Lucifer Star Machine released Rock ‘n’ Roll Martyrs in 2013. The record was released as a CD but never on vinyl. Now it’s time for some vinyl justice. The 25th of February they are reissuing the album on vinyl.

500 Copies on white vinyl with black splatter
100 Copies on Silver vinyl 

The silver vinyl edition is available through Bandcamp and the Band. The splatter edition of the album is available through stores, mail orders and the label. 

Lucifer Star Machine released their latest album ‘The Devils Breath’ in 2020 on the Sign Records. The album received a lot of praises and the band was just about to start playing a lot live all over Europe as the pandemic arrived. They’re reported to be in the studio currently recording the follow up which we’ll try to keep you up to date with.

Pre-order from website:

You may want to order directly from Bandcamp