Scumbag Millionaire / Upploppet – Split (Lux Noise) This is how a split should be done.  One band you know, in this case Scumbag Millionaire, and the other- a new one on me, Upploppet. and boy what an introduction.  Full tilt, no bullshit, heads-down rock and fucking roll.  What a pair of bangers we have here.

Scumbags do write shit tunes it would seem and their contribution is (Don’t Say) I Didn’t Say So’ thunderous drums howling guitars and distorted vocals springing to the finish line before they inhale is how a punk rock and fuckin roll single should be and these mofos absolutely nail it. Not wanting to be outdone Upploppet kick the shit out of their instruments for a thunderous romp through the imaginatively titled ‘Born To Lose’ but forgetting the title, of course, they’re from Sweden and of course we highly recommend you pick up a copy of this before they’re all gone with the wind.     Pick up here



Jerry Lehane – ‘Drinking Life’ (Rum Bar Records)  A heartfelt wholesome Rock and Roll tune wrapped in memory soaked lyrics with some six-string strumming pierced with some sweet barbed solo licks sees Jerry knock out a hard-edged road worn slice of Rock and Roll with some help from Bosstone Dicky Barrett.  Sure there are touches of Neil Young and Crazy Horse happening especially when the solo meanders through the chords.  But its Epic in every sense of the word from the arrangement to the storytelling lyrics all adds up to a really impressive tune.  Bosstones and Dogmatics couldn’t make a bad record if they tried and this is 100% proof.  Check it out here 




Electric Frankenstein / The Stripp – Split (Spaghetty Town Records) Whoever said rock is dead is definitely not listening to Spaghetty Town Records. They are back with a ripper of a split EP.  First up is New Jersey kings of hard rockin punk Electric Frankenstein.  If you aren’t familiar, where have you been?!  Founded by brothers Sal and Dan Canzonieri, they’ve been knocking out their punk attitude rock and roll since the 90s, they’ve lost none of their venom and passion as ‘American Lies’ is like a cannonball being fired.  Then they hit you in the guts with the beast of a tune ‘Everybody’s Dead Again’ which is an absolute banger of a tune.  Worth getting hold of this 7″ for this song alone.

Second up, Melbourne Australia’s The Stripp.   Who’ve created a buzz in the underground music scene down under. Fronted by Bek Taylor the band’s raw mix of high-speed sleazy hard rock with catchy riffs has had heads turning in the action rock community for their high-energy rock n roll. ‘Dice Man’ has the hallmarks of Girlschool meets something altogether more down n dirty. With their second offering being available in the video below.

Spaghetty Town has made a limited run of this 7″ on green, pink or black vinyl.  Of course it’s available on all streaming and download outlets and also available from the bands direct.

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Chubby & The Gang – ‘I Hate The Radio’ (Partisan Records) “I Hate the Radio” taken from the forthcoming album ‘The Mutt’s Nuts.’ sees a side step from the rip-snorting hard rockin new wave of hard core that you might have been expecting instead a soft song for hard men in the shape of I Hate The Radio.  Absolute corker it is too.  Check it out here in video form and then when you’re done go order the bloody album –  Listen/pre-order: Here


Smashed Gladys – ‘Never Take No’ (Golden Robot Records) A little rough round the edges this is a demo that was going to make up the bands third album that never saw the light of day back in the day.  With a familiar raunchy barroom rocker ‘Never Take No’ is classic Smashed Gladys.  this is the third track from the album thats yet to be released.  Sadly Cato sadly passed away in 2020 and Golden Robot Records are proud to bring you new material  in her honour. These songs as demos for their 3rd album, which has now been remixed.

Listen/Buy ‘Never Take No’ HERE




E.T. Explore Me – ‘President/Drug Me’ (Voodoo Rhythm Records)  How about a bit of scuzzy disco then kids?  Yeah we go tit right here from these Dutch loons.  They’ve got a bit of dodgy lo-fi disco happening in their lives and these powerful grooves will have you out on the dancefloor in those silk shirts bustin moves.  When they say columbia meets Trash Disco they aint messin wiv ya.  This is exactly whats on offer. ‘Drug Me’ is more of the same with a funky late 70s early 80s keith Richards guitar work happenin’  – what a pair of ace tunes but don’t get me started on the video it will blow your tiny mind.  Get on it here




The Chevelles – ‘Steve McQueen (I Wish I Was)’ (Wicked Cool Records)  What a banger this is.  From Western Australia, this is all flash guitar breaks Keith Moon drum beats and a top melody over some rip-snorting guitar riffing.  the Chevelles are power poppin garage rockers with a heap of stone-cold attitude.  A real sparkling single this is to be fair.

“Fuck just getting older, let’s get louder” said frontman Duane Smith and a big fat Amen to that we say.  Clearly not giving a fourX we like that from our rock n rollas.




Jizzy Pearl’s LOVE/HATE – ‘Wanna Be Somebody’ (Golden Robot Records) I remember watching Jizzy in a small club near my home town and so loud were his vocals I thought they’d blown my eardrums he’d lost none of the venom in his tone and it would seem he still has one hell of a set of pipes on him as the heavy groove-laden sounds of ‘Wanna Be Somebody’ hits you like a baseball bat.  Check it out by visiting Jizzy Here / Listen/buy ‘Wanna Be Somebody’ HERE
Listen to ‘Soul Mama’ HERE





Steve Conte – ‘Dog Days Of Summer’ (Wicked Cool Records) Lifted from his forthcoming new long-player Conte delves deep into the sounds of classic Rod Stewart when Rod the Mod was making better records than anyone ( well almost anyone) A real ‘Every picture’ vibe going on here.  The sound of summer tweeting in the intro and outro makes way for the carefree sounds of two brothers and an awesome drummer (Charley Drayton) who played with Keith Richards in his expensive winos.  A top summery tune – that’s for sure and if it’s the vibe that the album is hitting then this is the sweet spot of summer right here. It’s a Must have! Stream this bad boy here  and pre order the album (‘Bronx Cheer’)  from Wicked Cool Records. Website:


Fake Names – EP (Epitaph Records)  Fake Names, the band featuring DC punk legends Brian Baker, Michael Hampton, and Johnny Temple, fronted by Dennis Lyxzen from Refused, have surprise-released a brand new 3-track EP. The EP features guest drummer Brendan Canty (Rites of Spring, Fugazi)! and a punchy catchy ep it is too. Its bright opener has a good hook on the chorus ‘It Will Take A Lifetime’ is a brightly produced slice of post-punk with emphasis on the melody.  ‘Running’ has a lot more punch as it steps into the Bob Mould, Bad Religion territory but has some great bv’s and a catchy breakdown. My pick of the three tracks is the laid back ‘Cuts You Down’ with a chilled verse leading to another catchy chorus.  A very decent ep and hopefully the start and not a one off.

‘Fake Names’ EP is available now // Stream & download:

For more information on Fake Names, visit: WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE




4-CD And 5-LP Versions Of Black Sabbath’s Seventh Studio Album Features The Original Album Newly Remastered,

A Brand New Mix Of The Album By Steven Wilson,

Plus Previously Unreleased Outtakes, Alternative Mixes, And Live Tracks


Pre-order HERE: Here

Black Sabbath embraced change in 1976 when the heavy metal innovators started managing themselves and began exploring different sounds on the band’s seventh studio album, ‘Technical Ecstasy’. The record reached #13 in the U.K. and was certified gold in the U.S.

BMG honors this daring album with a collection that includes a newly remastered version of the original, a brand-new mix by Steven Wilson, plus more than 90 minutes of previously unreleased outtakes, alternative mixes and live tracks. TECHNICAL ECSTASY: SUPER DELUXE EDITION will be available on October 1st as a 4-CD set and 5-LP set on 180-gram black vinyl. Both the 4-CD and 5-LP versions are available for pre-order now: Here .  The remastered studio album will be available the same day on digital download and streaming services. The newly remastered version of “Back Street Kids” is available today digitally. Click to listen now: Here


In the summer of 1976, Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward headed to Miami to record Technical Ecstasy at the famed Criteria Studios. The band was coming off a world tour for their previous album, Sabotage, that had found their live performances evolving to include keyboards and synthesizers. These newly incorporated instruments and sounds were then introduced into the recording process on Technical Ecstasy.  The new songs encompassed a wide range of styles from the hard charging “Back Street Kids” and ballad “It’s Alright,” to the funky “All Moving Parts (Stand Still)” and progressive “Gypsy.” The album also featured the single “It’s Alright,” which was the first Sabbath song to feature lead vocals by Ward. The Deluxe Edition presents a newly remastered version of the eight-track album, along with an entirely new mix of the album created by Steven Wilson using the original analog tapes.

TECHNICAL ECSTASY: SUPER DELUXE EDITION comes with eight previously unreleased outtakes and alternative mixes. Among those are different mixes of “You Won’t Change Me” and “Rock ’n’ Roll Doctor,” as well as both outtake and instrumental versions for “She’s Gone.” The collection concludes with 10 previously unreleased live tracks recorded during the 1976-77 Technical Ecstasy World Tour. The songs touch on different eras of the band’s history with early tracks like “Black Sabbath” and “War Pigs” alongside new songs “Gypsy” and “Dirty Women.”

The collection comes with an extensive booklet featuring artwork, liner notes, rare memorabilia and photos from the era, plus a replica of the 1976-77 world tour concert book and a large colour poster.









Album pre orders – Here


West London 5-piece Chubby and the Gang have detailed their much-anticipated second album – The Mutt’s Nuts out August 27th via Partisan – and shared its first single with accompanying music video. ‘Coming Up Tough’ is part snapshot of modern London, part punk rager about government failure and the school-to-prison pipeline. It comes from frontman Charlie Manning Walker (aka Chubby Charles)’s own experience with one of his family members.

Charlie explains: “‘Coming Up Tough’ is about a family member of mine who ended up going to prison at a very young age for over 20 years. He went in as a kid and spent most of his life in the system. Where’s the justice in that? You come out and have to prove yourself to a world that shut you away – what chance do you have? There’s no attempt at actual rehabilitation, no empathy, just a cage to be forgotten about. I wanted the song to feel like a snowball effect. The character gets thrown out of his house at first and it feels almost juvenile, but then as it progresses you realize the real trouble he’s in. And too often once you’re in trouble you can’t get out.”

The Mutt’s Nuts was produced by Jonah Falco of Fucked Up, and features Charlie backed by Tom ‘Razor’ Hardwick, Meg Brooks Mills, Ethan Stahl, and Joe McMahon (aka the Gang). Charlie has lived in west London all his life and works full-time as an electrician, and most of the band also work trade or artisan jobs. As a result, the songs are inherently political, rather than political by design. Alongside classic rock and roll themes of love and loss, the lyrics are rooted in worker’s rights, inequality, police brutality, government failure and gentrification – issues that are built into the fabric of the UK, and magnified in the English capital.

Despite the chaos of these inspirations, Chubby and the Gang’s music is straight-forward and (for a hardcore band) accessible. While not all of the influences are apparent – they’re infinite, and range from Hank Williams to The Bobby Fuller Four to Skeeter Davis to Lightnin’ Hopkins to Brooklyn-based 50s girl groups to British blue-eyed soul and Merseybeat – they do manifest in the band’s obvious appetite to do something different, something exciting. The songs on The Mutt’s Nuts marinate speed and sick-of-it-all energy with a mixture of 50s pop sounds. The result is a prickly take on the older, more melodic genres that punk derives from, chewing them up and spitting them out into something mangled but revitalized.

Two additional tracks from The Mutt’s Nuts – ‘Lightning Don’t Strike Twice‘ and ‘Life’s Lemons‘ – were released this spring as part of a double A-side 7″ and are available now.

The Mutt’s Nuts follows the band’s surprise 2020 critical hit, Speed Kills. Thanks to an unrelentingly fun concoction of hardcore, pub rock, doo wop, and blues, the album cemented them as leaders in a pack of new bands coming out of a new wave of British Hardcore. Speed Kills received an 8.0 Pitchfork review,  while The Guardian declared them “UK punk’s most vital new band” and NME called them “the scene’s clear front-runners” and Speed Kills “a thrilling white-knuckle ride through multiple flavours of hardcore punk”.

Chubby and the Gang have confirmed a run of UK and IE tour dates later this year (full dates further below) and hope to tour the US extensively behind The Mutt’s Nuts. More info to be announced shortly. The band also performed at this year’s virtual SXSW, watch them rip through Speed Kills highlight ‘All Along the Uxbridge Road’ HERE.

UK/IE Tour Dates:


Aug 27th | London – Rough Trade East (Ruff Trade Tour)

Aug 28th | London – Rough Trade West (Ruff Trade Tour – signing + dog show only)

Aug 30th | Bristol – Rough Trade (Ruff Trade Tour)

Aug 31st | Kingston-Upon-Thames – Banquet/Pryzm (Outstore)

Sept 1st | Nottingham – Rough Trade (Ruff Trade Tour) 

Sept 5th | Brighton – Resident Records

Nov 4th | Woking – Fiery Bird

Nov 5th | Bournemouth – Anvil

Nov 6th | Coventry – Central Library

Nov 7th | St. Albans – The Horn

Nov 8th | Hull – The Polar Bear

Nov 10th | Hebden Bridge – Trades Club

Nov 11th | Stoke – The Sugarmill

Nov 12th | Blackpool – Bootleg Social

Nov 13th | Edinburgh – Mash House

Nov 14th | Aberdeen – Café Drummond

Nov 16th | Sunderland – Independent

Nov 17th | Huddersfield – Parish

Nov 18th | Liverpool – Jimmy’s

Nov 19th | Sheffield – Delicious Clam

Nov 20th | Sheffield – Delicious Clam

Nov 21st | Milton Keynes – Crauford Arms

Nov 23rd | Exeter – Cavern Club

Nov 24th | Southampton – Joiners

Nov 25th | Oxford – The Bullingdon

Nov 26th | Bedford – Esquires

Nov 27th | Cambridge – Portland Arms

Nov 28th | Southend – Chinnery’s

Nov 30th | Tunbridge Wells – Forum

Dec 1st | Margate – Elsewhere

Dec 2nd | Dover – Booking Hall

Dec 3rd | Portsmouth – Guildhall Studio

Dec 4th | Brighton – Green Door Store

Dec 5th | Norwich – Waterfront Studio

Dec 6th | Nottingham – Bodega

Dec 8th | Birmingham – Castle & Falcon

Dec 9th | Leeds – Belgrave Music Hall

Dec 10th | Newcastle – Think Tank

Dec 11th | Glasgow – King Tuts

Dec 12th | Cardiff – Clwb Ifor Bach

Dec 14th | Manchester – YES

Dec 15th | London – Scala

Dec 17th | Bristol – Exchange

Dec 18th | Dublin – The Workman’s Club

Dec 19th | Belfast – Voodoo

‘Cassus Belli’ is the latest release from thrashers Archangel A.D. and there isn’t much going on in this collection of songs. Unfortunately for the band, there is much room for improvement. Dodgy lyrics and some ropey drumming really do distract you from some half-decent riffs and solos. The production suffers from a muddy mix which doesn’t propel the songs well at all.

Opening track ‘Bet On Death’ with its nod to Motörhead isn’t bad but we’ve heard it all before… there really isn’t anything on display that held my attention.

Archangel A.D. are doing their best to sound like some old-school thrash legends but they really do have some way to go. A good try from the band, but I really can’t ‘Show No Mercy’. This will end up buried ‘Beneath The Remains’ and I’ll be surprised if Archangel A.D. are ‘Among The Living’ for long.


Buy Here

Author: Kenny Kendrick



The second release in as many months from New York underground group that is surely ready to bubble over into the general consciousness of the more concerned music aficionado. Signed to the UK’s Dirty Hit label, the same as mega concern Wolf Alice (which is where any lazy comparisons should start and finish).

‘Come Down’ is the follow-up to late 2020s ‘Deep Divine’, barely able to squeeze a rizzla paper between the two releases of quite frankly, exceptional material. I have been a little late to the party, only hearing Deep Devine in the past month or so. This has been a much unexpected but welcomed second helping so soon into discovering the group. The contrast in sound between the two recent releases is like a pendulum swaying to and fro from Noise Rock filth and exquisite Dream Pop melodies. Either way, there is no denying how accomplished this relatively young group is and very deserving of a much wider audience.
The record kicks off with the previous stand-alone single ‘dumb’, included here for the first time on an album. Hypnotic and abrasive, never quite thrashing the listener out of the blissful coma. Followed up by in comparison, the relatively new single ‘bet my blood’ which is reminiscent of the earlier, heavier offerings of PJ Harvey (make sure you check out the video).
Pretty Sick give older music fans like myself a lot of hope for the future, and by this, I don’t just mean rehashing well-established genres and trends appeasing those who are stuck in their ways and refuse to adapt and embrace. The band has a special way of presenting the familiar in ways that are new and fresh without sounding tired or obvious, taking the listener off on a journey, giving them that excitement of youth. Inspired and invigorated.

The record gives an excellent balance of being equal parts tranquil and dirgy in its sonic approach, showcased masterfully on tracks ‘ self-control’ and ‘pillbug’. The band really cuts its teeth lyrically on introspective songs such as ‘bare’, a very stripped-down affair musically, apt in its title. But also in the previous single ‘devil in me’, probably the most commercial-sounding song on the album. Presentation aside has great depth to the words and sentiment. All of this is rounded off with the last track ‘physical’, a very serene affair with an earlier post-punk Human League vibe about it, very peaceful, and a nice closer to the release.
I feel very fortunate to be able to review great records by groups like Pretty Sick, it’s also very refreshing to see that bands themselves have not slowed down as a result of the pandemic and to an extent unrelenting. Personally, I cannot wait to purchase some physical recordings, tickets, all of the above….
Get it Here
Author: Dan Kasm
After numerous releases on Drunken Sailor, Total Punk, Neck Chop, then teaming up with The Beta Blockers for his last full release, Erk is back, this time on his own.
‘Bugs’ was released on cassette tape back in 2020, So it makes sense to follow it up a year later on vinyl. It might be a solo recording but damn, you wouldn’t think it, right from the total punk of the opening track ‘Our Hungry Fruit’ there is something of an outpouring a relentless no let-up – full audio assault from the weird headfuck opening introduction of ‘Bugs’ its full-tilt throw a grenade and see what happens musical journey.
Erik has that Devo influence, but with a “new new wave” sound Distorted, frantic, not afraid to run with a Bontempi synth rather than a thrashing guitar and the pots and pans drum machine as well, Erik knows what he’s doing. It’s punk for sure but with unashamed pop music thrown in with equal amounts of gusto.
It is packed with frantic schizoid punk like ‘Instant This Instant That’ followed by the more trad punk of  ‘Futurekick Again’ ‘Bugs’ is the sound of another pandemic summer that’s equal amounts of shit and enjoying the isolation you didn’t think you would get. Erik sounds like he’s had the best of times every time be it 202 or 2021 it still sounds fresh and fantastic.  ‘Wrong Weird’ probably sums up this record weird in a good heads fucked way of course and again followed it up with something completely different like the fantastically named ‘Piss Eyed Sleazoid’. We sort of end up where this record began with the ‘Bugs!!’ outro.  a Weird and slightly wonderful slab of work from the talent that is Erik Nervous so if you’re looking for some punk rock that’s impressive whilst being different and left of center then ‘Bugs’ is for you.
Buy Here
Author: Dom Daley






One of the best songwriters in existence at the moment” – Louder Than War


Yorkshire-dwelling singer-songwriter Carol Hodge is a wonderful musical dichotomy. With her roots and ethics firmly set in punk as keyboard player and long-term collaborator with Crass frontman Steve Ignorant and his current band Slice Of Life, Carol is also a uniquely gifted song-writer and as able to conjure up beautiful pop-infused, heart-wrenching melodies as she is screaming into the face of authority and injustice


She describes herself as a ‘seven-fingered pianist’. Carol was born with a rare condition called cleft type symbrachydactyly, which means Carol has just two fingers on her left hand. This hasn’t held her back as her impressive CV is testament to. Carol also performs as a keyboardist/backing vocalist with various touring bands including Ryan Hamilton (signed to Stevie Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool Records), Crass/Steve Ignorant, and has also guested with Ginger Wildheart, Headsticks and The Membranes.


Today sees the release of ‘THIS’, the first release from the forthcoming ‘The Crippling Space Between’ album, due September 24th via Midnight Stamp Records.

‘THIS’ is an uplifting rock anthem that packs a positive punch. Lyrically, the song references W.H. Auden’s Funeral Blues, and charts the deterioration of the spirit throughout 2020. Dramatic low-key verses give way to huge and heavy guitars in the choruses, reflecting the rollercoaster of uncertainty life has become of late. Carol explains:


I’ve never felt such rage, such grief, such uncertainty. We all like to think we are in control of our own lives, and have a hand in our own destinies, but 2020 pulled the rug out from under us. It has absolutely taught me to accept that there are forces in the world beyond my control. I have dug deep and found the positives. When it seems like there is nothing left, there is hope. Always.


The official music video stars Nashville-based dancer Erik Cavanaugh. Erik’s unconventional style and crusade against the stereotype of the ‘dancer’s body’ (his philosophy: “Do you dance? Do you have a body? Then you have a dancer’s body”) has won him over 13 million likes on TikTok. He also features in music videos by The Avalanches (feat. Rivers Cuomo) and Tim Chadwick. He dances up a storm throughout the video, ending the finale in 5 inch heeled red latex boots.



Produced by Dave Draper (Jazmin Bean, The Wildhearts, The Professionals), ‘The Crippling Space Between’ is an unashamed exploration of the emotional rollercoaster that was 2020. Carol flits between musical styles, bridging the gaps with her astute lyricism. A fierce believer in remaining independent, the album will be released on Carol’s own label Midnight Stamp. Previous albums Savage Purge (2020) and Hold On To That Flame (2018) featured on several Top Album end-of-year lists, and 2020 single Stopped Believing In You received significant indie and online radio play, including from BBC Manchester and BBC Bristol.


Find Carol Hodge online Here

Starting out in Cornwall with a box of cassette tapes, safely curated for 40 years by Stephen Duffy, then baked and extracted in London by acknowledged leaders in the field of music rescue FX, thereafter mastered for vinyl and CD in Los Angeles by Grammy Award winning engineer John Paterno, and finishing up in Warwick and Rugby with Seventeen Records, the Cassette-O-Sonic sound of The Hawks “Obviously 5 Believers” album is finally available on vinyl and CD.


Everybody knows the story of Steven ‘Tin Tin’ Duffy and Duran Duran right? Right.  Everybody who readys RPM is familiar with The Jacobites or Dave Kusworth Right? right well lets introduce The Hawks from Birmingham back when Five nineteen year olds  Stephen Duffy, Dave Kusworth, Dave Twist, Paul Adam’s and Simon Colley – The Hawks released just one single “Words Of Hope” in 1980 and then vanished without a trace into a world that through time created myths about lost tapes, unreleased diamonds etc etc well here are those myths – Busted!.

In 2021, with “O5B”, they have now released The Greatest Album Never Made by a ragamuffin, group of jangly guitared foppish haired rock and rollers who believed in the magic and mystery of what a band could produce.  Something that seems to have been lost in the mists of time.

Born out of punk and a Stones infused Rock and Roll dream these post punkers are what time has deemed could have and should have beens.  There are bands people have heard of but probably not heard that litter the diaries of music fans especially those in the Midlands of a certain age. Live they weren’t a mystery by people who were there and they did spawn one 7″ single but that’s it…until now.  when Duffy and Kusworth last met, Duffy, as custodian of The Hawks’ ‘tape recordings’, promised that they would one day see the light of day. Sadly this was not soon enough for Kusworth who tragically passed away suddenly in September last year amidst this wretched pandemic.


True to his word Duffy has finally released these ten tracks Some forty years after they were made. Forty bloody years (where did it all go?) with all ten songs being penned by Duffy ‘cept for a handful co-written by Kusworth begins with the jangly ‘All The Sad Young Men’ without the modern fineries of digital recordings this earthy time capsule is more than listenable as it lies somewhere between early Waterboys and the obvious ingredients of what was to come from these teenagers.

‘Aztec Moon’ is a dreamy acoustic slice of balladeering but once the rest of the band breaks in it floats off. There’s a beautiful naivety or innocence about the arrangments and familiarity as well as ‘Big Store’ is a timeless melody even if the lyrics needed a little work.

Songs like ‘what Can I Give?’ give the likes of The Mighty Wah!, Teardrop Explodes, and Echo And The Bunnymen a royal run for their money, and the bass line at the start of ‘A Sense Of Ending’ is majestic.  ‘Bullfighter’ could be something that the Lower East Side darlings of the late 70s such as the Voidoids would have fought over but there is a Britishness about it as well and considering this was the work of such young men its impressive stuff.


You do wonder after repeated listening how these songs weren’t picked up by some eager A&R bod looking to make a name for him/herself.  Had The Hawks come from the heady northwest say a budding Liverpool scene or Manchester then things might have turned out differently, very differently. ‘What It Is!’ is somewhere between the beatniks from the 60s and the baggies from the late 80s maybe they were just too cool for school and this is the best way for those who know to get their hands on a copy and their best kept secret legacy to continue on into infinity, who knows.  I’m glad I’ve heard these tunes it was well worth the wait.  I’m just gutted Dave didn’t get to hold a copy.


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Author: Dom Daley

official deluxe vinyl album re-issue series
starting with
out 3rd September 2021
BMG is proud to present a new series of vinyl reissues from Slade.  On 3rd September the first release in this beautifully presented new series, ‘Slayed?’, is released on limited edition yellow and black splatter vinyl.
Slade’s third album ‘Slayed?’ was originallyreleased on 1st November 1972 and reached Number One in the UK charts. It remained in the charts for 34 weeks and was certified silver in early 1973.
Slayed?’ features ten songs including Number One single, ”Mama Weer All Crazee Now”  and ‘Gudbuy T’Jane’ which reached Number two in the charts.
‘One of the greatest rock’n’roll releases ever’ hailed NME.
Slade are without doubt one of the most exciting bands to come out of Great Britain and were unstoppable throughout the Seventies becoming one of the biggest bands; releasing six smash hits albums, including three UK Number Ones, a run of 17 consecutive Top 20 singles and their hits provided a soundtrack to the Glam Generation.
To pre-order Slayed? go Here
‘Slayed?’ tracklist
Side A
01 How D’You Ride
02 The Whole World’s Goin’ Crazee
03 Look at Last Nite
04 I Won’t Let It ‘Appen Agen
05 Move Over
Side B
01 Gudbuy T’Jane
02 Gudbuy Gudbuy
03 Mama Weer All Crazee Now
04 I Don’ Mind
05 Let the Good Times / Feel so Fine
Barcode: 4050538659290