A marriage made in heaven is Killer Kin dropping their debut album on Dead Beat Records. Killer Kin are a wild and reckless power Garage band kicking out the jams loud and fast and through the medium of some killer tunes channelling the spirit of Ron and his bro Scott via the heart n soul of Stiv and a whole host of cool cats from the MC5 to motorhead its all in here kids and you just need to cut loose and go with it.

New Haven is where it’s at, yup Connecticut rock n roll central baby. from the opening salvo of ‘Mr Dynamite’ you are under no illusion of what this is about. It’s hedonistic fast n furious here for a good time and not a long time as the roar of the bass guitar rumbling like a freakin freight train. It’s high adrenalin little Richard meets Lemmy rock n roll with some Chuck Berry thrown in for good measure captured on old school analogue with the needle firmly placed in the Lo-Fi red just the way this high octane shit was meant to be.

the bottom line is this – if you have the fire then you can dance with the devil and tame the savage beast and Killer Kin just nail it ‘On The Chain’ is moving and shakin like a shitting dog grooving on the Stooges riff and doing it so sweetly its a beautiful thing. As you stagger through the ten tracks on offer you are left wondering how bands like Killer Kin aren’t at the top of everyones list for bands to champion. ‘Stunner’ is rapid, ‘Hound Howl’ is thuggish fury as it blasts from start to finish – Gawd damn I love this record it makes me want to run through a brick wall.

Hang on a minute ‘Damned And Doomed’ is a slice of Dirty Deeds DC done through the medium of Garage punk and when it shifts seamlessly through the gears it gets punchy. ‘Motorbanger’ paves the way for ‘Sonic Love’ which is just about the peak of this record as it evokes the reckless Jim Jones rockin’ out with Jerry Lee on a long lost Hip Priests banger. What a killer record this is, 100% sonic energy like a rocket in a bottle that’s just been shaken and exploded everywhere I only wish there were more bands like this who cut loose their influences and ran with it spilling their heart all over the stage and capturing it on tape to share with the world. As the band sound like they’re about to spontaneously combust on ‘Shock Collar’ it only leaves the honking ‘Cross That Line’ to burn out and not fade away.

What an explosive record, full of energy and style it swaggered in like a fuckin peacock with a heart as big as the Stooges and blasted out like the bastard sons and daughters of the MC5 in full flight. Fan-Fuckin-Tastic they are the future and not the past they sing as it crashes and burns and asks what we think about that. Well, I think they’re bang on and I’m here to testify that this record can and will make you more desirable and live longer. Absolute Banger!

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Author: Dom Daley