It’s been 10 years since I was first introduced to the crazy world of The Urban Voodoo Machine, and I have seen this East London based bunch of ne’er do well’s more times than I can remember. But what is it that keeps me coming back for more? I think it is the fact that every show is different, you never know what you are going to get and they deliver the most exciting and entertaining live show this side of the pond. Chief mouthpiece Paul-Ronney Angel also hosts a club night once a month called the Gypsy Hotel, showcasing the best in underground talent, whether that be rock n’ roll, outlaw country, comedy capers or fire breathing burlesque acts. An eclectic and edgy evening is always guaranteed and it’s all rounded off by the coolest soundtrack delivered by DJ Scratchy.


I’ve always fancied it, but never got my act together to go. Now, a combination of gig starvation due to Covid, a 15th anniversary show right in the heart of Alabama 3 territory of Brixton, and the added attraction of Jack White opening his London branch of Third Man Records in Soho on the same day. It seems the stars have aligned and I cannot miss this opportunity.

The Hootananny is a great venue, the perfect setting for this night in fact. Food, drink and conversation flow into the night before the first act Kelley Swindall takes to the stage to warm things a little after 9pm. The Georgia-born/NYC based solo artist blends soulful and whimsical folk with old school country to perfection. With a sparkly blue jumpsuit, a cheeky dollyesque smile and a Johnny Cash delivery she turns out to be quite mesmerising to watch and listen to in equal measures.


The skiffle scratch of ‘My Minglewood Blues’ fits the bills nicely and the tongue-in-cheek storytelling of ‘California’ is a hoot to experience. With a killer voice, a charismatic disposition and classic 70’s California looks, she sure has it going on.


Kelley has been touring dives and juke joints for 10 years, she sure knows how to work a crowd and you can tell these songs have been thoroughly road-tested. An enjoyable set that leaves me wanting to go check out more of her material.

Up next we have some old school burlesque entertainment with the cheekily titled Trixi Tassels. She struts her stuff to an extended version of ‘St James Infirmary’ and seems to enjoy every moment of her act as much as the guys and gals that are slowly but surely filling up the room. The whooping and hollering only spurs Trixi on as she removes item by item, ending up on her back removing her stockings with some feigned and brilliantly over-acted trouble. She even gets one undergarment stuck, hanging on the Hootannany sign right above her head where she threw it, and ends her show setting her nipples on fire for some flame-filled tassel twirling, much to the joy of the appreciative crowd.


In this age of political correctness, it seems so fresh and exciting just being entertained by one of the oldest and simplest forms of club entertainment. Long may Trixi Tassels twirl her twirly bits!



It’s been nearly two years since my last UVM show and I believe they have only done a couple of gigs themselves in recent weeks leading up to this show, but you would never know by their performance tonight. The gang are all present and correct as they take to the stage to the instrumental ‘Theme From The Urban Voodoo Machine’ and it’s like they’ve never been away. With more black than red on show tonight, the lead players P-R Angel and saxophonist Lucifire lead the band through a shorter than usual killer set of spaghetti western tinged rock n’ roll with heaps of crazy, carnival sized goodness. The ‘In Black n’ Red’ one-two of ‘High Jeopardy Thing’ and ‘Cheers For The Tears’ is like welcoming back two old friends. The former, an old school juke joint classic, the latter a more bombastic statement of intent. Both full of brass, both completely rock n’ roll.


Recent past singles ‘Living In Fear’ and ‘Johnny Foreigner’ fit the set just right now, and lyrically both seem more relevant than ever. ‘Orphan’s Lament’ is always a live highlight and the following ‘Crazy Maria’ has become a personal favourite over the last few years. Guitarist Tony Diavalo has come into his own in recent years since filling the Cuban heeled boots of fallen brother Nick Marsh (RIP). Here, he takes to maracas and mariachi style hollering to add Mexican spice to proceedings.

The new single ‘Empty Plastic Cup’ is a cool taster for the upcoming album ‘Snake Engine Oil’, which is due at the end of the year. Full of twangy guitars, “hoo-haa” chants, bursts of brass, and a killer chorus refrain to sing until the Tories are ousted, what more do you need?


The energy and electricity created onstage reverberate through the now packed room and as the temperature rises, the drinks flow and people lose their inhibitions and the Gypsy Hotel comes to life as the club night I always hoped it would be.


‘Goodbye To Another Year’ seems the perfect set closer tonight. A celebratory drinking song and a testament to all that is good about The Urban Voodoo Machine. Much more than just a band, The Urban Voodoo Machine is a collective who ply bourbon-soaked, gypsy blues bop n’ stroll music and every show is a party. They were on fire tonight and it’s a much-needed welcome back to one of the UK’s greatest live bands.


You either have to be very confident or very stupid to follow a set from The Urban Voodoo Machine. Luckily The Future Shape Of Sound ooze confidence from every pore. No strangers to playing with P-R Angel’s mob or even playing The Gypsy Hotel, Alex McGowan (aka Captain Future) and his band make the night their own from the moment they step onto the stage at around 1 am.

“Welcome to the Church Of Rock n roll!” shouts the frontman with a statement of intent before launching straight into ‘Toe The Line’. Their brand of East London street gospel is bluesy, primitive, and downright infectious, and the packed and sweaty room lap it up. The band is basically guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard, but the addition of a four-piece, all-girl backing choir, stand-up drums, and ace-in-the-hole lead vocalist Debbralee Wells makes for a massive sound that fills the room.


With a domino mask covering her eyes, more sparkle than a clear nights sky and enough black feathers to fill a witch doctor’s duvet, she cuts a striking figure, but it’s that amazing voice that brings the show alive. Tonight, she puts the soul in rock n’ roll leaving Captain Future free to direct the band around her. Pulling off the Ronnie Wood meets Johnny Thunders look with ease while pulling licks on his guitar, he nods and gives cues to the band, especially to stand-in drummer Joni Belaruski from The Great Malarkey who doesn’t miss a single beat all night.


‘Rise Up’ brings the party early. Like a mix of the Clara Ward Singers and the Blues Brothers hosting the party at the end of the universe, it sounds sublime. What I do notice is that, unlike a lot of gigs in recent times, everyone is dancing and joining in, ok so it is way past the witching hour and the drinks have been flowing for a good few hours, but this feels like a proper club show rather than just another gig. I love this. People of all ages are dancing, singing and falling over, a young couple are getting off with each other to my left and groups of young girls who have probably never heard the band before, or even been to a live show before, will have their lives changes…maybe forever.

The slow groover ‘Number One’ comes on like Aretha singing Alabama 3 and is a welcome breather before ‘Joy’ takes us to church. That cool Hammond introduction, the sweet soulful lead vocals. It kicks in, as upbeat as you like it. The band giving it their all. The full backing vocals fill the room and everyone goes wild.


Various UVM members join for the closing cover of ‘Help Me Jesus’ and then they encore with an alternative version of ‘Rise Up’.


A night at the Gypsy Hotel exceeded all my expectations. All the acts were on fire (some literally!), the setting was perfect, the atmosphere was electric and the crowd very, very drunk! I can see why it has the reputation it has and is still going strong after 15 years. The Gypsy Hotel attracts rockers, ravers, lovers, and sinners and we all come together to celebrate and escape the reality of everyday life to create our own reality.


Get a night at the Gypsy Hotel on your bucket list and thank me once you’ve recovered. The benchmark has been set for gig of the year.


Author:Ben Hughes

Photos: Ben Williams





Paul Ronney Angel 
The Urban Voodoo Machine
Celebrates the Anniversary of
LIVE IN LOCKDOWN – live stream
Sat 20th March 8pm (GMT)

Yes Sisters and Brothers, it’s been a whole year since our Prime Minister BoJo made his “Stay At Home” announcement! One day later The Urban Voodoo Machine main man Paul-Ronney Angel (P-R) took to the stage in his East London living room with fellow musician and partner Ane Angel to entertain a locked down community starved of live music.

The show was a storming success and a weekly engagement was born. Throughout the year P-R and Ane have delivered a bourbon-soaked foot stomper of a show every Saturday night featuring Urban Voodoo classics and freshly written tunes making comment on the pandemic. Social distancing permitting, guests have been invited to perform, including Rat Scabies of The Damned, widow and backing singer of James BrownTomirae BrownJim Jones (Jim Jones Revue) and various members of The Urban Voodoo Machine themselves over the year.

Be sure to tune into The Urban Voodoo Machine’s facebook page this coming Saturday at 8pm and every Saturday till this pandemic’s beaten (Anniversary show / Episode 53 is Sat 20th Mar) – each week is special and who knows what’ll happen!

Other dates for the diary include Paul-Ronney Angel’s debut solo album ‘London Texas Lockdown’ out in June and The Urban Voodoo Machine’s new studio album ‘$nake 0i£ €ngine’ released September.

Heres a couple of right bangers recently released we thought it was fair to give these a good airing again. Enjoy The Bar Stool Preachers & The Urban Voodoo Machine & ending with a  brand new one from the daddies of em all The Rolling Stones.



So, you’re stuck inside twiddling your thumbs, you’ve watched everything on Netflix and eaten all the banana bread. What’s even worse is that Record Store Day has been postponed and you have some surplus cash to spend on records.

Fear not music lovers, for we at RPM have scoured the Interweb for our pick of the coolest EP’s around (and a few 7 inchers and digital delights for good measure). So what are you waiting for? Get reading, hit those links and panic buy like there’s no tomorrow!

Johnny Jetson – ‘Love Me For My Car’ / ‘Knocked Out’ (Minnie Apple Records) These are the first singles off the upcoming album ‘Make Your Move’ on Minnie-Apple Records from Johnny Jetson.  If you’re wondering where he’s been then don’t he’s back in the saddle and ripping it up with a new record and music that bears his heart and soul and the former Tattooed Millionaire and Space Age Playboy might like to blow his own trumpet with his past achievements but in the here and now Has Jetson got the chops?  does he cut the mustard?  Hell yeah! Kids fear not Jetson has got the swagger and doesn’t stray far from his roots, ‘Love Me For My Car’ is full of the spirit of 70s glam Bolan style you can imagine him sliding on his knees to play the solo and its got handclaps so what’s not to like? as for ‘Knocked Out’ its a tougher beast with some street-tough rock and roll motoring along. ‘Make Your Move’ album is reviewed soon on RPM and fans of scuzzy Dirty Rock and Roll won’t be disappointed Jetson delivers the good – Simple as that!  Facebook /  Bandcamp / Twitter / Spotify / Youtube (Author: DD)

The Hÿss – ‘Extraterrestrial’ (Self Release) released through their own Bandcamp page you can stream the title track here: Bandcamp They take on some spooktacular topics like aliens and UFO’s which is a bit of a giveaway from the artwork but it does contain five tunes of the fuzzy Stoner variety.  At times heavy as fuck and others quite psychedelic.  I do like ‘Disco Frankenstein’ but could live without the keyboards swirling. They hit the heavy groove on ‘In Shadows’ and when it gets going its got some good energy. The guitars are turned up for the last two tunes as they get right into their groove and rock more metallic than Stoner if I’m being honest but it’s not a bad introduction and I’m sure post-pandemic hearing these in a crowded room would be much more appealing. Facebook / Instagram  

(Author DD)

The Urban Voodoo  Machine – ‘Living In Fear’ (Gypsy Hotel Records) Always with their finger on the pulse UVM hit the nail on the head once again and like some Bop n stroll gypsy rockin’ Nostradamus Paul – Ronney Angel penned this bad boy before Covid – 19 was even a thing and it was meant in an ideal world to come out to coincide with some tour dates but this not being an ideal world it is what it is.  Regardless, it’s a banger all ragged rock and roll ‘Living In Fear’ is another prime slice of life the Urban Voodoo Machine way with astute observations of how the worlds gone wrong with its references to recent Great British scandals like Windrush (“they’re shipping them back”) and Grenfell (“it’s hard to sleep in a plastic tower”). But now with the current climate, bandleader Paul-Ronney Angel says of the release “Living in fear . . . wow, never in my wildest imagination did I expect to live through something like this – talking about literally the whole world LIVING IN FEAR!” He ain’t wrong kids you should listen to him.  Check em out on Facebook

(Author DD)


Hands Off Gretel – ‘The Angry EP’ (Puke Pop Records) You’ve probably read the reviews and the comparisons lauded on Barnsley based grunge rockers Hands Off Gretel.  A glorious, day-glo hot pot of riot grrl goodness, everyone from L7, Hole and even a ‘punk rock Pink’ has been referenced in regards to this four piece, and rightly so. Last year’s sophomore album ‘I Want The World’ exceeded all expectations, and following keyboard warriors ongoing online hate aimed at outspoken singer Lauren Tate, and her ongoing campaign to bring awareness to the way women are treated at gigs, (that includes performers as well as punters, so good for her!) they have had publicity in all the right places for all the wrong reasons.

But Hands Off Gretel are the real deal and this three track blast of angst-driven noise only helps to hit the message home. Opener ‘She Thinks She’s Punk Rock n Roll’ is a live favourite that has been crying out for the recorded treatment for a while now. A deliriously catchy hook, schizophrenic vocal delivery and pure, raw power make this an essential listen in 2020. Spiky, guitar-driven goodness.

‘Don’t Touch’ is all skulking bass, buzzsaw guitars and cool-as-you-like vocal interplay. The 90’s riot grrl influences to the fore and maybe more edginess than the band have shown up until now.

On ‘Bigger Than Me’ Sean Bonn’s grunge influenced guitars marry perfectly with Lauren’s sultry vocals, before breaking into a sludge-driven monster that is raw and untamed.

While it lacks the instant melodies of their previous singles, ‘The Angry EP’ makes up for it with sheer unadulterated, angry punk rock power. Clocking in at just under 10 minutes, ‘The Angry EP’ is a short, sharp shock, a middle finger raised to the naysayers, from one of the most colourful and exciting bands on the UK club circuit right now. The perfect cure for teenage angst if you ask me.  Facebook


Saint Agnes – ‘The Family Strange’ (Death Or Glory Gang Records) Talking of teenage angst leads us nicely onto Saint Agnes, who follow up the release of their 2019 debut album ‘Welcome To Silvertown’ with an EP that could be the soundtrack for outcasts and degenerates the world over.

Lead by singer Kitty Austin and guitarist Jon Tuffnell, Saint Agnes claim “murderous sibling rivalry and wild rebellion” and with ‘The Family Strange’ they go a long way to shake the Dead Weather comparisons.‘Daughter Of Lucifer’ opens, all break beats, fat, fuzzy guitars and chanting vocals. Dark, sinister and a real slap in the face. Kitty’s “this is my family” refrain delivered with attitude. There’s a ‘Firestarter’ quality to this track, as in its pretty intense.

‘And They All Fall Down’ is like Gwen Stefani having a knife fight with Jack White. Sultry vocals build with the ‘I got a bigger gang than you’ refrain, delivered with a cocksure arrogance, in a good way. Playground chants, helium-induced almost rapped vocals, this is a killer tune that sees the band reach new levels, make no mistake. ‘Brother’ mixes up modern beats, scratchy, repetitive guitars and crazy ass vocals. But it’s ‘The Meanest Little Kid In Town’ that is the curve ball here. Swathes of hammond and electronic, hushed, effect-ridden vocals take it into Billie Eilish meets Garbage territory. This is dark pop music, and it works, it works really well.

Saint Agnes claim to like Satan, witches, B movies and leather. They look cool and the videos back it up. In their heads they exist in a Russ Meyers/Tarantino alternative reality. But in reality they come from the night-time, neon city wasteland we call London town and they sound like a gang ready to take on the world.  Facebook


The Future Shape Of Sound – ‘It’s Gone All Wrong – Live EP’ (Gypsy Hotel Records)  London based collective The Future Shape Of Sound deliver a live EP to soothe our isolated souls and remind us what we are missing. Lead by Captain Future (aka Alex McGowan) and a host of cool cats, their heady mix of primitive, gospel-tinged blues is perfect for the live sweaty venues (remember those?).

“It’s all gone wrong!” shouts Captain Future as he leads his band into opener ‘Gone All Wrong’. The lead vocals of the newest diva on the block Debbralee Wells steal the show on these choice cuts from their debut long player ‘Shakedown Gospel’. Replacing the departed Sister Cookie was going to be no easy feat, but she takes it in her stride, sharing the mic with Fay Francis.

The captain incites crowd interaction as the band blast into a high energy, gospel-tinged ‘Rise Up’, the full 3 piece backing harmonies that take us to church. Then, the groove heavy ‘Number One’ skulks along, with female vocals it sounds like a completely different beast to the album version.

Closer ‘Toe The Line’ goes a long way to capture the feel of a high energy rock ‘n’ soul show.

If you are missing your live music fix, if you desire to expel more energy than a walk around the block will suffice, then turn the volume up, hit play and get transported to a sweaty night in London town. You can literally feel the sweat, taste the whiskey and get up and dance to the sound of live rock ‘n’ roll music like they used to do back before Coronavirus changed the world as we know it. Dance like no one’s watching…The captain insists! Facebook


Jaeko – ‘How You Living?’ (self-released) Jaeko may be an unfamiliar name to most, but this young chap happens to be the eldest offspring of a certain Ginger Wildheart. Following on from his bands Alive With Eyes and JAW$, Jake has re branded himself as a solo artist going by the name of Jaeko.

Don’t expect a baby Wildhearts here, the sound of Jaeko is a more leftfield, sound of the streets. New single ‘How You Living?’ is a funky, punky trip full of gang vocals and guitars. Coming on like a Rage against Sugar Ray or something, but lacking the full power of either. It’s decent for sure, but nowhere near as good as his previous release ‘Cold Dark Killer’, a perfect mix of Bloc Party and Jamie T, with the added rawness and attitude that neither of those named artists posses.

Again, ‘Sometimes’ is a strong track, radio friendly and cinematic. Jake’s vocals a perfect match. Elsewhere, ‘Colder Than The Sea’ shifts between cool bass and noisy guitar breaks with vocals that show a confidence and maturity.

I’m sure if Ginger gave his son any advice it was to do what you want to do, be your own man and not to bow to what you think people expect of you, and I reckon Jaeko is proof of just that.

An artist to watch in the future.

Bandzoogle Page


Jay Allen And The Archcriminals – ‘Little Daggers’ (Rum Bar Records) Now we head over the pond to the ever cool Rum Bar Records for the new EP from Boston garage punks Jay Allen and The Archcriminals. If you know Run Bar, you know what you’re gonna get here. ‘Little Daggers’ opens with a dirty, low slung riff and strung out vocals. This is the sound of rock ‘n’ roll that resides on the street and in the bars. Dirty and dangerous, coming on like The Dictators meets Uncle Sam.

‘Beautiful Chaos’ is more commercial pop/punk with cool backing harmonies, bouncy yet still raw and edgy. Jay Allen’s vocals cut through nicely in ‘Big Lie’, a definite Replacements vibe going on here which is always a bonus.

Hit the link to download this cool EP for free, that‘s no money whatsoever for some cool new sounds! What do you have to lose? Facebook


Jesse Malin – ‘Backstabbers’ (Wicked Cool Records) Recorded during the sessions for last year’s critically acclaimed ‘Sunset Kids’ album, ‘Backstabbers’ is the new single from our favourite New York troubadour Jesse Malin. The introspective, upbeat tune follows the same path as ‘Meet Me At The End Of The World’. It’s an autobiographical tale of leaving a small town for the big lights of the city, searching for something. Lucinda Williams and Tom Overby’s warm production bring out the best out of Jesse’s songwriting yet again.

Sweet acoustic guitar, keys and lush vocals make the added cover of Tom Petty’s ‘Crawling Back To You’ as the b side an essential purchase. The lyrics are delivered with the sentiment I imagine they were written with. If you don’t feel the goosebumps rise, you must be dead inside.

Jesse can currently be seen every Saturday night hosting ‘The Fine Art Of Self- Distancing’, playing songs and telling stories from his apartment in New York. If you’re a lover of live rock ‘n’ roll music, it’s the best thing on the internet right now, and this single is the perfect addition. Facebook


Alvin Gibbs And the Disobedient Servants – ‘History EP’ (Time & Matter Records) Following last year’s critically acclaimed ‘Your Disobedient Servant’ album, UK Subs bassist Alvin Gibbs returns with a new four track EP spilt over two 7 inchers. Recorded at Perry Vale studios in South London last year with ex-Vibrators bassist Pat Collier co-producing, Gibbs is ably assisted by fellow Subs drummer Jamie Oliver and Ruts DC guitar slinger Leigh Heggarty.

Ringing guitar chords introduce first track ‘History’ before Gibbs graces us with his low slung bass rumble and Iggy-like tones. A gang vocal chorus and sneering lead vocals seal the deal and its business as usual. There’s 40 years of punk rock history in every breath ladies and gentlemen.

The punk rock intensity of the rhythm sections day job comes through in ‘Pavlovian’, the overly cool ‘If Only’ sees the singer channel his inner Dave Vanian, as Heggerty’s high speed power chords match the frantic beats.

Haggerty then takes lead vocals for his self-penned ‘Bad About You’. A power pop melody shines through and there’s a cool little guitar hook going on.

With a handful of songs coming on like ‘Instinct’ era Iggy, it’s a no brainer what you need to do next right? This EP is available to pre order right now as a double 7” pack, one white and one black, housed in a lavish gatefold sleeve with artwork from ex-The Adverts man Gaye Black. Facebook


Ken Fox & Knock You Out – ‘S/T’ (Rum Bar Records) Yet another little gem from the Rum Bar roster is this new mini album from The Fleshtones bassist Ken Fox. His latest single is a blistering cover of The Pink Fairies classic ‘Do It’ which can be found smack bang in the middle of this recently released 5 track blast of garage rock goodness.

Lead track ‘One Less Step’ is a radio friendly single, full of power pop chops and handclaps. If you dig the sound of The Fleshtones or The Plimsouls, you won’t go far wrong with this record.

New single ‘Do It’ is a cover of the Pink Fairies classic released back in 1971 I believe. This version stays true to the garage rock roots, “It’s rock n roll!” shouts the singer in between the “d-d-d-d-do it!” stutterin’ goodness. A nice wah-wah infused guitar solo and cool gang vocals give it punk rock credentials. Yeah, it’s better than the Rollins Band version, fair play.

‘Love Is The Grave’ is a groover that could get the dead dancing. So instant and catchy you would swear it’s a cover…it’s not. A great, upbeat melody and a catchy chorus will remind us all that good times are just around the corner, it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face. As is closer ‘Stranded (In The Heat). A full horn section, handclaps and a nice Thunders-esque low slung transport the listener to 70’s New York, which is a good way to bow out.


The BD3 – ‘Snowfake/Sypharus’ (Self-released) Going pretty much full circle, we end where we began in North Yorkshire. The BD3 are Yorkshire’s very own Peaky Binders, a trio of ne’er do wells with beards, tattoos and thrift store suits who deal in dark, punky rock ‘n’ roll. Led by the vivacious Ed Stones, they follow up last year’s ‘The Sick Of It’ 7 incher with a new double A side single.

Recorded in Keighley and mixed by legendary producer Dave Draper, these two tracks follow the same rock ‘n’ roll path The BD3 have been travelling for many years. Coming on like The Damned meets The Cramps with a good dose of The Blockheads thrown in for good measure. Clever lyrical interplay and a cool, dark punky vibe make ‘Snowfake’ a song of our times. Good use of space and fiery vocals delivered with intensity. “I don’t wanna live forever” sings our man Ed, as a dampened riff surges and drums crash around him.

‘Sypharus’ marries the dark, intensity of Joy Division with the craziness of The Cramps. Ed’s psycho ward vocals wail over fuzzy guitars and urgent beats that’ll make you either want to dance like no one’s watching or bang your head against the wall, making this a song that begs for the repeat button. Facebook

Author: Ben Hughes








Seventeen songs in an hour reworked with a bunch of their friends guesting on a song each what a genius idea.  It features over eighty musicians from around the globe making it one hell of a logistical project calling in Friends from as diverse projects as Vic from The Slackers through Jim Jones (not quite a stretch granted) the son of Dave a Crash Test Dummy and previous work colleagues such as Wilco Johnson.  A truly epic and exciting undertaking but something I expect to truly show off the songwriting talents of Paul- Ronny and his band of ne’erdowells and zombie drummers.

The album gets underway with The Great Malarky tackling ‘Orphans Lament’ and putting a twist on the tune but keeping it totally Gypsy like so were eased in gently. whereas Jim Jones takes ‘Killer Sound’ in an altogether dark place with that piano sounding truly terrifying in its sparse run but as you might expect Jim puts in a stellar performance and incidentally he plays everything on his version which deserves a mention and a tip of the hat to him – exceptional stuff and someone that clearly gets what UVM are all about.  What a brilliant performance of a menacing song.  The Future Sound Of London asked Jesus for help and knocked out a wonderful ‘Help Me Jesus’.

One of my Favourite UVM songs (certainly live) would have to be ‘High Jeopardy Thing’ and Dr Will & The Wizards drag it through the swamp then shine it up not as good as the original for sure but it’s all about the interpretation and its good.  Whilst the delta blues thang gets turned up with ‘Bucket Of Blood’ from Son Of Dave for what is a truly bourbon-soaked bop n stroll for sure. the last couple of tracks have embraced the UVM mantra and run with it even if they’ve both headed off down to that crossroads and traded their souls for a shot at these tunes.

As for my favourite Urban Voodoo Machine song that can change depending on what time of day it is but I guess there are some I gravitate towards no matter when what or where and hearing these interpretations has twisted my melon man and put a new spin on the songs for sure. Tigre Blanco take ‘rusty Water’ somewhere I wasn’t expecting it to go.  Whilst Ledfoot takes ‘Emptiness’ into the void and in a strange way makes it warm and comforting.

To be fair none of these artists or songs they’ve chosen was ever going to make synth pop out of what they had to work with and for the most part, its around the mantra of Bourbon soaked Gypsy Blues Bop ‘n’ Stroll and what a creative and inspirational bunch of people have come together around the Gypsy Hotel and from the original germ what a community that now exists making wonderful sounds in all directions The Broadway Twisters smash it up on one of my favourite tunes and play a pretty straight rock n roll ‘Cheers For The Tears’ which goes to show you don’t have to dissect and reconstruct a tune sometimes just rip it up baby!

I particularly like TV Smiths take on the classic ‘Goodbye To Another Year’ and his cheeky inclusion of an extra verse well done that man – he clearly gets it. Then back to back that full-fat version with the beautiful and touching  ‘Loretta’s Lament’ performed by Katherine Blake to send a shiver down your spine.  Wait, Los Plantronics turning up the disco surf for ‘The Theme for The Urban Voodoo Machine’ oh look if you know you know.  Los Plantronics should be the music played over every tannoy in every supermarket the world over it would certainly make the experience more enjoyable (pitch that to the supermarkets)

To finish off we have the single ‘Heroin (Put My Brothers In The Ground) where Wilco does his thing all over this very different version than the one that was cut on the ‘In Black ‘n’ Red’ album and showing the versatility in the songwriting because its quite different to the other version included on this very album. which only leaves ‘Dirty Water’ to close off the album in fine style with The Inmates kicking up a shit storm as they sign off this love letter to old London town and all who sail in her.  Well done whoever pulled this together, its a testament to those who know and a better late than never to those just jumping on board.  ‘Friends & Family’ is an absolute blast from the first to the last it’s bursting with passion and talent and if you ever had a doubt then forget that just get out there and get it and whilst your waiting – get a bottle of plonk and a shot of bourbon and get ready to bop n stroll! majestic stuff indeed.



Buy ‘Friends And Family’ Here


Author:Dom Daley

With a bunch of great live shows charging around the UK and the never-ending list of great albums being released RPM has a top 20 for you pop pickers and this list includes Michael Monroe and his ‘One Man Gang’ and one off the brand new More Kicks album the awesome ‘Blame It On The Satellite’. Giuda guitarist Lorenzo has an album ready to go entitled Zac and we have ‘Count On Me’.

There are some old-timers still kicking up a shitstorm like Necromantix who have a new DVD / CD out and Sonny Vincent has a Testors tribute album that’s available with all proceeds going to a great cause that we fully support and will be reviewing this coming month so we have a Testors original in our playlist.

Rocker Pete Way hits the road this month for some live shows and has a vinyl issue of his ‘Amphetamine’ album. After finishing another round of superb dates with The Wildhearts Ginger gets back on the saddle and begins an acoustic band run of shows entitled Ginger and The Sinners. Also on tour is Wayne Hussy whos doing the rounds with his guitar and passages from his autobiography.

Recently released was the awesome and intriguing 40th-anniversary demos and sessions of Tubeway Army’s ‘Replicas’ so we’ve added the classic ‘Down In The Park’ to our list. Recently Rebellion Festivals announced some cracking additions to 2020’s line up and that included some RPM favourites so how could we not include the likes of The Hip Priests who also have some shows this month so have an earful of ‘I Hate The City’ ponder the lyrics and remember it when you go to vote UK peeps.

A new album and some live dates on the way see a welcome return to the awesome Urban Voodoo Machine with their brilliant ‘Johnny Foreigner’.  Announcing tour dates for 2020 Redd Kross are a shoo-in for our playlist. Finally, with an official release and stock, The Brothers Steve make our playlist with ‘Angeline’ from the fantastic ‘#1’ CD.

This month also sees the New Model Army play every corner of the United Kingdom with a proper tour to back up their excellent new album so ‘Where I Am’ makes our playlist.

To finish off this November playlist and to highlight our diversity we have a hattrick of rock from South Wales to show the hills are indeed alive with the sound of music as Buck and Evans ‘Sunrise’ is up and there is the return of Forever Vendetta with ‘Come Alive’ and to close off the November RPM playlist we include Deathtraps who are busy putting the finishing touches to their new album so we’ve included ‘Get Loose’ so take their advice and ours and get loose and we’ll see you in December when we’ll have a splash of new tunes to rock the year out!

TheFuture Shape Of Sound are set to release the single ‘JOY’ from the album ‘Shakedown Gospel’ this Friday and a special one-off release show this coming Saturday. It’s a different version with a new lead vocal by our Lead singer Suri Sumatra.
The Future Shape Of Sound are back with their hand clappin’,foot stompin’ new side “Joy”. Backed by The Blues Kitchen Gospel Choir, it’s a tale of goings-on down at The Church of Rock’n’Roll and a perfect example of their signature “Shakedown Gospel, Rock’n’Roll” sound.  “Joy” features new lead vocals from Suri Sumatra, a slide guitar
solo by The Urban Voodoo Machine’s Paul-Ronney Angel and on top of that there’s a boss video, a London release party at The Underdog Gallery (14.09.19) followed by a performance at the legendary, always sold out club night Gypsy Hotel at Nambucca (11.10.19) (“If you have 12 hours to live, spend it at Gypsy Hotel!” – Time Out).
The song is taken from their long player “Shakedown Gospel” (which received radioactive reviews including a 9 out of 10 in Vive Le Rock Magazine) and features contributions from Jim Jones (Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind), one-man Blues explosion Son of Dave and more. Following hot on the heels of “Joy” is “Help Me Jesus”
The Future Shape Of Sound’s rollicking contribution to The Urban Voodoo Machine’s upcoming “Friends and Family Vol 1” cover versions album. The Future Shape Of Sound are a 10-piece outfit based in East London, spearheaded by music producer Alex McGowan aka “Captain Future” and sax player Stu “Lodekka” Dace. Visualise a bunch of Rock’n’Roll, blues musicians and gospel singers coming together to rock it out in a disused circus tent! They have picked up plays on BBC Radio 2 and BBC 6 Music, been playlisted in major retail stores, and currently form part of British Airways in-flight entertainment “Empowerment” playlist. The band has put their spectacle on the stages of many smooth niteries and major outdoor congregations such as Bestival, Shambala, Secret Garden Party, Hipsville, Grillstock, Wilderness, and The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club, converting believers with shimmering choir harmonies, Hammond organ grooves, soul sax riffs, and Rock’n’Roll guitars. The stage can barely contain their spirit of freedom, equality and the sheer joy of it all!
Release date is the joyous  Friday 13th September… 
Also, there’s a release party at the Underdog Gallery/London Bridge on Sat 14th, which you’re warmly invited to.
here the event page Here

On the 21st, I probably witnessed the gig of the year. My right ear hasn’t recovered yet. Jim Jones And The Righteous Mind, plus many guests, put on a dazzling and deafening performance for their sold out ‘Collectiv’ album launch at the 100 Club. Apologies for anyone that I forget…

Support was provided by rockin’ duo, Trixie And The Trainwrecks. With Trixie on distorted acoustic guitar, vocals and percussion, and Charlie on blues harp, they were an ideal start to the evening’s proceedings and made new friends in the capacity crowd.


With ‘Collectiv’, JJATRM have really found their groove. They’ve honed the sound that they began on ‘Super Natural’, and consequently, the likes of ‘Heavy Lounge’ and ‘No Fool’ seem more cohesive when played live. But, tonight, they open with the mighty slab that is ‘Sex Robot’, and there’s no doubt that we’re in the presence of something special. Jim Jones has been treading his own path for decades now, and with this line-up, he’s hit the jackpot. Which, given his past collaborators, is high praise.


This is not a night for subtleties, so the quieter songs are mainly absent. It’s a full-on sonic attack, with ‘Satan’s Got..’ as the new classic. The new songs are, for me, eagerly anticipated, as the album’s been on repeat. ‘Attack Of The Killer Brainz’ and ‘Shazam’ are amazing, and ‘I Found A Love’ reaches new heights with Soul Sister Cookie adding her sweet vocals.


Other guests included Paul-Ronney Angel and Luci Fire of The Urban Voodoo Machine, Barrie Cadogan, Alan Clayton of The Dirty Strangers, and….


….the reappearance of Revue men Nick Jones and Elliott Mortimer for the encore of ‘Rock n Roll Psychosis’ and ‘512’, playing like men possessed. So, when I say you should have been here, I really mean it. Luckily for you, JJATRM are playing more dates later in the year. Do not miss out. Rock n roll simply doesn’t get better than this.

Author: Martin Chamarette