Now I have to admit that I was looking forward to this baby hitting the virtual deck, especially after hearing and reviewing the debut, trouble was I thought I knew what to expect, how wrong could I be? As is often the case with Sophomore releases the music advances at such a rate as the band begins to Gel and more influences are brought to the fore and the players own taste changes and mutates giving you something very different.

Introduction to this baby “Sunrise” has a very 60’s garage rock/psychedelic feel and then “Walking Backwards into the Future” snarls its way out of the speaker, echoing Iggy and the stooges, real time garage rock/punk hybridisation. Next up “Instrument” introduces a very different slant, heavier more intense with almost an Industrial underpinning, maintaining the garage sound but bringing it bang up to date. Three tracks in and I’m bouncing around the room and then a pause hang on did I just have that almost psychedelic interlude? Must have been the drugs because then everything just ramps up a gear within Instrument! “Bigots Vs the mad professor” to me draws down that early Seattle garage sound introduced by bands like The Gits before its over way too Quickly. “Rinse Repeat Rinse” throws another curveball, hitting almost a post punk vibe before “Keep moving” has the perfectly sampled intro/interlude before sending you down another wormhole with almost a trip hop background, a great point to take a breath, this is seriously good stuff, right up my street its all over the place while holding on to the garage punk DIY Ethos.

“We make Bombs to Feel safe” has one of those riffs that build and build, the intensity being led from the lyrics, and again that curve ball kicks in leaving you smiling. There are some seriously good ideas here, at times reminiscent of Killing Joke.

FUck me what’s this!!! Before “Letter from Yootha” kicks in at 100mph, and then we’re into “First they ignore you” again this moves to a very different beat, swirling esoteric guitar work, but still that incessant punk riff picking at you from the background. “Liberez Wayne Kramer” again is one of those interludes, before “Johns Gone” again dropping fully into that post punk vibe, this is potentially my fave on the LP, alongside “We make bombs” it’s all over the place. “Seek shelter” another corker, starts with the white noise that all us gig goers live with, before again we have that dark Killing Joke edge.

This is a seriously good LP, Dealing with Damage are really finding their feet embracing their influences, throwing them in the mixer and coming up with something unique. “Write it down” is flat out from the intro, hard edged picking at you, drawing you in. Next in “May I help you” again provides the interlude to “Sunset” before we’re back into that 60s Psychedelica with “Sunset” bringing the LP through a full cycle, looping you backwards to the beginning.

This is an LP that everyone needs to listen too, more mature than the debut, packed with ideas and bringing a distinctly new sound to the place, get it on repeat, purchase it, buy the t-shirt and more to the point enjoy a fucking good LP. Can’t wait to try to catch them live (Camden Rocks next year maybe?)

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Author: Nev Brooks



Rock ‘n’ roll legend Ian Hunter has announced the release of his landmark new album, DEFIANCE PART 1, arriving via the Sun Records label on Friday, April 21, 2023. Pre-orders are available now HERE
Easily among the most star-studded original albums ever recorded, DEFIANCE PART 1 sees Hunter joined by the late, great Jeff BeckJohnny DeppJoe Elliott (Def Leppard), Billy F Gibbons (ZZ Top), Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters), Duff McKagan (Guns N’ Roses), Todd RundgrenSlash (Guns N’ Roses), JeffTweedy (Wilco), Robert Trujillo (Metallica), Waddy Wachtel (Stevie Nicks, Keith Richards), Brad Whitford(Aerosmith), Dane Clark (John Mellencamp), Billy Bob Thornton & J.D. Andrew (The Boxmasters) and Dean DeLeoRobert De Leo & Eric Kretz (Stone Temple Pilots).  
It was a fluke,” Ian Hunter says. “This was not planned. Really, I’m serious. I really couldn’t believe some of them. I mean, it’s amazing what’s happened. It’s been such a buzz.
Now in its seventh decade, Ian Hunter’s illustrious career has long been marked by collaboration, from the golden age of Mott the Hoople to his fabled partnership with Mick Ronson and 21st century renaissance with his crack backing combo, the Rant Band. Now, with DEFIANCE PART 1, the legendary singer-songwriter, author, and rock ‘n’ roll star takes creative solidarity to an unprecedented new level with spectacular accompaniment from a truly awe-inspiring roster of special guests, famous fans, and lifelong friends. 
The album first came together in early 2020 with the dawn of the pandemic era. An inveterate hard worker, Hunter took the lockdown as a creative opportunity, writing a series of new songs which he tracked in his Connecticut basement alongside his longtime collaborator, guitarist/producer/multi-instrumentalist Andy York. Working with little more than a computer, guitar, V5 piano, and “a very small keyboard,” Hunter and York created a collection of bare bones demos but with quarantine rules still in effect, were unable to flesh them out further by hitting the studio with the Rant Band. Manager Mike Kobayashi and renowned rock ‘n’ roll photographer Ross Halfin suggested reaching out to some of Hunter’s fellow legends who might perhaps use some of their own lockdown to contribute a track or two. To Hunter’s delight, the project quickly escalated, with a galaxy of stars clamoring to be involved. With time on their hands due the pandemic, his fellow musicians took the demos and stems that Hunter and York put together in his basement and added unforeseen power and creativity through their own trademark talents.
Everybody’s sitting around,” says Hunter. “It’s Covid. Nobody’s going anywhere. We started sending them out. Slash started doing something. Robert Trujillo from Metallica. Ringo Starr, Mike Campbell. Joe Elliott is on a few tracks. Johnny Depp said ‘Jeff Beck’s with me and we’d like to do a couple of songs.’ I know Todd Rundgren, I toured with Todd way back, he’s done an amazing job. Billy Gibbons. Billy Bob Thornton and JD Andrew from The Boxmasters. It’s never ending. I mean, every day we’d get a phone call, this guy wants to do it, that guy wants to do it. It was like, I can’t believe this.
Despite its genesis during the pandemic, DEFIANCE PART 1 is remarkably upbeat, ablaze with the life-affirming energy and unbridled passion that has marked Hunter’s music since the start. Indeed, “Pavlov’s Dog” is Hunter at his ferocious best, a snarling rocker featuring the surviving members of Stone Temple Pilots – brothers Dean DeLeo (guitar) and Robert DeLeo (bass) and Eric Kretz (drums). Songs like “I Hate Hate” and the album’s rebellious title track – the latter showcasing the one and only Slash on guitar with Metallica’s Robert Trujillo carrying the groove using the late Jaco Pastorius’ signature fretless bass, the same instrument played by the legendary jazz musician on Hunter’s groundbreaking second solo album, 1975’s ALL AMERICAN ALIEN BOY – offer indisputable evidence that Hunter’s voice remains as uncompromising and provocative as ever before.
Having spent the better part of two years on the project, Hunter isn’t done yet. As its title promises, DEFIANCE PART 1 will be followed by the arrival of DEFIANCE PART 2. The second chapter will feature an equally stunning range of special guests while projecting an entirely different thematic approach and songwriting aesthetic. 
With the wind at his back, Ian Hunter has somehow managed to pull off something impossible. DEFIANCE PART 1 is a full-speed-ahead rock ‘n’ roll record rarely heard in this day and age, recorded with a crew of irrefutable rock ‘n’ roll all-stars and released on the definitive rock ‘n’ roll label.
There are a lot of reasons for calling this album DEFIANCE,” says Ian Hunter. “It’s like, people my age shouldn’t be making records, blah, blah, blah. But we’ve still got a bit left.


Swansea’s finest TRAMPOLENE release a new song/spoken word diatribe entitled Money on January 19th on the Strap Originals label. Listen here: track istaken from the band’s eagerly awaited fourth album, Rules Of Love & War (r/d 17th March ’23). 

Money is the third song (following the release of Thinking Again and Sort Me Out last year) to be taken from Rules Of Love & War which features 12 new TRAMPOLENE original songs and was produced by Mike Moore (Baxter Dury/Liam Gallagher), Richard Jackson (Super Furry Animals) & Jason Stafford (Albion Rooms). 

Says singer and boss Tramp Jack Jones: “Money was probably the fastest poem I ever wrote, just woke up one morning full of anxiety and anger and upset about the fact I knew I didn’t have any money…not even enough to eat properly. It just pissed me off…how we always end up being the ones suffering and the government gives tax breaks to the ones with all the money who are already rich…and now we are in the middle of a cost of living crisis I guess everyone’s feeling the same way.” 

Says the legend that is Ray Davies: “I’ve known the dynamic Mr Jones for many years. We spent a memorable time writing songs in Lumb Bank – Ted Hughes’ old mill house in West Yorkshire. I admired his ambition and skill as a musician and I was then impressed by his courage to move to London at such a young age. I’ve had the pleasure of watching him bud from an exciting young writer to one of the finest young poets and composers in the country. He has a wonderful gift for melody, finding the deeper meaning in his compositions, and has been blessed with a supernatural gift as a wordsmith. Let’s not forget his formidable aptitude as a guitarist, either.”

Rules of Love & War will be available on CD, cassette, digital download and 12” black or red vinyl, as well as exclusive formats and signed items. Preorder the album here: 

TRAMPOLENE play a headline tour of the UK in April and six shows for Independent Venue Week in the coming weeks. Tickets for all shows are available now from  &    

The band also play shows in Europe including  London Calling in Amsterdam. The full list of dates are:


30th Sheffield – Sidney & Matilda 


1st Bedford – Esquires

2nd St Albans – The Horn

3rd Cardiff – Clwb Ifor Bach

4th Milton Keynes – The Craufurd Arms

5th York – Fulford Arms

20th Milan (Italy) – Dirty Mondays


7th Glasgow – The Attic

8th  Newcastle – The Cluny 2

11th Nottingham – Bodega

12th Manchester – Yes

13th  Leeds – Brudenell Social club

14th Bristol -Rough Trade

15th Swansea – Bunkhouse

20th London – 100 Club

28/29/30 Liverpool – Sound City


19-20 Amsterdam – Paradiso (London Calling)  London Calling 2023 (


7/8 Right to Roam BOLTON

Taken from the movie Free LSD Go Keith, “Keith, a defeated adult store owner, falls for a younger woman who visits his shop looking for a gift. When their relationship turns physical, Keith’s failure to perform leads him to a strange doctor who offers hope in the form of a new experimental drug. The experience gives Keith much more than renewed manhood. It also provides a glimpse into a parallel universe where he is not only the singer of the band OFF!, but also the target of an evil alien species that will stop at nothing to prevent the group from making a new album that holds the key to an awakening of human consciousness”.

Ash announce the reissue of their second album, ‘Nu-Clear Sounds’. Newley remastered and reissued for the first time since its original 1998 release, it will be available on limited edition Clear and Nu-Clear green splatter colour vinyl from 24th Feb.

Pre-order the Nu-Clear sounds reissue here.

After the runaway #1 success of the band’s debut album 1977, the release of follow-up Nu-Clear Sounds showcased a darker but no less melodic side to their writing. Explored in songs that covered a loss of innocence and drink and drug misuse, Nu-Clear Sounds captured the frustrations of the time with stark sincerity, its joining of grunge rock and gloomier balladeering giving rise to the hit singles ‘Jesus Says’, ‘Wildsurf’ and ‘Numbskull.’ It would be the first of three albums released with guitarist Charlotte Hatherley as a full time member.

Drummer Rick McMurray comments: “We’re absolutely buzzing to announce we will be re-releasing our Heart of Darkness in the shape of the splatter vinyl edition of our second album, ‘Nu-Clear Sounds’.”

Ash: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

As 2022 came to an end, I wondered if there’d be many new albums to really interest me in this new year. A lot of my favourite bands had just released albums, and I’m always looking for exciting, new bands. Then, two things happened almost simultaneously. The Damned showed a tantalising clip of snippets of songs from their upcoming album, and Wingmen released tracks from their debut.

Now, whilst new, young bands can be exciting, this isn’t exactly a project by whippersnappers. However, the combined experience from their individual bands does whet the appetite. With Baz Warne of The Stranglers, Paul Gray of The Damned, Ruts D.C’s Leigh Heggarty and Marty Love from Johnny Moped, it’s surely worth a spin. Well, yes, it is. And don’t call me Shirley.

Initially a studio project, they quickly realised that they had a collection of quality songs that deserved to be heard. What strikes on first listen is that, while the parts were recorded remotely, it doesn’t sound that way. It gels like a band who’ve been together for a while, and enjoy playing together.

I’m not the first to say that it often sounds like elements of The Stranglers and The Damned, particularly ‘Strawberries’, but this is hardly surprising and, also, not a criticism. I suppose it’s inevitable, though the album has a distinct feel to it. As a fan of both bands, it’s a real treat to hear new songs worthy of their respective back catalogues.

And from the instrumental ‘Starting Blocks’, it doesn’t disappoint. ‘The Last Cigarette’ is a breezy piece of psychedelic pop, not unlike The Sensible Gray Cells, ‘Louis Smoked The Bible’ is a classy, jazzy tune. Mature pop with a dark edge, as you might expect. ‘Brits’ tackles the downside of some of the clichés of being from the septic isles; “you complain when you’re grounded, you complain when you fly”.

‘I Would If I Could’ handles the subject of health care privatisation in a style that would please World Party, while ‘Down In The Hole’ is the sort of tune you could imagine Mr Vanian relishing singing, complete with lysergic keyboards and theatrical drama. ‘Oh, What A Carry On’ describes the Little England mentality of those brave Brexiteers, and ‘Backstage At The Opera’ is driven by a bass line that is classic Paul Gray.

Overall, very impressive, and they are joined by Rob Coombes of Supergrass on keyboards for their upcoming tour, so mark those dates in your diary. I wonder if they could support The Damned? That would be a great night out.

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Author: Martin Chamarette

Tour dates start this week –

My introduction to the Heavy Metal Kids came in the very early 80s via a second-hand copy of an Atlantic Records double LP compilation put together by Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman called ‘By Invitation Only’. Where alongside the likes of The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Aretha Franklin and Buffalo Springfield it was the previously unheard Heavy Metal Kids who really boxed the ears of my early-teen self.  Seemingly blending together everything I had loved about rock music up to that point in my life into a 4 minute 52 second barnstormer called ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Man’ I was whisked away to a place in my mind that all the great bands take me, and to this day way I hear that buzzsaw vocal intro from the legendary Gary Holton, I still get bloody goosebumps.

I mention the company that the Heavy Metal Kids were keeping back around the timeframe the albums within this 3 CD box set were recorded and released simply to set the scale of what might have been for the band. They were a band totally loved by many of those in the know, and enjoyed having a good time just as much as writing a good tune (and there were loads of those as you’ll soon find out) much as it would seem to their detriment.

Anyway, not long after discovering the band I was soon on the trail for their 1974 self-titled album, and a well-loved copy was acquired from Rockaway Records in Newport, a market stall renowned for being at the forefront of pretty much every subcultural underground music movement during their time.  I always thought it strange back in the day to pick this record up from the small group of punks who ran the stall, but all these years on, its no mystery at all really, and just like when John Lydon auditioned for the Sex Pistols by miming to Alice Cooper, the Heavy Metal Kids music and indeed (looking at the band photo of the back of the LP) dress sense perfectly smudged the boundaries between genres. The Heavy Metal Kids were punks long before punk rock was a thing in the UK, and whilst a few of their tunes touched on being almost music hall by nature, that was a source of influence Ian Dury based a large chunk of his post 1978 career around.  So, let’s leave the are they heavy metal? Are they punk? Are they vaudeville? Discussion right here, because what Heavy Metal Kids were, and let’s not forget still are, is all of those things, and a whole lot bloody more. And this 39 track (11 of which are bonus tracks) box set is the perfect way to celebrate their greatness.

Lovingly assembled by Cherry Red Records’ 7TS imprint, this 3CD clamshell box, brings together the aforementioned self titled Heavy Metal Kids album, their second album for Atlantic ‘Anvil Chorus’ and their one and only album for RAK ‘Kitsch’. And whilst I’m not going to go through the band’s history in this review there’s a great Dave Ling penned 32 page booklet included to do that very job for you.

I do have all 3 albums in my collection already on a variety of different formats, so for yours truly it’s the 11 bonus tracks that were the real draw, and they certainly do not disappoint, in fact a few of them, spread across the 3 CDs, are previously unreleased, so much so that Keith Boyce (the band’s long-standing drummer) was seen to comment on social media recently that many of them he hadn’t heard since the mid seventies when they are originally recorded. Plus, unlike some bonus tracks that get added to these kinds of collections the audio quality of these tracks is absolutely stunning, some mucho kudos to Mark Brennan the box set’s co-ordinator for finally giving us the chance to hear these tunes.

So, alongside the original 10 track debut album which still sounds absolutely amazing, we get 4 bonus tracks in the shape of boogie rocker ‘Bottle of Red Wine’, the very Humble Pie sounding ‘Run Run Run’, the Zeppelin-esque ‘No Time To Talk To You’ plus a 7” edit of the track that started it all for me, ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Man’. One thing I’d be interested in knowing (which sadly isn’t contained within the sleeve notes), is who is sharing vocals with Gary Holton on a couple of these tracks, I’m guessing it must be Danny Peyronel?

For their underrated second album ‘Anvil Chorus’ (a record the band toured alongside the likes of Rush, Kiss, and the aforementioned Alice Cooper) we get the original 10 track album plus 2 bonus tracks, and this time around, it’s the riotous single ‘Ain’t Nothing But A House Party’ (a song I’ve always thought sounded like a party hardy Small Faces) plus a straight up 70s ‘thumbs in belt loops’ rocker called ‘Stand Back’, which I’d never heard before.

Which just leaves ‘Kitsch’ and 5 bonus tracks added to the original 8 track album to round out the set. Now 2 of these bonus tracks (the ‘Jackie The Lad’ sequel ‘Hey Little Girl’ and the amazing ‘Delirious’) were previously on the Lemon (another imprint of Cherry Red) CD pressing of the album, whilst the previously unreleased ‘Boogie Woogie’ delivers 12 gold bars of primetime Heavy Metal Kids and ‘You Got I Want’ is an early, less-music hall, version of ‘Hey Little Girl’. It’s the last track Holton ever recorded with the Heavy Metal Kids, the curiously titled ‘New Wave’ that aptly brings the curtain down here. The musical track being much more Uriah Heep influenced than Ultravox, its Holton’s sneering vocal that really seals the deal.

Talking of which, I’ve always thought it a travesty that the Heavy Metal Kids get mentioned as almost an aside when people are talking about Gary Holton’s untimely and tragic demise. Yes of course he was part of a huge 80s TV hit via his role as Wayne Winston Norris in ITV’s Auf Wiedersehen Pet, but as this fantastic box set once again proves whilst he was a decent actor, he was a far, far, greater singer.

Look, if the magic of the Heavy Metal Kids music is missing from your collection, do yourself a favour, snap up a copy of this glorious box set, and discover the goosebumps all for yourself.

Amazing stuff!

Buy Here

Author: Johnny Hayward

There’s a whole lotta shaking going on down on Neverland Ranch as this three-piece explosion of the blues, Rock n Roll, Experimental Rock, Post Punk and whatever else they decide to throw into the pot.

Guitarist/singer Tex Mosley: one-time alumnus of Philly’s legendary Afro-punks Pure Hell is driving the bus at NRD There’s a healthy dose of minimalist R & B happening on ‘Fat Back’ that reminds me of Vintage Trouble when they weren’t performing ballads mixed with a shade of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. ‘Aqua Velveteen’ carries on this journey with the sparseness growing and getting more trippy. Pat Todd cited Suicide as an influence when describing the band’s sound and I hear that here its certainly not frantic like Jon Spenser but the use of feedback and the blues is all here. It’s like the morning after the night before – you can’t remember much but you sure as hell know you had a good time.

The band can also rock it up, ‘Liquor Store’ has some street-wise attitude that sounds like they’re riding the local bucking bronco with a beer in one hand and the other hitting a snare drum without a care in the world. It’s a simple time-honored formula this Rock and Roll when done right. Knocking out a rhythm and putting some words down before breaking it up with a whacked-out solo that’s trying to tame that fuzz n feedback before it’s too late.

The guys in the band are just rolling with it and kicking out the jams on ‘Solid Monkey Blues’ playing it straight no bullshit I’m sure Iggy would approve.

The band operates without a bass player and figured The Cramps didn’t need one (most of the time) and neither did the Gories so NRD gave it a miss as well.

Side two kicks off with an instrumental jig before ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ brings in layered gang vocals over some big melody and some cool lyrics to reflect the laid-back tempo that is almost horizontal. ‘Hen House’ gets a little funky and loose and has the same vibe early Lenny Kravitz once possessed when he was letting love rule. These cats have got the chops to pull this off you know, the album grows when you let it breathe and drip into your brain.

‘Stigmata’ has the feel that you’ve heard this before laying down some ’80s Keith Richard chops on that riff if he floated down a different path. ‘Knee On My Neck’ is heavy and is one of the highlights of the album that to be fair has plenty of highs. The record signs off with ‘I Believe To My Soul’ which is a brooding number with some excellent vocals and harmonising on top of a really strong arrangement that again doesn’t overcook the instruments and keeps it to a minimum or just enough to deliver the goods something Neverland Ranch Davidians do over and over again on this excellent album. If you’re looking for a pointer then I’d suggest you look no further than the Buy Here button below you won’t regret it.

Buy Here

Author: Dom Daley

OK, so the festive season is in the rearview mirror and the biz crawls back into life and the singles begin to trickle in. It might not be the bumper bag of 7″ delights quite yet but remember kids it’s quality, not quantity and boy have we got a bunch of top-notch tunes for you to delight in.

Sister Morphine – ‘Nothing Dirty In The Truth’ (Big Egg Records) Taken from the album, ‘Ghost Of Heartbreak City’ ‘Nothing Dirty In The Truth’ came to life via a messaging app during the pandemic. Of the new tracks on the album that wasn’t written many moons ago, this is a brand new composition from the band leaning on a rougher, darker, and more menacing track. It bursts into life and races to the chorus where it’s met by bitter-sweet gang vocals before heading off into the underworld. It’s fist pumping and rockin’ and another quality reason to invest in this album that hits the street in mid Feb. It’s an earworm for sure hunkering down and tapping away making sure you hit the repeat button and dive back in for some more of that sweet, sweet Rock n Roll. Pre Order Here

The Hip Priests – ‘Shakin’ Aint Fakin’ (The Sign Records) Off like a speeding bullet Shit Islands favourite sons have released a brand new video and single ahead of their new album in what promises to be a good year for fans of the band. With a laser-like focus on the production and arrangement, this is a Priest’s banger with Von Cruz vocals front and center as he delivers his sermon and through the killer breakdown and rant that winds up the solo, this is indeed yet another banger and reason to get excited as to what’s coming down the track. All hail the mighty Hip Priests the time is coming! Bandcamp

Nancy Boys – Live At The Basement (Self Release) Woh! Nancy Boys are in the house and they’ve brought the glamour and feather boas and a trolly full of retro Rock n Roll n booze. Swinging their hips on ‘Bondage Love’ as they turn the clocks back to the 70s when Aerosmith could walk the walk and the Hollywood Brats were the cool kids. This four-track EP is so addictive with Rock n Roll, laid back and boogieing from their Paris HQ to the world this is superb.

They do a fine line in Dolls meets 70s Rockers with Riffs n cowbells n wooh hoos, its got plenty of swing and they can write banging tunes – which to be fair is all you need. Get on it kids and tell em RPM sent you. If you’re not at least dancing like Jagger as the boys knock out ‘The Nancy Boys Are Coming’ then Rock n Roll might not be for you. We need more bands like Nancy Boys they just get it and ooze grooves. Website

The Drowns / Plizzken – Split (Pirates Press Records) This limited edition oxblood vinyl highlights two exceptional new and unreleased songs from two bands gaining steam out of two different corners of the world, both with a ton of gas/petrol in the tank! Both also featured on the Cock Sparrer tribute album delivering the goods. The Drowns kick out the jams on the magnificent ‘The Lost Boys Of Suburbia’ a song that smarts and rocks like a beast from the opening note to the crashing finale. Excellent Rock and Roll like a long-lost Dictators proto-punk gem – except better!

Meanwhile, Plizzken delivers their own banger. Punching in some strong street punk on ‘One More Time’ it’ll have you clenching your fist and reaching for the air – a great feelgood slice of street punk for the new year – Get on it!

The Dahmers – ‘Black Widow’ (Spaghetty Town Records (USA) and Ghost Highway Recordings (Spain)) With the spooky keyboard run Sweden’s own horror punks the Dahmers rock and roll into 2023 with another infectious slice of Rock n Roll. with a great hook on the chorus let’s hope this second single from their upcoming “Ghouls In The Garage” EP from these spooktacular punks is what spurs on a new long player.

It’s got plenty of bite as it marries the Hellacopter’s echo-laden vocals to some horror keys not a million miles from The Fuzztones and with plenty of Rock n Roll. They always deliver catchy anthems with a twist of ghoul. when this gets released get right on it kids you won’t regret it.

Tramp – ‘Bleed’ (Self Release) Dont blush. These ladies are down in the dirt with Iggy and the Dolls and if you blink you might have missed what they’re dishing up. ‘Bleed’ doesn’t hide it hits you right between the eyes with its twelve-bar Johnny Thunders meets satan for a sleazy rip ride through the trash and I love it. But Hell, hang on a minute if that didn’t kick you square in the balls ‘She’s Fast’ adds a little Debbie Harry sneering to proceedings and whips down your strides before you can touch up your guyliner. Lyrics your nan would love and a backbeat you can throw your body around to just like Sylvain and Johnny used to do back in the day. Now gedoutayer you punk! Get it here or fuck off I guess

Local Drags – ‘Without Anbody Tellin’ Me’ (Bandcamp) One Man band Local Drags have been wowing us here at RPM Online for a while with his alt rock Americana picking at the bones of the likes of the Gin Blossoms and Replacements for starters has knocked out this digital four track EP.

‘Table For Glasses’ is a rag-tag Westerberg romp with an Evan Dando melody that adds some Teenage Fanclub for good measure. now there are four bands thrown into the mix for Local Drags to live up to. It’s four top tunes that are equal part dreamy melodies and ragged guitars for good measure. Take it from me it’s well worth checking out as is the whole back catalogue and any future recordings but this is a great place to start. Available Here

Slumlord Radio – ‘Til The Wheels Fall Off’ (White Elephant Records) These three Michigan Boys recently got in touch to tell us about their single and when we dropped the virtual needle we just had to enter it into our Club. With a taste for Action Rock fast motors and loud music it was a no-brainer. After diggin into their back catalogue and hearing their cover of Iggy and The Stooges, we just knew we’d found another band of brothers to help bring the noise. Sounding like Motorchrist meets Scandinavian punk rock via some motorhead and T Rex records whats not to like? Buy Here

Black Star Riders – ‘Catch Yourself On’ (Earache Records) The latest single from the forthcoming album sees the band with a straight rocker. More a grower and a track that is slowly burning with some great production building to the chorus adding another texture to the forthcoming album out next week. Catch the band headlining tour across the UK with a stellar line up in tow celebrating ten years of the band.

Fucked UP – ‘I Think I Might Be Weird’ (Merge Records) Toronto’s Fucked Up present a new single/video, ‘I Think I Might Be Weird’ from their forthcoming album ‘One Day’, out on January 27th on Merge Records. This single ‘I Think I Might Be Weird’ finds the band blending hardcore with melodious classic rock featuring trilling violins. The surreal accompanying video, an ode to OCD is here for your viewing pleasure. the band head over to the UK in March for a tour – details are at the band’s website Here oh and the answer to the question is yup I think you might be as well but then again aren’t we all?

Pre-order One Day here:

Deadwolff – ‘Homeward bound’ (Golden Robot Records) They’re back swinging. Our favourite Ontario Metalheads Deadwolff are back with their amps turned to 11 and smashing out their brand of NWOHM. this is lifted from their debut full-length album that will no doubt be crammed full of Riffs and anthemic Hard Rockin tunes that will have us howling at the moon. This is the second single for the up-and-coming Canadian rockers following the 2022 release of their appropriately titled debut single ‘Heavy Rock n’ Roll.’ 

It’s a song about being bullied and trying to get in with the popular crowd while having to fight to prove your worth; a topic most people can relate to on some level. Play it loud and sing it proud. Deadwolff are here with the new wave of heavy rock n’ roll.

Pre-order/add/save ‘Homeward Bound HERE / Facebook