Dead Beat Records is proud to announce the release of Killer Kin’s self-titled debut album on 04-28-23. The New Haven, CT five-piece has been causing a stir with their unapologetic sound that delivers a fierce and powerful “Metallic KO”.

This high-octane explosion of blistering riffs, pounding drums, and bark-snarling vocals capture the menace of high-energy rock n roll in its rawest form. With tracks like “Mr. Dynamite,” “On The Chain,” and “Motorbanger,” listeners are sure to get that dangerous rock n roll feeling in all the right places.

Lead singer Matt says, “If you haven’t seen a hound from hell, now you’ve heard one!” Our debut LP features ten chain-banging, soul-stripping and razor-sharp rock ‘n’ roll sluggers that are sure to have you stoned on raw powerage.”

Killer Kin promises to unchain an untamed beast inside the listener with their contagious energy and primal intensity that is sure to leave them begging for more.