Representing the Isle of Man, it’s only fitting that the “rock n roll, punk blues guys” (Iggy Pop) of Mad Daddy are releasing their ‘Road Racer’ EP to coincide with this year’s TT race. It’s the perfect combination; oil, sweat, hairpin bends and righteous rock n roll.

‘Road Racer’ opens, full throttle through the gears, like ‘Motorbikin’ on bad drugs. Slightly heavier than before, shades of the Chuck Norris Experiment. ‘It Ain’t Easy’ and ‘Be Bad’ tip a nod to the Stooges’ ability with primal riffs, while retaining their own identity, while ‘Here To Stay’ has the requisite “hey, hey, hey”s to get you hitting the repeat button.

No need to reinvent the wheel here, just enjoy the pared back appeal of Mad Daddy. And with a spanking new t shirt design to accompany the TT races, they’ve got my order come Bandcamp Friday in June. You know it makes sense.

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Released 4th June on Bandcamp for download, available on all streaming services

Author: Martin Chamarette