Ok kiddies roll up roll up a Rock and Roll show has just rolled into town and the medicine man is selling some ‘Bad Juju’. You wanna know what that ‘Bad Juju’ is well its a good dose of Rock and Roll.

Those of you paying attention  will know Richard Duguay received a platinum record for playing on Guns & Roses’ ‘Spaghetti Incident’, and has toured with GnR bass thing Duff McKegan, but it’s his new solo album ‘Bad Juju’ that’s tearing it up all over this here Internet.

Dr. Silver, an all-seeing shaman bent on finding salvation through wrecking-ball destruction of all that lies in his path. Experience a journey through hell and back with Dr. Silver as your guide in this apocalyptic 12- track musical story you won’t soon forget! or thats how the press kit goes. To be fair its not far off the mark Richard Duguay and co-writer Marc Floyd have crafted a gritty, dirty masterpiece that journeys through the good and the great of the 70s and beyond in American Rock and Roll.

Taking some great tips from early 70’s rock & some psychedelia, the songs move from big choruses to haunting melodies with some super cool story telling lyrics that ask questions.  ‘Bad JuJu’ takes a peek behind the curtain as civilisation is in Decline it doesn’t matter what side of the pond you’re on we all have 24 hour broadcasts and super fibre broadband to see whats going on from the desperation of the title track, ‘Bad Juju’ to the catchy ‘Dr. Silver’ coming to offer us all some salvation this is good – No make that damned good.

Yeah Alice Cooper is definitely an inspiration vocally and musically but thats a good thing make no mistake. ‘Death Defy’ starts as he means to go on and from that Garage Detroit rockin’ one finger piano plonk this is really good. ‘The Rain’ opens with a haunting acoustic pick even if you know whats coming but it doesn’t rock out with big power chords but more like a gentler pop sensible break out thats restrained before dropping back down gently.

If its rockers your after it wont disappoint as Psychotic Garden’  will twist your melon sonically as there is a lot going on. ‘Dr. silver’ is a real standout track. ‘Firewalk Of Lies’ has a twisted melody much like something you could expect from someone like ginger Wildheart especially on the chorus. The title track wouldn’t be out of place on a Tom Waits album its twisted and bent out of shape as it tells its tale.

Richard doesn’t just play the songs it sounds like he lives them ‘Critical…Darling’ is a cool riff but its treated it sounds sharp right up to the break down. As we head on into the home straight and ‘Way Back Home’ you try and take in what you’ve just heard and decide your hooked and you head back down the meandering road to do it all again.

Retro Rock and Roll with a modern edge never sounded so good what a triumph ‘Bad Juju’ is

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Author: Dom Daley

End of the year is when album come out that tend to pile up as they come thick and fast and this year it’s easy for one or two to sneak under the radar and to my eternal shame ‘Nastygram Sedation’ is one that snook under and fell down the cracks but to be fair it was only by a few weeks and you can thank me later for reminding you about this little beauty.


With a bright production, this third long-player is their best not because its the most recent but they’ve managed to have gotten better each time which is pretty much the reason to make a new record anyway isn’t it? Sure they don’t stray from what it is they do (’77 Punk if you’re looking for something to hang it on)  but, the songs just seem more (dare I Say It) mature or better written, more professional whatever… You know what I mean. They’ve really nailed that snotty punk rock Steve Jones guitar Chug with some great pop sensible melodies and Bev has really come into his own with his vocals which is probably the main difference from record to record, he’s using his voice so well and varying it to great effect. take ‘Shut up You Slave’ for example. then, to follow it with a fantastic stomper ‘MSP’ again nothing new sound-wise (if it ain’t broke don’t fix it)  but a really energetic song with an easy chorus to get into.

It’s a record that bursting with energy all over the place the album’s opener is a prime example, a right proper slab of glam-punk if ever there was one.  If you listen closely you can hear Stiv tapping his foot in recognition of their efforts. Wherever you drop the needle there will be quality.  At the top of the record, you have the catchy ‘Dead Dogs Dancing In Your Eyes’ (Fuck Knows what its about? I’m not bothered its a top tune)

They go out with a bang as ‘We’ve Come to Destroy’ takes you home at a gallop as it thunders towards the finish line.  A fantastic way to end any year is with some good music and 2019 might not have been to everyone’s liking but rest assured if every album was as good as this bad boy then you’d say punk rock was in rude health and you would be absolutely bang on the money.  Top band – top album.

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Author: Dom Daley

UK hard rocker STEVIE R.PEARCE has released a new single & music video for “RUSH OF BLOOD TO THE HEAD” and the new LIVE ALBUM “GIVE ME EVERYTHING: LIVE IN BLACKPOOL”, which is out via CARGO RECORDS UK.

Following his critically acclaimed first album, The current Love/hate guitar Player offers the brand new track, a year after the album that gave us the anthems “BAD DAY” and “SET MY SOUL ON FIRE“. With the new original album due for release next year. WANT MORE? How about a raw power live album that knocks your head off.

Stevie Remarks on the Current state of Hooligans Affairs:

Its been a Hell of a year, I’ve been everywhere from Edinburgh to Dallas Texas in my various musical pursuits and didn’t wanna sit on my hands too long before putting out something new, a year is probably too long, back in March I started working with Carl Donoghue again after nearly 5 years, from the Early Bullets days.. to do just one song like we used to… we could write a 5-minute song in 3 minutes back then…And still now..then the other songs flowed like gnarly Hostile Vodka so I had to stick with it… Rush of blood is probably the lightest song, but had this chorus that was stuck in my head for days.. I’m still writing from the eyeballs, the new album is coming from a much different place… I guess because the world is in a much different place. We are firing like a war beaten spitfire. The live album kind of came out of nowhere Paul had told me hed captured the set earlier this year at the Waterloo… so I jumped on it…its caught a great moment in time with Dave and Lewis… That show was memorable


Next up we’ve gone down under and found this bunch of misfits Bakers Eddy with their ‘On My Own’

To wrap it up we’ve got a new video from one of our favs Berlin Blackouts who are back with ‘anti-Cap Messiah’

Introduce The Slop.  Who are you and what do you play?

Mickey – Guitar/Vocals

Kiki – Drums/Vocals

When and where did the Slop come together?

Kiki had a band called Lost Cat, They had a studio in LA and when they couldn’t make it to practice we would swoop up on the spot and jam for fun. This was about 2015 ish

Where did the name come from?

It probably came from Hasil Adkins song “The Slop”, but it wasn’t like we heard the song and named ourselves The Slop. We were listening back to our recordings one night on the way home from jamming, by this time we had a couple songs together and we just started laughing at ourselves because it sounded so sloppy but it was still kick ass! Hence, The Slop was born.

What/who were your influences growing up that made you want to be in a rock and roll band?

There’s always so many to name, but of course like The Beatles, Elvis, New York Dolls, Stooges, Dead Moon, The Ramones, Link Wray just off the top of the head

Describing yourselves as 77 punks and the antidote for zipper booted punks of the last 20 years there must be kindred spirits you’ve bumped into on your travels?  where do you think you fit in in today’s scene?  there is always a circle of life as far as fashion and music trends come and go.  Who will you spearhead the scene with?

Honestly, we paid some guy to write a bio for us we didn’t exactly want to describe ourselves as 77 punks, buuuuut, we’ve played with Cheetah Chrome once at The Shitskey A Go-Go and we got asked to play with Agent Orange but it was kind of a far drive and the budget was full so we had to pass cuz we’re rockstars like that hahahaha jk, but seriously we were just too tight on cash to bust that mission.

And as for the scene… Fuck the scene! WE WANT THE AIRWAVES! 1 2 3 4! ….. just kidding. I’d say were somewhere inbetween the garage rockers, the teenie boppers and the boot stompers. I don’t know, We hardly fit in at all. You either love us or you hate us.

Tell us a bit about recording the album?  How did the songs come together?  What about recording it did you have a plan? producer in mind? what about the songs how many did you have written?  how long were they there being road tested?

Oh God, it was a fucking nightmare. We basically taught ourselves how to record for this record. In retrospect we probably should’ve just went to a studio, but we didn’t want to pay somebody to do some half ass shit with our shit. We didn’t want to be rushed and get stuck with some dinky ass recordings that didn’t do us any justice. We wanted it to sound kind of like the US Horrors first album like trashy, fatty, lo fi.

Long story short we recorded that bitch in a few months, we’re happy with it. For the most part. We had been playing these songs for like 2 years, these and a few other songs that we scrapped that might be on the second album, who knows. We just wanted to have them recorded so we could focus on new stuff.

What is next for The Slop?  2020 a new record? Singles?  Tour?  a European tour maybe?

We just put out two Halloween singles on iTunes and Spotify and all that gnar .. We actually recorded those at Lolipop  which changed our opinion about recording studios. We had had a lot of fun, Iggy was great to work with.

We’re gonna be remastering and re-releasing a Christmas song called Mr. Santa Claus mid December.

We plan on releasing a couple singles starting in February leading up to a full length album by Spring/Summer. Followed by a European tour BAYBEE! We’re super stoked.. we have a couple dates set up in France, Spain, and Belgium. We want to go to the U.K. but our tour manager said it’s gonna be a little tricky because of Brexit, but our fingers are crossed!

Album reviewed Here


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A good old fashioned live EP dust up.  Get your elbow pads on and find your spot in the pit because the fearsome foursome are taking the stage for a shit or bust romp through their five track special delivery.  No fucking about these roughhouse hooligans are ‘Guilty Of Nuthin’ and as they strap on those guitars its four to the floor and lets kick up some dust.  No nonsense powerpoppin hard rockin tunes.  Its a buzz and a pocket full of catchy tunes is exactly what the doctor ordered the only gutter here is its restricted to five numbers when a whole live album would have satisfied my dancin shoes.

‘Doghouse’ is addictive and catchy as an STI and I’ve heard a rumour that this is just to wet the whistle before 2020 and that long-awaited long-player hits the death decks. ‘Better At Your Age’ has got a lovely thick bass thump and a melody that once upon a time a young Wellar might have penned. If you happened to walk in early to a venue and these guys were on stage dishing up this racket you’d be delighted. and as the beer flowed and the likes of the boogie-woogie, good-time rocker ‘Misanthropic Boogie’ kicked in you’d get a second wind and sail into the thick of it.  It might only be Rock and Roll but boy do I like it.  Loud and a lot of fun its what a good time should be.  Nothing too serious except the rock n roll.  It sounds like they’re channelling the spirit of Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds and a bit of Motorhead for good measure especially on the final fling of ‘Intercontinental’ again plenty of Rock but with just enough Roll squeezed in for good measure.  A great bit of good time Rock and Roll so what are you waiting for?  Get on it ya fools and it’ll give the band enough of a kick up the rear to get that long-player out but until then this will do very nicely the Rock and Roll bastards  Be loud be Proud! Lets Rock!




Author: Dom Daley

Tensheds is the brainchild of keyboard wizard Matt Millership, a multi-instrumentalist who tinkles the ivories full time for Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind and Beans On Toast. While in these bands Matt is more of a hired hand, Tensheds is completely his baby, and with long time drummer Ed Wells, he has been exploring unique ways to bring piano music crashing into the 21st Century for well on 10 years now.

The pair recently retreated to Free House Studios in Wales and tracked their 4th album ‘Deathrow Disco’ in 3 days. Taking a minimalistic approach, it was recorded completely with a Rhodes organ and drums, with just the occasional tinkle from his beloved 1835 Collard & Collard grand piano. No guitars, bass, synths or ulterior motives were used in the making of this album.


‘Deathrow Disco’ is not your average piano based record, that’s for sure. This is a hard hitting, gritty alternative beast full of heavy beats and gravelly vocals. If you dig a bit of James Leg (which we certainly do at RPM) then you will most likely enjoy ‘Deathrow Disco’. There are many parallels; the pair both follow the same 2 piece band format of Rhodes organ and drums. But while James Leg has a more swampy blues approach, Tensheds are more, dare I say…gothic noir. Imagine Tom Waits on crack, downing whiskey and jamming out Donna Summer records all night long and you might get some idea where Tensheds are coming from with ‘Deathrow Disco’.

Thumping beats pump through the stereo on opener ‘Youngbloods’ before Matt’s gritty vocals take over, sounding like a man on 40 a day. ‘Gold Tooth’ has a signature Rhodes refrain and musically goes off on a tangent to itself. It’s fast, fuzzy and its dare I say…dancy!

Tensheds create dark imagery as Matt weaves sonically seductive effect-ridden Rhodes runs all over gothic, Tim Burton-esque soundscapes. But this isn’t a Danny Elfman style soundtrack, oh no. Well, maybe if you kidnapped the songwriter, scrubbed his vocal chords with sandpaper, soaked the open wounds in cheap whiskey and packed him off to an Amsterdam whorehouse for a dirty weekend, it would be!

‘Slag’ takes the fuzz to another level as Matt growls about the rich and the poor, the music builds in intensity, as piano runs and stabbing chords fight for supremacy. A three and a half minute deathrock opera. ‘Black Blood’ is upbeat and funky, yet dark and foreboding, a schizophrenic musical delight, and ‘Secrets’ is a seductive murder ballad that will haunt your very soul.


Let’s get one thing straight ‘Deathrow Disco’ is not a party album, well not any party I have ever attended anyway! It’s a dark and emotional rollercoaster ride through the deep recesses of the songwriters mind, exploring the themes of incarceration, whether that be metaphorical or physical. He suggests there is no freedom from love, loss, politics or the destruction of our planet. The lyrics are topical and the music is simply fascinating.

Buy Deathrow Disco Here


Author: Ben Hughes






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Signature appears on endpapers boasting Gibby’s original artwork.


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Back in the late nineties, I had a cassette in my car with all the best songs from the cover-mounted CDs that Kerrang! Magazine gave away. The first song on side 1 of that TDK C90 was ‘Every Little Thing Counts’ by Janus Stark, possibly the most pedal to the metal, anthemic opener anyone driving a Vauxhall Nova could desire back in the day!

Formed by former English Dogs/UK Subs guitarist Gizz Butt, Janus Stark released their mighty fine album ‘Great Adventure Cigar’ in 1997 on Earache records, at that time Gizz was also playing guitar for The Prodigy while they were touring on the back of ‘Fat Of The Land’.

Of course, all good things must come to an end and even something as great as an adventure cigar is not made to last, and Janus Stark sadly split in 2002. Fast forward to 2018 and Gizz decided to reform the band, roping in Richard Gombault of 90’s pop-punk band Midget and friends Fozzy Dixon and Simon Martin. A recent tour with The Wildhearts and The Professionals followed and this leads nicely up to the highly anticipated release of their first album in way too many years entitled ‘Angel In The Flames’.


The thing that sets Janus Stark apart from their contemporaries is the fact that Gizz is a shredder. While ‘Angel In The Flames’ is littered with turn of the Century pop punk sensibilities, buzzsaw guitars and full band harmonies, there is a more technical and aggressive element in place thanks to Gizz’s guitar histrionics. Yet, while the lyrics are socially and politically aware, and the riffs crunchy, it’s the melodies that always shine through, they are pure sugar for the soul.

The topical opener ‘Crucify All The Leaders’ sets the scene nicely with harmonies and melodies straight out of the Eureka Machines songbook and sweet picking to match the likes of Vai and Satriani. ‘Last Exit To Change Your Mind’ builds nicely with a cool melody to a signature Gizz Butt chorus that embeds straight into the brain. A power punk chorus that reminds me of Brit Rock contenders Compulsion.

These comparisons continue through the album. Punchy, anthemic choruses abound in the likes of ‘Dead Dead’, and while the 80’s metal riffage that opens ‘Karmageddon’ could easily be mistaken for Quiet Riot or Ratt, that is where any Sunset Strip comparisons end. The melodic hardcore and post-punk roots of the songwriters here shine through and save the day.

‘Some Stars Never Fade’ has great songwriting and sentimentality that bring to mind another long lost nineties favourite of mine Mega City 4. There’s great song dynamics as the chilled verse builds beautifully over picked chords to a rousing, yet passionately delivered chorus that sends shivers down the spine. A killer solo is over in a flash and we return to the anthemic chorus hook. It’s beautifully delivered and a lasting album highlight.


2020 is shaping up nicely for the band with a return to live-action that will see Janus Stark travel the length and breadth of the UK through February, March and April for a headline tour of their own. They will surely come within spitting distance of your comfortable abode, so my advice to you is buy this album, dig its glorious sonic sounds then buy a gig ticket… you can thank me later.

Author: Ben Hughes