneys on them winning this fight. Punchy fuckers.

OFF! – ‘Keep Your Mouth Shut’ (Fat Possum Records) As if Hardcore suergroup OFF! needed to fuck with our heads anymore than they already do they go and add extra headfuckery for RSD 2023. ‘Keep YOur Mouth Shut’ is the unmistakable yelp of Morris and co kicking ass and rockin out. If thats not enough the footage for the video is cut from the OFF! movie Here Off! havent put a single foot out of place since their first four and this is just more of that magical Hardcore, get on itkids its what RSD was made for.

Loose Sutures – ‘Highway Shooter’ (Electric Valley Records) Heavy on the ride and turn that fuckin fuzz up and when you think you have enough fuzz turn it up some more. Heavy psych fuzzed garage rock from Italy are back swinging with their heavy as-hell fuzzed-up rock n roll howling good tune to showcase their new long player. Features  Nick Oliveri and Alain Johannes so what finer endorsement of what’s coming do you need? Get on this record kids it’ll give you a thousand cool credits. Absolute Banger!

The Mistakes – Heathens (Time And Mater Records) Punk rock from the streets of Poole sees The Mistakes embrace the spirit of punk rock on ‘Heathens’, the second single to be taken from the forthcoming LP ‘A GOOD HILL TO DIE ON’, scheduled for release late summer (TBC) 2023 on Time & Matter Records.

‘Heathens’ is a punchy affair from The Mistakes, It’s fist-pumping Street punk singing about the very essence of what we write about and what they play and perform for. It’s either in yer blood or it isn’t. Don’t fake it, embrace it and get the job done properly with heart and soul. The Mistakes take no nonsense and deliver the goods of street punk at its finest. Hit them up on Facebook and tell them RPM Onlinne sent you.

Greetings friends of twin-guitar, party rock n’ roll, Mick Ronson riffs, hooks and lyrics that’ll stick in your head long after you have hit the repeat button half a dozen times, visions of CREEM Magazine, torn jeans, rock n’ roll radio dials long before the term “classic” was put in front of it, sitting and waiting by your stereo cassette recorder with your finger firmly holding the record and pause buttons awaiting to record that brand new song you been waiting all hour for the station to premiere, have we got something for you!! New York City’s The Nuclears have returned with a brand new single “Siamese Connection” off their upcoming brand new full length “Seasides” due out this Spring. We are double shot psyched and ready to crank this one up as we drop the single on you today, go ahead, hit that play button…

Next is an epic performance from Killer Kin check this out!