A brilliant compilation of some of the best tracks from previous Witchdoktors albums, on CD in a digipack and on a slab of Wax stalwarts of Tin Pan Alleys 12 Bar Club Withcdoktors have been going for several decades and one of the constants is the fact that over the span of four albums and several EP’s they never let their guard down and turned in a half-arsed shift.  Witchdoktors are the real deal and if you’re not familiar with their tunes then let me introduce you.

Back in ’93 a band peddling garage meets swampy Cramps style Rock and Roll but with energy and a sound that was more than just being hip scenesters emerged out of the London scene with a rough guitar edge and plenty of Farfisa to make any self-respecting ghoul blush. but the songs were not mere snake oil apeing their peers they had something with four tunes from the debut making onto the mixtape.

Oddly there is nothing on the mixtape from the first single but a couple did make it from the second. As for the second album ‘I Still Hurt’ makes the cut and I love this tune with a great vocal I scratch my head and feel that I’m as guilty as everyone else because Witchdoktors should be a hell of a lot bigger than they are.  I’ve always really enjoyed them live when I’ve headed to the Smoke and happened across them playing usually with one of my favourite bands and I’m always delighted when they’re on the bill.


Four of the track present are re-recorded and incidentally, they all originally appeared on ‘$3 Hooker’ and Andy always delivers a passionate vocal and I do love the way they weave the organ into the mix adding a sense of drama especially on songs like ‘Neck Tattoo’ which is such a blast with that guttural bass throb.

Not that the earlier songs lack anything (because they don’t) they really found their identity and niche on ‘Voodoo Eye’ and had a big sound courtesy of the sympathetic ears of Pat Collier who clearly understands the band and the mixture of sounds they manage to straddle when putting their records together.

so If your looking for a new record to add to the collection then this mixtape is the perfect compilation to acquaint yourself with and introduce your new favouite band of reprobates who ooze Rock and Roll with passion, heart and soul and a C120 full of top tunes.  Get It! Oh and for extra Kudos I noticed on Spotify there is even a blinding cover of Neat Neat Neat well and truly served.


Buy ‘Timeless & Dimeless’ Here


Author: Dom Daley


Dinosaur Pile Up

Dinosaur Pile-Up have released an Amazon Original cover of Run DMC’s ‘It’s Tricky’. The track is only available to stream and purchase on Amazon Music.

We chose ‘It’s Tricky’ because it’s one of my all-time favourite songs. I just love it and it gets me pumped,” says Dinosaur Pile-Up’s Matt Bigland. “We were actually on a drive during a US tour when we were listening to music on the stereo in the van, and we’d been trying to think of which song we should cover – and then ‘It’s Tricky’ came on and Mike turned to me and I turned to Mike and we were both like – WE COULD DO TRICKY!!! And the decision was instantly made.

We were stoked on how much fun we could have with it and how heavy we could make it! When we recorded it we basically just had a blast and tried to make it as much fun as possible to record – I think you can hear that in the track. I hope fans get pumped on it – and slam it on the stereo and party.

Amazon Music listeners can find Dinosaur Pile-Up’s cover of ‘It’s Tricky’ on the playlist Rock Scene, a collection of the most exciting rock tracks around the world. Customers can also simply ask, “Alexa play the Amazon Original by Dinosaur Pile-Up” in the Amazon Music app for iOS and Android and on Alexa-enabled devices. In addition to the new track, Amazon Music listeners can access hundreds of Amazon Originals featuring both emerging and established artists across numerous genres, available to stream and purchase only on Amazon Music.

In 2019, Dinosaur Pile-Up released their acclaimed new album ‘Celebrity Mansions‘ via Parlophone. The album’s release saw Dinosaur Pile-Up lay claim as one of the UK’s most exciting and talked-about rock bands on both sides of the Atlantic. Their singles became radio smash hits with ‘Back Foot’ picking up regular spins from Radio 1 and reaching number four on the US rock radio chart. The album was also touted in Best Of The Year lists across the board.

The band recently announced their largest US tour yet, which will see them headline 15 dates across the States throughout April and May starting on April 16th. In addition, the band will be playing US festivals including Shaky Knees, Epicenter, Welcome To Rockville and more.

Before this, Dinosaur Pile-Up will be playing their largest headline UK show to date at London’s O2 Forum Kentish Town on April 3rd, with a few tickets still available to purchase. The band have also announced a warm-up show at The Wardrobe, Leeds on April 1st. All tickets are available via Here

In the summer they will be returning to the UK to play a string of festivals and have already been announced for 2000 Trees, Y Not Festival, Burn It Down and Boomtown, as well as European festivals including Mad Cool in Spain and Ireland’s Sunstroke Festival, with more to be announced soon.

There is no letting up for Dinosaur Pile-Up in 2020 as they continue their stratospheric rise.

April 1st – Leeds, The Wardrobe
April 3rd – London, O2 Forum Kentish Town

June 6th – Marshall Live at Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes
June 13th – Sunstroke Festival, Kildare
July 9th – 2000trees, Cheltenham
July 11th – Mad Cool Festival, Madrid
July 24th – 26th– Y Not Festival, Derbyshire
July 31st – August 2nd– Truck Festival, Oxfordshire
August 12th – 16th– Boomtown, Winchester
September 5th – Burn It Down Festival, Torquay

Just over two years ago, snowed in and listening to new sounds I had a link bounced over to me by Pity my Brain’s main man Jamie Richards, that stopped me in my tracks, the LP was called Time the band was called Dystopian Future Movies. Looking into the background after duly ordering said LP I found that the band’s mainstays were Bill Fisher & Caroline Cawley from the rather tasty Church of the Cosmic Skull (If you haven’t discovered them yet I suggest you get a shift on!!).

For this album Bill and Caroline are joined in the band, by Guitarist, Rafe Dunn and Bassist Oisin O’Doherty. The rather stunning artwork comes from an image of an abandoned Tuberculosis Sanitorium in Caroline’s native Ireland.

Dark indeed and that’s where I want to start this review, opener “Countenance”, eases it’s way out of the speakers, at times Intense, at times sparse, leading with a dark brooding sense of decay, Caroline’s vocals adding an almost otherworldly ethereal feels. Being honest if you try and pitch a particular style of genre, you’d be wrong! Taking a stab I’d say post-Industrial at times? Highlighting a time in the future, where dark paths have been taken. There’s an underlying dread, but maybe a sense of hope?

Moving on next up “wreckage” draws you in, the discordant acoustic lead demanding attention before the vocals lift it up a gear you start to get the feel of a story being played out musically, the counterpoint vocals giving it a depth before we’re drawn into an industrial-style framework, with Bills drumming starting to become incessant, demanding almost. Before we get lost in the wreckage we’re moved forward into “Rules” almost a taking stock of what’s happening, vocally this is a powerful performance, the voice setting the tone for the at times sparse orchestration that eventually pulls you upwards and into the story unfolding. “All the Light” is a coming to terms song what’s come before and a movement away from where we’ve been. Again the vocals lead over a discordant, sparse musical background drawing you indefinitely less is more giving this track both an intensity and fragility. This fragility comes to the fore within next track “Kathleen”, a real stand out.

Moving or easing forward into “Black cloaked” and we’re drawn back into a haunted past, unable to break free from what we’ve experienced, this is a seriously good track and really pins you back, probably the most intense on the album, distorted, discordant and driving in equal measures. Before we’ve come to terms with what we’ve heard we come to a conclusion with “Ten years” we’re now the observer overseeing the whole, removed no longer part of the story.

This is a seriously good LP, bursting with ideas, and me for one will look forward to seeing it translated into the live arena.


Author: Nev Brooks







First Up and out of the traps this morning is The Interrupters with their slide trombone and the highly contagious cover of Billie Eilish’s ‘Bad Guy’. Like a little ray of sunshine any day of the week.



Thee MVPs New album ‘Science Fiction’ is due out 29th May via EEASY RECORDS and the lead track is ‘Ship Episode/Planet Episode’ and is first up this morning. They’re also touring the UK:

May 7 – Glasgow – Flying Duck
May 8 – Manchester – Meltchester Fest
May 21 – Newcastle – Cluny
May 22 – Bristol – The Lanes
May 23 – Cardiff – Psych and Noise Fest
May 26 – Hull – Polar Bear – Sesh
May 28 – Birmingham – Dead Wax Social
May 29 – London – The Lexington


Finally, get a load of the mullets on The Chats with ‘Dine n Dash’ nuff said, Taken from The Chats ‘HIGH RISK BEHAVIOUR’ out March 27  Tra kids.


Sonny Vincent, known as the founding member of NYC punk heroes, TESTORS has unearthed a collection of never-before-heard recordings from his proto-punk days with this new LP collection. Compiling unreleased tracks from DISTANCE (1969-71), FURY (1972), and LIQUID DIAMONDS (1973-75), as well as one of the earliest TESTORS demos from 1976, this LP collection shines a light on one of New York City’s darkest corners of punk history.

Sonny Vincent has had his trials over the past few years but he’s a survivor and a lot of love was sent his way which shows the impact he has had on those around him we’ve not had any new new music but we have had a couple of compilation albums of Testors songs as well as some awesome tribute albums. I for one can’t wait to hear where Sonny will take us on his next record of original material so until then we have the treat courtesy of Sonny and Hozac records who’ve dug deep into his history and unearthed some proto punk gems from as far back as the late ’60s when Iggy and his Stooges were busy killing the hippy dream and the MC5 were kicking out the jams something was changing in music as it sped up into the ’70s and beyond.

The LP starts with Distance back in ’69 and considering what we know Sonny for with his killer punk rock with razor-sharp riffs this is more in keeping with what Hendrix might have been up to or early Sabbath maybe less heavy but once it goes into free form solo jammin’ its certainly interesting. ‘She’s Like Hiroshima’ certainly caused one eyebrow being raised. as we head into the seventies the riffs get rawer for sure as another couple of Distance songs flow by with ‘Lament’ being more recognisably Sonny vincent.

Fury certainly was appropriately named with the guitar licks coming fast and furiously.  with ‘100%’ being a raw as fuck guitar that must have sounded nuts at the dawn of the ’70s. ’73 NYC must have been one hell of a place to be creating music that sounded like the mean streets of the LES and Liquid Diamonds ‘Aw Maw’ is a banger.  Kicking out the jams for sure.  Whilst its nothing like the Dolls or early Kiss.  Sonny eases back with a great tune ‘All Day’ which has sweeping open chords. Testors make a brief appearance on the record as well with one track entitled ‘Scary’ from ’76 again not what you’d expect as its laid back on the verse before it raises its game only to chill back out. Then to wrap up this time capsule there is an alternative version of ‘Flying’ that neatly closes off this compelling peek behind the curtain of one of the finest guitar slingers to come out of NYC from the whole punk scene.

First ever edition of this LP is limited to 500 copies, with interview included on the printed inner sleeve, and a FREE 11×17 PROMO POSTER to the 1st 100 direct orders.  Get on this Testors, Sonny Vincent and punk rock aficionados you will love hearing how a great talent learnt his trade and what came before the storm.

Hozac Facebook

Sonny Vincent

Author: Dom Daley

The complete debut tape in full length + one bonus track! First time ever available on extremely limited vinyl! Remastered from the original tapes! that came out in the late ’80s An instant rarity for vinyl lovers and punk rockers alike. If you like your punk rock raw and without frills then this is for you its old school alright coming on like classic voidoids from the song titles to the subject matter ‘Junkie For You’ sets the tone of teen love then follow it up with the undertones like ‘I Want You To Be My Boyfriend’ it has shades of early Misfits as well like it was recorded together live on the hoof to save time and money and because its punk rock god damn it!

‘Waves’ is a more gentle meander down the rock and roll highway with piano and acoustic strumming happening a real NYC Lower East Side feel for sure. ‘Back Of My Hand’ is more upbeat with clashing clanging guitars accompanying the snotty lyrics its vibrant and has stood the test off time. ‘Love Story’ isn’t at all soppy or slow in fact its the one most likely to be used in some B movie Warriors street fight scene.  A decent melody and what’s not to love about those Thunders string bending skills a song born to pull big shapes to in front of the bedroom mirror with the tennis racket and hairbrush.

Flip this bad boy over and ‘The Lottery’ is up first full of piss and vinegar and a chorus even the most challenged glue bag fantatic can sing along to. The ante is upped on side two as ‘Let’s Have A Riot’ lights the oily rag in this Molotov cocktail.

As we Rock and Roll our way through side two there’s a bunch of energy still in these recordings and its a real trip checking out these tunes they deserve to see the light of day and be heard. The Broken Toys had it going on for sure and still don’t need ‘Drugs’ but we do need the snotty riffs and curled lips. We all have a debt to pay to the guys like Johnny Thunders and Broken Toys are paying it back with ‘Sugar ‘N Spice’ check it out its well worth it.

Buy Here  / Bandcamp

Author: Dom Daley

The Fall were an English post-punk band, formed in 1976 in Prestwich, Greater Manchester. They underwent many line-up changes, with vocalist and founder Mark E. Smith as the only constant member.

First associated with the late 1970s punk movement, the Fall’s music has always pushed & challenged boundaries, with Mark. E. Smith at the helm on and off stage, the band has always been characterised by an abrasive, repetitive guitar-driven sound and tense bass and drum rhythms, along with Smith’s caustic lyrics, described by critic Simon Reynolds as “a kind of Northern English magic realism that mixed industrial grime with the unearthly and uncanny, voiced through a unique, one-note delivery somewhere between amphetamine-spiked rant and alcohol-addled yarn.”

The Fall have been called “the most prolific band of the British post-punk movement.” From 1979 to 2017, they released thirty-two studio albums. They were long associated with BBC disc jockey John Peel, who championed them from early on in their career and described them as his favourite band, famously explaining, “they are always different; they are always the same.” Earlier this year, Smith died at the age of 60, effectively putting an end to the group.

No other band in the world can touch The Fall’s magnificence and sheer volume, which are captured here in ‘Box of Ten #2’. Issued on Cog Sinister, The Fall’s official label, and following on from the “Set of Ten” released last year, this is a limited-edition set (only 500 units) of 11 discs of previously unreleased live recordings, spanning three decades. The earliest recording taken from 1984 and the most recent 2014.

Live in Cork 2012 is a bonus disc and will not be available to buy separately.

Each limited edition box set contains:-

The Fall – Live in Hanover 1984 The Fall – Live from New York Tramps 1984 The Fall – Live in Motherwell 1996 The Fall – Live in Edinburgh 2001 The Fall – Live at the Manchester MOHU 2009 The Fall – Live in Newcastle 2011 The Fall – Live in Leeds 2012 The Fall – Live in Cork 2012 The Fall – Live in Nantes 2013 The Fall – Live in Dublin 2013 The Fall – Live in Nimes 2014

After the demise of D Generation at the turn of the century, New York troubadour Jesse Malin traded electric for acoustic and has toured hard ever since. Traveling black tar rivers wherever they flow, plying his trade to all who will take the time to sip a beer and nod their heads. Along the way, he has written and recorded with the likes of Ryan Adams, Billy Joe Armstrong and Bruce Springsteen.

Last year saw him collaborate with Lucinda Williams on his 7th (or is it 8th?) studio album. The critically acclaimed ‘Sunset Kids’ is an introspective set of songs exploring death, departure and a host of character observation. It was one of my favourite albums last year and possibly his finest work. Jesse and his band have been touring hard since the release and this is the first of 3 separate visits he will make to our side of the pond this year.


Situated in Leeds city centre just a few doors from Crash Records, Headrow House is a new venue to me. With a 150 capacity, it’s a cool sized room on the first floor of a building that also houses a restaurant and a drinking establishment. As I catch the band soundchecking prior to an arranged interview with the frontman, I already get the feeling this could be a great show. It feels like a good space and the fact that it has recently sold out makes it even more exciting.

As the room fills up nicely, fellow New Yorker Don Dilego tales to the stage and warms us up with a fine set of pop-laced Americana. Cut from the same cloth as Jesse Malin, his between-song stories are engaging and his melodies memorable. Joined by keyboard player Michael Hesslein, Don channels alt country sensibilities with pop suss coming on like Joseph Arthur meets Talking Heads to the casual listener, which ain’t a bad place to be in my book.

His passion for collecting old, turn of the century photographs from thrift shops, which he uses to adorn his studio in NY is interesting and leads into the best song of his half hour slot, which for the life of me I can’t recall the title of. Guess I’ll have to check out his discography to find it, eh!


Sometimes the stars align at just the right moment and it all comes together. Sometimes the sound guy gets it just right, the band are tight and play the songs you really wanted to hear. Sometimes the room is dark and crackling with just the right atmosphere, the vocals cut through the instruments and you catch every last word the singer sings. Tonight is one of those nights.

A Jesse Malin show is always an immersive experience, full of stories and crowd interaction. I remember a show back in 2008, at Fibbers in York, where he had the whole crowd sat on the floor enraptured by his every word. That was a more intimate, acoustic based show, tonight is a rock ‘n’ roll show with a tight 5 piece band who bring the NY groove to Leeds.

It’s evident from the strummed chords of opener ‘Shining Down’ that tonight is going to be one of those great nights. With a smart, dark shirt and waistcoat adorning his slight frame, his black corkscrew hair in his eyes from beneath an oversized flat cap, Jesse looks the essence of New York rock ‘n’ roll cool. His vocals sound spot on, just the right amount of echo and reverb accentuate his voice, and the accompanying licks from long time collaborator Derek Cruz have the most marvelous tone to my ears.

Recent single ‘Chemical Heart’ follows, the jangly, upbeat melody inciting crowd movement and Rob Clores cool keyboard refrain giving it that kooky feel. The Pogues classic ‘If I Should Fall With Grace From God’ follows and fits the upbeat party vibe of the set just right. A perfect opening trio of songs.

Jesse tells stories about the album between songs and announces they are going to play lots of new material and a few surprises are in store. ‘Black Haired Girl’ is an early highlight, yet it’s the groovier, funky stuff such as ‘She Don’t Love Me’ and ‘Dead On’ that really shine tonight. When Jesse loses the guitar and takes to the mic, he becomes edgy and the old D Generation punk rock attitude shines through. You can take the punk outta Queens, but he’ll always have some of that fire in his belly. He stands on the bass drum, stalks the stage and he’s off in the crowd. Jesse has the ability to make every person in the room feel like they are involved.

‘Russian Roulette’ is my favourite Lords Of The New Church song and I was not expecting it tonight. The singer’s cinematic introduction reels off his tongue like poetry, referencing Deer Hunter and Apocalypse Now like some punk rock Gil Scott Heron, before he’s off in the crows yet again. This is one of those rock ‘n’ roll moments I will remember for a long time to come.

The main set ends with the song that opens ‘Sunset Kids’. It’s no nonchalant decision that ‘Meet Me At The End Of The World’ was re-recorded to open the album. Personally, I feel it is one of Jesse’s finest moments. It has that New York groove, that Lou Reed feel to it, it’s a modern rock ‘n’ roll anthem for these trying times.

That was a killer set! The old, the new and the obscure rub shoulders. How could you not dig the likes of ‘Hotel Columbia’, ‘Turn Up The Mains’ and ‘Cigarettes & Violets’?

Jesse returns solo, with his acoustic for a chilled run through of The Clash classic ‘Stay Free’, before inviting the band back for an emotive ‘Broken Radio’. And while The Boss was a no show tonight, it’s still a classic Malin tune that deserves more recognition than the minimal Radio 2 playlisting it got on release.  A high energy ‘Do You Remember Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio’ sees the singer ditch the guitar for good to give the Ramones classic anthem the full on treatment it deserves, before sending us off with his chilled ode to The Pogues frontman that is ‘Shane’.


Tonight Jesse and his band set the bar very high indeed. He’s been at this game for a long time now, and has honed his storytelling and performance to perfection. He has the songs and he has the players and they delivered the kind of show I feel every rock ‘n’ roll band worth their salt wish they could deliver.

Author: Ben Hughes


Wielding buzz saw guitars, power-punk riffs, and fuzzed-out garage vocals OUTTACONTROLLER comes crashing out of the gates of North End Halifax with frantic, gritty pop songs about girls, gumption, and graveyards.
As soon as the first sonic blast hits the airwaves you know you’re in safe power pop punk rock hands as the familiar Ramones influence of lush melodies infuse with that caustic Buzzcocks raw guitar and skin-tight percussion.  Hell as the record unfolds its like the layers of an onion as the influences get peeled away.  The Boys, Ramones, Buzzcocks, as well as a whole host of chart lovelies from the 70s and 80s fill the airwaves.  To be fair who wouldn’t be influenced by some top turns in the new wave punk rock scene ranging from Husker Du and the American alt scene or college radio days but always in the back of the engine room looms The Ramones.
Songs like ‘Operator’ ease more into the laid back new wave category whilst I love the straight down the line rock and roll of ‘Nothing Comes From Nothing’ with its happy go lucky chord changes and gang vocals it gotta make you feel good and it bloody well does.
The songs never outstay their welcome and they run through their set with consummate ease like their having the best of times and why wouldn’t they?  ‘You For You’ rattles along as tight as hell with the treble up on the bass as it thumps out the rhythm towards the chorus. Great stuff.  That buzz saw tempo is maintained for the next few tunes as we rattle along to the finale.
Maybe if they used some keyboards you’d be hailing their Attractions influences but these guys don’t meddle too much with the formula and as we enter the home straight we double down on the Brudas gang vocals and melodies and wrap up a most enjoyable record.  Nothing groundbreaking but like I say enjoyable none the less.  They pay their respects to their forefathers and get lost in some great pop hooks along the way it certainly is a ‘Sure Thing’ that this was going to light up my day and have me singing along before I could even press loop on the old player.
Power pop no matter how many bands play it as long as they do it well it always sounds great.
Author: Dom Daley