Punk Isn’t Dead, It’s Minted.

Desperate Measures launch album with exclusive NFT drop by LuchaCoinNFT.

Prepared By LuchaCoinNFT

DESPERATE MEASURES, the New Zealand-born, London-based, punk and rock four piece released their brand-new mini album ‘Rinsed’ on Easy Action records last October to critical acclaim. Containing six tracks of hard-hitting punk with a big helping of rock n’ roll, the album is available on 10” vinyl, CD and download. These recordings feature the new line-up of founder Eugene Butcher, former Glitterati and current Rich Ragany and The Digressions guitarist Gaff, Ricky McGuire  of U.K SUBS and The Men They Couldn’t Hang, along with former K-Line/Done Lying Down drummer James Sherry.

Following the release of ‘The Rich-Tual’, the stomping first single from the ‘Rinsed’ sessions released earlier this year came ‘Flowers At Your Door’. Channeling the dark energy of Iggy Pop, Lords Of The New Church and The Doors, ‘Flowers At Your Door’ is a brooding rocker that finds Desperate Measures shifting in new directions with their new line-up with excellent results. Never ones to stick to how things should be done, Desperate Measures decided to give their album a second press and create artwork that would set them apart from the status quo. So, it was only natural that lead vocalist, Eugene Butcher teamed up with Steve Kitchen, of Combination 13 design in Canada, for the series of striking cover designs now released as exclusive NFT designs through LuchaCoinNFT.

Says Butcher “We had a blast designing these NFT’s. They form a great set of brilliant designs and will really help the band go forward this year as we reach out to different spaces. Each album cover has been so much fun to work on and we’re really excited about what we’ve created.  We really hope the fans will enjoy this ground-breaking, super-cool new innovation from Desperate Measures. View the Collection on Rarible.

Says Stevan Cvjetkovich of LuchaCoin “LuchaCoin is punk at its core, we’ve never been ones to stick to how things should be done. When we teamed up with Desperate Measures, we knew that we were on to something special. We can’t wait for fans to get their hands on them and for the success they’ll bring to the band.”

At a time when record sales are being squeezed, and after a pandemic where artists were hit hard with shows being postponed or canceled, these exciting new NFT designs will help fund this independent band and will go towards them touring in 2022.

The Desperate Measures mini album NFT project was supported in collaboration with Music: Desperate Measures, Graphic Artist: Combination 13, Ai Motion effects: Jeffery Lando & LuchaCoin NFT.





Catch Desperate Measures live at the following dates:

March 18-Cornwall Punk Fest

April 1, Nuneaton (with Ultrabomb)

April 2 London 229 (with Ultrabomb)

April 30 Angel Weekend Coalville

May 14 Westworld Fest KK’s Steelmill Birmingham

3 June,Pipeline Brighton

4 June Strummercamp Manchester

5 August Rebellion Festival Blackpool

The word legend gets thrown around quite a lot but when it comes to Slash it definitely is justified as you would have to have lived under a rock for years not to have heard of the guitar slingers feral rock’n’roll band Guns N’ Roses which launched the guitarist into the public eye all those years ago but Slash is no one-trick pony and has released quality music with his own bands Slash’s snakepit, Velvet revolver and now the Conspirators.

So let’s get stuck into album 4.

The album’s first track roars out of the speakers and is titled “The river is rising” and it’s got a killer riff that is an instant earworm.

Up next we have “Whatever gets you by” that starts off with a nice rhythmic drum pattern before bass and guitars come crashing in and Myles’s voice soars beautifully over the top and this is another gem of a track.

“C’est la vie” is a hypnotic track with an instantly catchy melody and infectious chorus that will surely make this a crowd favorite when played live.

“The path less followed” and “Actions speak louder than words” are both great rockers that keep the album flowing nicely.

“Spirit Love” is a standout with a middle eastern sounding riff that drags the listener in and as always Myles vocals are on top form.

Just when you think how can this album get any better “Fill My world” pops up and is this reviewers personal favorite off this great album as it’s reminiscent of that classic GNR song “Sweet child of mine” with a gorgeous melody but never falls into the rehash category and sounds so fresh and vibrant.

“April Fool” and “Call off the dogs” are rollicking rock songs that keep this fast-paced album rattling along.

All great things must come to an end and what a way to finish off this triumphant album with the stunning “Fall back to earth” which is nearly 6 and a half minutes of pure musical bliss with epic guitar heroics and vocal gymnastics.

Slash with Myles Kennedy and the conspirators can hold their collective heads up high as album ‘4’ is quality from start to finish and is an album that just gets better with every listen.

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Author: Gareth ‘Hotshot’ Hooper

Having released one of RPM’s favourite albums of last year, turbo-fuelled rhythm and blues punk combo Mad Daddy are back on the road in February and March. Currently recording new material for a potential spring EP and second album to follow, the Isle of Man rockers are looking forward to their first London gig, at the legendary St Moritz Club. If you’re anywhere near this list of dates, get down the front, support independent music, and you’re guaranteed a good time.

Dates confirmed so far are;


24th; Brighton, Prince Albert

25th; Portsmouth, The Kings

26th; London, St Moritz Club

27th; Bristol, The Ill Repute


10th; Edinburgh, T.B.C.

11th; Glasgow, Stereo

May 6th, Manchester T.B.C

Imagine Joy Division forming and releasing a record in 2022 with the primitive Bauhaus bass thump and cymbal snap on the hypnotic ‘Guillotine Blade’ Vocals like a tape recorder memo to self part spoken part sung in hushed tones whilst industry hammers away on some Dub tip. It’s dark, unnerving, cold and painting a hundred portraits in my mind ‘Down Her Cheek A Pearly Tear’ is like a primitive Bunnymen explosion mixing up some post-punk from the clashing acoustic chords to the drum rolls all building to the chaotic end – great stuff indeed.

‘Sense Of Occasion’ is like cold concrete written in Black & White playing out in a laid-back Dub echoing chamber never breaking out of the almost horizontal rhythm it sounds huge when turned up as the dry bass line rattles of the painted walls.

originally released as a limited cassette via Future Shock I’m glad Drunken Sailor pressed it on vinyl and it came across my horizon otherwise I’d never have had the pleasure. It’s dark and cold and intimidating and uneasy at times but in a way, all of that makes for a warm comforting record as well which is a strange juxtaposition and one that could really fuck with you but ultimately the song will win you over. ‘Fate In Disguise’ is as bleak as anything Joy Division ever recorded.

‘For The Tsarina’ had it been released forty years ago would have seen these guys compete with McCulloch and the likes of the Teardrop Explodes for column inches in melody maker and sounds and had Ian Brown sang on the closing track ‘The Creek At Sundown’ people would be raving about it. Nine tracks of modern, retro post-punk

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Author: Dom Daley

Chicago’s Urge Overkill has been away a while in fact it’s a decade since we really heard anything from the pair but they’re about to put that to rights with the much-anticipated release of ‘Oui’ and its magnificent artwork. To be fair as soon as the needle dropped the artwork became a big part of the record and a painting certainly does paint a thousand words because this record is a beast.

Unfairly remembered by many as that band who did the cover of ‘ Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon’ but those who know simply know. They were much more than that (great tune and working of it as it was) the Grunge striding Rock of ‘Saturation’ was excellent (still is) and then ‘Exit The Dragon’ which saw the band call it a day for a while but with a varied catalogue of albums UO are a welcome return and its refreshing to hear a guitar album that’s just that – no tricks or gimmicks just great tunes recorded well and released in a timely undelayed fashion. Some might say a more mature-sounding band in 2022 but who cares, elder statesmen, survivers, rockers. It’s all good in my book and refreshing to hear a band just kick out the jams at their own pace in their own style.

Well, it’s been a while but Nash Kato and King Roeser are back in the groove with ‘Oui’, and what a return it is. Guitars are turned up and the pair sound right on it, enthused and full of energy ‘Oui’ is loud and focussed. There is a weird But here. The record does kick off in controversial style with a cover this time of the classic Wham! song ‘Freedom’ . Sure they give it the UO treatment and twist it to fit their style of old-school Radio friendly rock but I do wonder is it needed here? I’m not convinced (personally) but I’m happy to let it grow on me, besides it just sounds great to have a new UO record. Sure, it’s a great song – boundless energy and played with a cheeky playful smile but to open your first album in over a decade? Brave and controversial.

‘Necessary Evil’ is understated with cool hooks on the chorus with a finely distorted guitar chugging away under some smart licks and the vocals weave really well together to make for a great song. The tempo is maintained through the rockin’ ‘Follow My Shadow’.   ‘How Sweet the Light’ has got a touch of the Who about it from the drum rolls to the building verses with some great drumming. ‘Forgiven’ has got an all-American riff that has been well worn by the likes of Mellencamp when he wanted a ‘Leg Up’ it’s a driving rhythm and the slightly croaky vocals work really well as the Blues are chased away.

It sounds like the band is enjoying writing and playing – there is no pretense or experimental moments just solid rock n roll   Past Urge records always had at least one song where the band got silly or experimental.  Here, it’s surprisingly focused.  I do get the impression that this is a record that will continue to grow on me and moments where a fill changes the groove or tempo will jump out and prelong the journey which always makes for a slow-burning album that gets better with age.  

Hopefully, ‘Oui’ will do well and people will lap it up and it won’t be another decade before we get another Urge Overkill record to champion.

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Author: Dom Daley




KILLING JOKE confirms that all hope is probably lost (or at least missing) with their first new studio material in over seven years…

Enter the ‘LORD of CHAOS’ EP – two brand new recordings, plus two re-workings of songs from the confrontational UK band’s last studio album, ‘Pylon’ (2015).

I’ve never known anything like the time we are living in now; not since the Cuban Missile crisis but now in comparison we have multiple flashpoints. Lord of Chaos is about complex systems failure when technology overloads and A.I. misreads the enemies intentions.” – Dr Jaz Coleman. 

To support and celebrate the arrival of new music, Killing Joke are set to undertake their first UK run in over three years, 2022’s Honour The Fire tour.

This11 date tour will start with a just-announced intimate warm-up show at the Frog & Fiddle in Cheltenham on Sunday, March 27th; it will conclude in London at the Eventim ApolloHammersmith on Saturday, April 9th which is being filmed.

Killing Joke is very much music as ritual – raw, uncompromising and precisely-targeted lyrically; and Dr Jaz ColemanGeordieYouth, and Big Paul, founding fathers of the group and an ongoing influence on both alternative music and (counter) culture in general, show absolutely no signs of mellowing. 

With collective nostrils flared and righteous anger carried torch-high, The Fourcontinue to take their music of resistance to fresh levels.

Consider yourself warned.

* * * * 

The full list of ‘Honour The Fire’ UK 2022 shows.

The Imbeciles are supporting on all dates (except Cheltenham) and Brix Smith is the special guest in London.

March 2022

27th    Sun         Cheltenham     Frog & Fiddle 

28th       Mon        Cardiff        Tramshed

29th        Tue        Nottingham    Rock City

31st    Thu        Bristol        O2 Academy 

April 2022

1st    Fri        Liverpool    O2 Academy

2nd     Sat        Birmingham    O2 Institute 

4thMon        Manchester    Albert Hall

5thTue        Newcastle    Boiler Shop

6thWed        Glasgow    Barrowland

8thFri        Leeds        O2 Academy 

9th      Sat        London    Eventim Apollo Hammersmith 

Tickets available from www.myticket.co.uk.

* * * * 

The ‘Lord of Chaos’ EP will be available on CD, digital and three vinyl formats on 25th March.

Tracks 1 & 2 – Produced by Killing Joke andMixed by Tom Dalgety – set the tone for the band’s next studio album, currently being worked on in Prague.

Meanwhile, Tracks 3 & 4 give a fresh spin to numbers from the ‘Pylon’ album – ‘Big Buzz’ having been Re-mixed by Dalgety and Nick Evans, and ‘Delete’ getting the full Dub treatment courtesy of KJ’s Youth, who has a longstanding reputation in thisarea.

To purchase/stream the ‘Lord of Chaos’ EP go Here


w/ https://www.killingjoke.co.uk/

f/ https://www.facebook.com/killingjokeofficial/

The driving keyboard is what will get you in the end. Insanely catchy as the songs drive on mowing down everything in its wake. It’s like hypnosis through punk rock. ‘A Casual Death’ is anything but. Christ pre-pandemic (remember that?) there was a band out of Vancouver called The Corner Boys and they released one fantastic album then split. Another great record was Chain Whips well since Covid drummer/songwriter Patrick McEachnie has stayed as active as possible using his time to great effect by picking up a guitar and playing. Basically, he made an excellent record all on his own, and if you were paying any attention to his other releases you will know. Those who do just simply know what to expect, sure, of course, this is fucking right up there flat out excellent.

‘Coming After You’ is rapid and right to the point. Making a racket and finger-wagging and full of menace. The title track is a tub-thumping cross between some bedroom homage to the UK Subs and Tubeway Army it’s the synth that’s humming away throughout as the guitars sound like a twenty-year-old Tascam four-track at best only adds to the intensity and manic feel.

‘Two Sides Of Your Heart’ is akin to Chubby And The Gang in some ways – just thrashing away around a hypnotic melody and a blitzkrieg keyboard solo that is a face melter. The record isn’t hanging around either bopping til it drops with songs around the one and a half to two minutes long. Kick-off turn in an awesome melody – kick the listener in the tits then fuck off. Jobs a good un- Next!

When the tempo is turned down a shade (‘I’m No Sustitute’) it’s a killer with a twisted melody and that fuzzed-up synth. It’s not new at all, it’s not big or clever and it’s nothing to write home about if you’re after a polished modern production. Its infectious, banger after banger – twisted melodies layered upon thrashing guitars and monotonous melodies playing with your head. You know you like it but you haven’t the foggiest why? Is it the ripping pace? The Melodies? the mindless pogotastic beat? is it the Ramones love in of ‘Lost Cause’ and ‘Stay Away From Me’ reminding you what it was like to fall in love with punk rock? Of course, it’s all of it. A top tune is a top tune no matter what style it’s done in.

Hell, that was a blast! Ten songs in twenty-something minutes – perfect punk rock for the masses. Now how do we get to the masses? People need a face full of this DIY bad boy as soon as possible. Quality record – just buy it!

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Author: Dom Daley

Lucifer Star Machine released Rock ‘n’ Roll Martyrs in 2013. The record was released as a CD but never on vinyl. Now it’s time for some vinyl justice. The 25th of February they are reissuing the album on vinyl.

500 Copies on white vinyl with black splatter
100 Copies on Silver vinyl 

The silver vinyl edition is available through Bandcamp and the Band. The splatter edition of the album is available through stores, mail orders and the label. 

Lucifer Star Machine released their latest album ‘The Devils Breath’ in 2020 on the Sign Records. The album received a lot of praises and the band was just about to start playing a lot live all over Europe as the pandemic arrived. They’re reported to be in the studio currently recording the follow up which we’ll try to keep you up to date with.

Pre-order from website:https://t1p.de/iejya

You may want to order directly from Bandcamp

The City Kids are a band that deserves your attention. The band is made up of four rock’n’roll renegades with a penchant for creating down and out sleazy rock music.

They released their debut album two years ago and was one of this writer’s favorites of that year, with its Wildhearts meets Social Distortion groove but with their own unique sound thrown into the mix. 

So while we patiently await the next long-player the band has put together this EP for a celebration of their two-year anniversary. It consists of four tracks which are covers of Motorhead classics and features some very special guests indeed.

First up we have the band’s namesake “City Kids” and we are off to a fast start with ripping guitars and  JJ’s throat-shredding vocals and this kids, is how rock’n’roll is supposed to sound.

Next up we have the top tunage of “Bomber” and this time we are treated to vocals from guitarist Dennis and with a guest appearance on lead guitar by Jay Pepper of Tigertailz this is another belter of a track.

Following on we have that classic Headgirl tune “Please don’t touch” and this is a tasty duet between guitarist JJ and Ruyter Suys of Nashville pussy fame and is every bit as good as the head girl version which is high praise indeed.

Last but not least we have Born to raise hell and this beast of a song would indeed have the devil himself raising the horns in salute and with guests Eddie spaghetti and Frank meyer you really are in for some headbanging action.

All that’s left to say is this  that JJ – guitar/vocals, Dennis – guitar / vocals, Berty Burton/ bass and Dave Saunders / drums have not only done these classic songs justice they have added their own filthy sound into the mix to make this a must-buy for rock fans.

Tracklisting and Players1 – City Kids (JJ lead vocals) Guests: Frank Meyer (The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs)- additional vocals

2 – Bomber (Dennis lead vocals) Guests: Ivan Tambac (Warrior Soul) – Drums Jay Pepper (Tigertailz) – Lead Guitars

3 – Please Don’t Touch (JJ lead vocals) Guests: Ruyter Suys (Nashville Pussy) – Lead Vocals Frank Meyer (The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs) – Vocals, Piano:Andy Barrott (The Dukes Of Bordello/Chrome Molly) – Lead Guitars: Dave Kerr (Silverjet) – Lead Guitars

4 – Born To Raise Hell (Dennis lead vocals) Guests: Eddie Spaghetti (Supersuckers) – Lead Vocals Frank Meyer (The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs) – Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar


Author: Gareth ‘Hotshot’ Hooper

Jarring, cool, dark, equally loud and quiet, shimmering, frantic, measured rock & roll with some obvious influences and some more subtle. Take ‘Hurt Me’ Thunders and mix in some Lou Reed with a dash of Star Spangles and New York Dolls and you add a smattering of Bolan and Bowie and you have a little indication of the direction of travel Beechwood are on. At times Beechwood is the quintessential sound of ‘Taxi Driver’ sleazy New York City, A band that could only have been born out of that city.

Formed by a pair of close neighborhood friends as teenagers, Beechwood initially developed playing small clubs and DIY spaces of New York City.

 Beechwood are not a new band, no sir, this is album number four! I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing their previous albums from their debut album ‘Trash Glamour’ (Lolipop! Records) in 2016, ‘Songs From The Land of Nod’ and ‘Inside the Flesh Hotel’ (Alive Naturalsound Records) the everpresent songwriting and guitar-weaving partnership of Gordon Lawrence and Sid Simons, Russ Yusuf on drums and recent addition Jensen Gore on bass. The band has been honing their craft so far bringing it to a head on this new album in 2022.

A sound that comes from late-night dirt and the glamour of The Big Apple. A band who have been chipping away at the rough diamonds of previous recordings, their sound is finally formed on this record and they have come of age and delivered everything they’ve been threatening and some. It’s unpredictable but has a more mature feel than previous recordings.

Gordon Lawrence has a sultry, petulant, nonchalant vocal style. The band delivers a catchy melody as well, From the opening ‘Front Page News’ is instant with its swooning melody and the interweaving vocals are excellent. There is something rather infectious in Beechwood’s tunes, Which is probably what reminds me of Thunders.

‘Firing Line’ has a classic feel to it like you’ve heard the melody before but it’s been out on loan and others have kept it warm for Beechwood. The guitars with the echo and Thunder’s levels of reverb just add to the dreamy nature of those vocals.

‘Lost Lovers’ is an acoustic-driven late-night lament with hushed vocals. From the hushed melody were into a more caustic slice of Rock and Roll in the shape of ‘Luckiest Man Alive’. The ebb and flow is maintained with the wonderful ‘Go My Way’ driven by the hypnotic snare roll and chiming acoustic lick.

‘Silver Chord’ begins with a sparse arrangement before lift off. ‘She Broke Me’ has added piano and a chaotic sample with a ghostlike aura hanging over proceedings.

‘Carved Arm’ is a more straightforward slice of Loud Rock N Roll that proceeds the haunting ‘Gently Towards The Light’. The record then takes another twist as the band kick out the jams on a distorted stab at ‘Rain’ if only the original were this ragged and chaotic. Before the band sign off they turn the amps up on ‘Friendly Fire’ where they drop into a poptastic verse then take off on the chorus, Fantastic!

The band then sign off with the dreamy ‘Wept And Prayer’ a song that builds and builds over five minutes twisting and turning like its own Ray Davies five-minute summary. An album that’s been giving up a secret on every play just getting better and better. Beechwood have come of age and released an absolute belter of a record. Now if this virus would kindly fuck off they can hopefully, drag their Noo Yawk City bodies over this side of the pond and show us how they rip it up in a sweaty club, that would be the cherry on the icing on the cake. Buy It!

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Author: Dom Daley