Duff McKagan is honoring Mental Health Awareness Month with today’s premiere of This Is The Song, a brand new, three-track EP available today at all DSPs and streaming services. Produced by longtime collaborator Martin Feveyear (Mark Lanegan, Brandi Carlile), the EP’s title track is joined by an official companion video premiering today on YouTube.
“THIS IS THE SONG was written in the middle of a panic attack,” Duff McKagan says in a personal statement about the EP. “I couldn’t breathe and couldn’t see straight, and lately, I have thankfully found my acoustic guitar as a refuge. If I just hold on to that guitar, play chords, and hum melodies, I can start to climb my way out of that hole. For those of you who have never experienced something like this, count yourselves blessed. To those of you who recognize what I am talking about: YOU ARE NOT ALONE!”

McKagan’s first new solo music in close to four years, This Is The Song follows his critically acclaimed sophomore solo album, 2019’s Tenderness, named by Loudwire as one of that year’s “50 Best Rock Albums” and hailed by Rolling Stone in a three-and-a-half (out of four)-starred rave as “an album full of beauty and heart…It’s music of conscience, heavy songs with a light touch.

In 2019, Duff McKagan moved into his own recording studio, allowing him a long hoped-for opportunity to “finally explore songs that I may have written the night before or some of those old riffs from years ago. This is a big deal for me.” Along with THIS IS THE SONG, the new EP includes the soulful IT CAN’T COME TOO SOON (featuring guest vocals from Seattle, WA-based singer, songwriter, music educator, and community organizer Shaina Sheperd) and PASS ME BY, the latter inspired by distinctly modern confrontation with a gun-toting horsewoman while on a motorcycle trip through the Cascade Mountains. 
A founding member of both Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver, Duff McKagan is, at his heart, a songwriter, penning a growing canon of vulnerable, confessional, and authentic material. Produced by 3x GRAMMY® Award-winner Shooter Jennings, Tenderness marked a powerful new chapter for the ever-evolving artist, taking on societal ills and his own personal transgressions against a rich sonic backdrop of Americana-fueled arrangements. Among the album’s many highlights is the volatile rocker, “Chip Away,” which earned extraordinary praise from the Maestro himself, Bob Dylan, who recently declared the song a personal favorite. 
“There’s a Duff McKagan song called ‘Chip Away’ that has profound meaning for me,” Dylan told The Wall Street Journal. “It’s a graphic song. Chip away, chip away, like Michelangelo, breaking up solid marble stone to discover the form of King David inside. He didn’t build him from the ground up, he chipped away the stone until he discovered the king. It’s like my own songwriting, I overwrite something, then I chip away lines and phrases until I get to the real thing.”
Along with his prolific musical efforts, McKagan is the New York Times best-selling author of 2011’s It’s So Easy: And Other Lies and 2015’s How to Be a Man: (And Other Illusions), and the co-host (with Susan Holmes McKagan) of Sirius XM’s popular Three Chords & The Truth radio show on Ozzy’s Boneyard (Ch. 38). McKagan currently serves as a core member of a modern day “Wrecking Crew” alongside GRAMMY® Award-winning musician/producer, Andrew Watt, and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith, recording and co-writing on such recent albums as Ozzy Osbourne’s Ordinary Man (2020) and 2x GRAMMY® Award-winning Patient No. 9 (2022) and Iggy Pop’s acclaimed Every Loser (2023). What’s more, McKagan – with Watt, Smith, and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Josh Klinghoffer – is part of the recently unveiled Iggy Pop & The Losers lineup, who made a high-profile televised debut earlier this year with an electrifying performance of the feverish “Frenzy” on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! (streaming HERE). 
This summer will also see Guns N’ Roses traveling on an epic global tour set to touch down in the Middle East, Europe, and North America beginning June 1 in Abu Dhabi, AE. For complete details and remaining ticket availability, please see www.gunsnroses.com/tour.
Since 1949, May has been observed as Mental Health Awareness Month, a time when advocates and activists across the country draw attention to the mental health issues that affect as many as one in four Americans. Today, more people die from suicide in the United States than from traffic accidents or homicides, and we lose 22 veterans to suicide daily. Unfortunately, because of the stigma associated with mental illness, many people are too ashamed or embarrassed to seek the help they need for themselves or their loved ones. Mental Health Awareness Month is a time when we work together to break through that stigma. We express compassion for those who struggle with mental health issues, and we draw attention to the proven methods that can help change their lives for the better. 


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Ontario’s Juno Award-winning trio is a finely tuned rock machine that is at its best when the members are pursuing their penchant for thrashy riffs, bashed out drums, and levels-to-the-max volume. This one kicks off with some cock rock action as the guitars get rinsed withing an inch of their liives as ‘Celebration’ is a slow grinding rocker make no mistake about that. This their fourth album, ‘Free Rein to Passions’, is a confident ten track blast of Rock.

The Nil’s back-to-basics approach was a direct reaction to their previous record, 2021’s ‘Fuck Art’, a process the band said brought too many industry people whispering in their collective ears, telling them how to do what it is they do. and they admitted they weren’t enjoying the process anymore so back to basics they go.

The Nil got back to having fun and doing what they love. jamming in their practice space for weeks on end, the result is a heaving bristling album full of songs from a band once again in love with Rock and Roll. ‘Nicer Guy’ is next up and clearly you can hear the band is on a roll – knocking out carefree tunes loud and clear.

As the record unfolds a passion for hooks and melodies unfolds. they’ve freed their minds and are heading to the top of the pack whilst Weezer are asleep at the wheel we’re looking for someone to emerge from the pack and that someone can be The Dirty Nil.

It’s not rocket science nor is it reinventing the wheel just damned well rockin out putting on their shit kickers and kicking some shit. ‘Atomize Me’ is a slower beast but hell Luke Bentham sings his lungs out.

The band also turn to longtime collaborative producer John Goodmanson to capture their sound at Jukasa Media on Ontario’s Six Nations Reserve. They also brought in new blood with bassist Sam Tomlinson, who fits right into the groove they’re going for and nails it or is that nils it?

‘Stupid Jobs’ is an ode to just that, with a dirty riff that harks back decades and a melody of defiance but pop hooks in the BV’s that burrow down into the ear canal leaving the listener wanting more. Following that up with the runaway excitement that is ‘1990’ buzzing and fizzing its way through the verse leaving the impression they did indeed have the best time jamming these out before committing them to tape.

The record has a feeling that these songs grew naturally and nothing is forced leaving just the title track to come out swinging before cutting itself loose and away into the real world with the anthemic balladeering of ‘the Light The Void And Everything’ its big but not soppy or forced if anythign quite the opposite. A great way to end a really great record. the Dirty Nil are back in the ring and they’re up for the fight and this time they’re armed with an honest record that begging to be heard pop pickers so go get some, who knows. You might just enjoy it, I certainly am.

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Lay down your souls to the Gods Rock and Roll, We recently caught up with Gofid a one man Black Metal wrecking crew from Cymru. We asked about his past, present and future as he builds his following of Black Metal cohorts and champions his country and music Ladies and germs we give you Gofid.

Tell us the background of Iselder and what inspired you to make recordings. What bands did you listen to growing up, and what/who made you pick up the guitar? Why forge ahead as a solo artist and not a band? Finally, what was the master plan for the Welsh song titles yet not necessarily singing the lyrics in Cymraeg?

Growing up I listened to the bands probably every young metalhead does. Bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Megadeth, stuff like that. I had a friend who introduced me to bands like Slayer and Cannibal Corpse, and that solidified my love for the more extreme side of things. I didn’t know about black metal until I was around 16/17. I knew about bands like Dimmu Borgir and Cradle Of Filth, but didn’t know what you’d catergorise them as. It wasn’t until I found a special issue of Terrorizer on black metal that I discovered bands like Mayhem, Emperor and Darkthrone, and from that point on I was hooked. I didn’t start playing guitar until a few years later, with the initial idea being closer to a traditional heavy metal band than what I do today.

The main reason Iselder is a solo project is simply because I couldn’t find like minded musicians who shared my passion for black metal, so I thought why not do everything myself? I had learned the basics from my time studying music technology in College to know how to go about doing it all. The early demos are.. let’s say awful, and it was an uphill battle of teaching myself how to play this sort of music whilst also having the urge to write/record something. The result would end up being most of the material you hear on my first full length, Dechrau. It’s closer to traditional black metal that what I write now, and whilst rough around the edges it’s something I’m still very proud of.

The lack of Welsh lyrics is simply down to my younger self not bothering to learn it. When I was younger I thought the language was close to dying, and I didn’t see why it was important that it thrived. Obviously my views have changed over the years since, and now I try to use the Welsh language in my music whenever possible.

You’ve released a few CDs and cassette tapes yourself what was the reason to go down that route and not seek out one of the specialist labels?  Has there been any interest from any labels that specialise in Darker Metal?

I just didn’t want to wait around for a label to release my music, I thought why not just do it myself? I don’t really like not being in control of my music. With the latest album, Cynefin, I worked with a label to release it. Through all that time I just wasn’t excited to release the album like I had been with past efforts. Being hands off is not for me, and I learned that the hard way rather unfortunately.

On social media, you’ve mentioned putting a band together for some live shows.  Has this progressed and have any rehearsals taken place? Other solo projects such as Hellripper have recently put together a band and hit the road is this something you wish to follow?

I’ve been wanting to put together a live band for Iselder for quite some time, but obviously things happen in life (which I’m sure we’ll get to) that you don’t expect. So far no rehearsals have taken place, but I can say that my good friend Neidr of Cwlt Draig fame will be taking up guitar duties. We initially started talking due to his interest in wanting to play live for Iselder some years ago, so it’s nice to come full circle and have him involved in that way.

I feel like it must be rather daunting for a solo project to take to the stage, and the hardest part must be entrusting other people to perform the music you’ve put your heart into. Hopefully all goes well when the time comes, and Iselder plays to audiences far and wide.

Do you think being so patriotic has hindered your reach in any way?  Historically I’ve seen Welsh language bands who musically had a chance were held back because people in Wales couldn’t understand the lyrics let alone England, how important is your nationality to your music? Is there any way you’d compromise to reach a wider audience, therefore, enabling you to reach a wider audience?

It’s a funny one when I think about it. When I released “Welsh Nationalist Black Metal” the initial controversy that ensued was almost a complete surprise to me. For some background, the cassette release was limited to 33 copies on a white cassette shell, and for some reason people said that 33 was a reference to Hitler and “of course it’d be on a WHITE shell”. They didn’t like me using the word nationalist, nor did they appreciate my use of the Eryr Wen, ignoring the history of the symbol and instead comparing it to a swastika. So immediately I had people calling me Nazi and all that sort of stuff, whilst on the other hand I discovered I’d been blacklisted from a forum due to being a “traitor/infiltraitor” to the black metal scene for the quote on the inside of the j-card, which reads: “Being Welsh means belonging, feeling that we belong, whatever our language, colour or religion.” So on one hand, I’m apparently too right wing, and on the other I’m too left wing? I even had a guy ask for a refund for this very reason!

My nationality is very important to my music. Whether it be writing about the epic folklore, the history, or simply how I feel about my beloved country, I try to encompass as much of it in my music as I possibly can. Will there be times I sing about something else? Yes, but my primary goal is to promote Wales whenever I can. I would never, under any circumstances reach a compromise just for a wider audience. If being proud of my country disways you from listening to my music, so be it. I will never apologise for it.

What bands inspire you musically I don’t find your songs as extreme as some in the Black Metal genre therefore it’s way more listenable if you know what I mean, is this intentional or do you find you have to hold back to reach more people?

When I started Iselder, I was very much inspired by bands such as Tsjuder, Leviathan, and Xasthur. When writing my past few efforts I usually end up listening to bands outside the black metal sphere such as Crowbar, Acid Bath, and Mogwai. It’s not intentional at all to make more approachable music, it just happens. This could be from my limited ability to play guitar, as I do feel I can’t create as extreme music as I would sometimes like.

What bands are you currently listening to? there is a whole underground scene across the UK that I tapped into but there were only one or two that I found I even liked namely yourself and Hellripper and across Scandinavia the same.

I currently listen mostly to some bands I mentioned previously, but I’m always eager to explore new music. Lately I’ve discovered Nordjevel, who I think are fantastic. The UK underground scene is thriving. Even in Wales there’s more and more black metal bands appearing. I could be hear listing off bands all day, but Marwolaeth Records (my label) and Wulfhere Productions both have several compilations of UK black metal.

Do you find many people are shocked by your stance on Wales or aren’t people even bothered by the politics?

I think people are shocked to find politics in their music, but at the same time I feel people are dishonest when they stop listening to a band due to their political ideology. It’s not that they want to separate the art from the artist, it’s that they can look the other way when it doesn’t concern them. As soon as any band challenges them, they take offence to it and stop listening. This same person will no doubt go on to call someone a snowflake when they won’t tolerate a band’s racist nonsense, no matter how ironic that may be.

You came into some bother with a T-shirt you were selling what’s the story behind that?

The t-shirt was a parody based on the old “Burn Your Local Church” shirts, but instead of a church, it featured a burning cottage with the phrase “Burn Your Local Holiday Home”. Obviously it was a joke, but one morning I hear a knock on my door, only to find several police officers outside. Before I know it I’m placed in handcuffs, told that I’m being arrested for inciting criminal damage and arson, and placed in a unmarked police car on my way to a holding cell to await my interview.

They tried to pin me as some anti-English extremist, citing lyrics to the song Llosgi Bwriadol on of course the shirts. I had to explain the shirts were a parody, that the lyrics were inspired by historical events, and I even had to tell them why I use a stage name and wear face paint!

Fortunately after about five months, all charges were dropped. It was a very stressful time as you can imagine, and I was surprised by how much support I had received over that time, but of course you also had idiots saying I deserved it. Reading some of those comments hurt quite a lot, but luckily they were overshadowed by the support I was getting.

Is there any chance of your previous material being pressed on vinyl separately or as a compilation?

As much as I want to press older Iselder material on vinyl, I just don’t have the money for it right now. If a label came to me and said they wanted to do it, I’d be more than happy to work with them to achieve that goal. This is something I’ve been asked about in the past by people who like my music, but there’s no plans to do it yet.

What if anything are you currently working on?

Currently I’m working on album number four. It’s been a hard process so far, as I don’t know what theme I’m going for. I’ve tried to come up with ideas and write music for them, but they all seem to fall flat. There’s a lot of care going into this album that perhaps I didn’t exercise enough on past releases. Hopefully I’ll be able to share something with everyone before the years ends.

You obviously are inspired by history and we have a rich history here in Wales that is set up for making great lyrics as equal if not better than anything dished up out of places like Norway. What would you say is the best lyric you’ve written to date?

I’m not sure what’s the best lyric I’ve ever written to be honest, and that’s a tough question to answer. I do think one of my best songs is “Fe Godwn Ni Eto”, so maybe that’ll have to be my answer.

And off he rose into the msity night upon a white stalion (although other coloured stallions are obviously available) We wish Gofid well and hope he can find bandmembers to join him in his persuit to play live and spread the work of Iselder. Get intouch with us and we’ll pass it on or go directly to the man himslef if you are interested. Diolch yn Fawr iawn brawd Gofid dymunwn yn dda i chi.



Marwolaeth Records

Sweden’s GRANDE ROYALE have unveiled a music video for “Status Doom”, taken from their new album ‘Welcome to Grime Town’ released via The Sign Records. They turn the amps up to 11 and get their boogie on.

‘Status Doom’ is taken from the sixth studio album ‘Welcome to Grime Town’. ‘Status Doom’ perfectly represents the melodic, energetic, guitar driven rock soundscapes always present on the album. The band has a history of collaborating with artists as Nicke Andersson and Dregen and the new album is mixed by Robert Pehrsson.

UK glamsters are back in the ring and firing on all cylinders with a brand new performance video.

‘You Can’t Stop The Rock’ is now available from all the usual digital outlets.

This will be the first new music written by the band since their Blast album in 2016.

Guitarist Jay Pepper says ‘We wanted to put out something fun and entertaining, paying homage to the 80s classic rock era, and this track captures that vibe perfectly’

This fits in with the band’s upcoming special guest appearance on Steel Panther’s Ireland dates later this month, and then a headline show at The Underworld, Camden – June 3rd.

Tigertailz are currently re-recording a selection of their finest tracks from their back catalogue for a ‘Best Of Volume I & II’ Album compilation, due for release end of 2023.

Any interview/track/feature requests to:

Tigertailz Live Shows 2023
Thurs 25th May – Ulster Hall, Belfast *With SP

Fri 26th May – Cyprus Avenue, Cork *With SP

Sun 28th May – Vicar Street, Dublin *With SP

Sat 3rd June – Camden Underworld, London *Headline Show

Sun 25th June – HRH ABC o2 Academy, Leicester

Sat 15th July – DesTINAtion – Corporation, Sheffield

‘You Can’t Stop The Rock’ is now available from all the usual digital outlets.

This will be the first new music written by the band since their Blast album in 2016.

Guitarist Jay Pepper says ‘We wanted to put out something fun and entertaining, paying homage to the 80s classic rock era, and this track captures that vibe perfectly’

This fits in with the band’s upcoming special guest appearance on Steel Panther’s Ireland dates later this month, and then a headline show at The Underworld, Camden – June 3rd.

Tigertailz are currently re-recording a selection of their finest tracks from their back catalogue for a ‘Best Of Volume I & II’ Album compilation, due for release end of 2023.

Tigertailz Live Shows 2023
Thurs 25th May – Ulster Hall, Belfast *With SP

Fri 26th May – Cyprus Avenue, Cork *With SP

Sun 28th May – Vicar Street, Dublin *With SP

Sat 3rd June – Camden Underworld, London *Headline Show

Sun 25th June – HRH ABC o2 Academy, Leicester

Sat 15th July – DesTINAtion – Corporation, Sheffield

Available on vinyl for the first time this early naughties release is having its vinyl debut but with four additional songs.

Don’t bother tryign to work out which one is Len because none of these three are called Len (obviously). This trio (luckily they aren’t a four piece or five and there is actually only three of em. Bare-bones guitar, bass and drums; classicly British. they get by on great hooks and vocal harmonies; fifteen songs in total and all done and dusted in half an hour.

Chinese Burn’ is the 2007 debut album from The Len Price 3, of course it is being rereleased by Wicked Cool Records, for the first time ever on vinyl, because Wicked Cool know a good LP when they hear it.

Raw, passionate, two-minute tunes of the Who, the Kinks, and the Clash, is pretty much the MO for The Len Price 3 and they deliver a high-energy garage rock n roll.

Imagine in the swinging 60s a band like this rolled up to play the Marquee with the melodies and swing but added the punch that this record has it would have been devastating. It’s got the snot of punk and the barroom boogie of Dr Feelgood. It’s not an easy sound to perfect and many have tried and failed along the way. Let’s face it these guys didn’t cross my path for some reason back in the day but one thing fo sure I’m so glad I’ve had the chance to acquaint my ears with these tunes now thanks to Wicked Cool and their pursuit of excellent rock n roll.

Fifteen songs are present here and everyone is an explosion of great songwriting and a fantastic retro yet modern sound that has guts, power and subtlety, not a combination many bands can achieve. It’s like the Kinks and The Who made a supergroup using the Jams equipment from the rapid chops of the title track its got swing and a masterclass in songwriting.

They nail the harmonies like on ‘Viva Viva’ but it’s the cheeky rock that gives it edge kicking and screaming but always being quality. What a great album from top to bottom – ‘Swine Fever’ is a proper earworm but then ‘Amsterdam’ is as well Daltry and Townsend must be cursing these guys for having the chops at a time when Roger is more concerned with shouting his tory bollocks whilst the Len Price 3 are cutting the mustard back home writing top-notch records like this. ‘Chatham Town Spawns Devils’ – I bet it does but they’ll be pleased it’s wrapped up in such a rockin’ tune. Writing a song about ‘Big Daddy’ isn’t something you expected to hear. Cheeky boys. Before they’re done I love ‘Medway Eye’.

Quintessentially a record that could only ever have come out of England and that’s part of its charm and beauty. It’s happy and avin’ it large at the same time. The Len Price 3 dish up a tasty treat now go get yourself some it’s worth it and so are you.

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Author: Dom Daley

A sweet five-track introduction to all things Baby Schillaci is here. Pressed on a limited edition 100 copies this bad boy might be one of those rare edition musical items that become legend. Apparently, two of the tracks won’t make it to the digital world either so grab one while you can or hell why not attend one of their shows and pick up a copy?

Kicking off with the exceptional ‘Radical’ like some fucked up ‘Subteranian Homesick Blues’ for the generation Xers with an aggressive chorus and lick on the old six strings its well constructed and really well delivered I especially love the simple yet on the money guitar break that lets the song breath and leave the listener knowing they’ve just heard a really good opener on a really good EP.

Seconds out round two is the punchy ‘Be Mine’ with the boredom nialism that served early Manics so well with a snatch of prime Nirvana thrown in for good measure but the Nirvana that was hungry and up for the fight. Has a great breakdown with plenty of grunt in the rhythm section from the tub thumping to the bass grunt that drives into the solo for an all round impressive song.

Seeing as it’s only five songs, I might as well break down track three and ‘Dead Wrestlers’ is in for some top rope action from the industrial mash up the tension begins before a snotty riff rides in. Don’t tap out as the snot is wiped away and replaced with some more laddish britpop break before diving back in fo rroyal rumbling, another impressive song.

‘So bad’ would be my pick of the pops with its snare crack and distorted bass thump whilst the whispered vocals create some good audio moods whilst the guitars scratch away at your ear letting in this thumping earworm – excellent song and the guiding light on this rather impressive EP. Leaving just the ‘Spit’ to wipe away any doubt that this impressive EP will impress all who come across it. The retro melody of the acoustic guitar is like Bowie grooving on some Numan experiment, dark and brooding and hitting all the right notes.

five tracks is just about right. Not To much and not to little leave em wanting more is always a good place to start. Check these Swansea boys out and get em to play a show in your town you wont regret it and you wont regret spending a few quid on this very impressive slab of post punk alternative Rock n fuckin’ Roll. Gercha!


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21 REMIXES OF SONGS FROM THE BAND’S NEW ALBUM ‘SEE THROUGH YOU’ BY TRENTEMØLLER, ANDY BELL (RIDE), SONIC BOOM, XIU XIU, ANNIE HART (AU REVOIR SIMONE), bdrmm, TV PRIEST AND MORE. Record Store Day exclusive thats maybe not so exclusive and also getting a digital release in June. After a very busy 2022, which saw the release of their critically acclaimed new album ‘See Through You’, as well as the re-release of their expanded and remastered seminal album ‘Exploding Head’.

I have to say, wading through twenty one remixes is almost self harm by trying to explode ones brain or frying it with industrial remixes and head fuckin tweeks and reverb. From the opener ‘I’m Hurt’ you get all the tweeks and drills you could desire over the throbbing bassine but thats just the beggining.

The Dedstrange Rogues’ Gallery of Remix Producers joins forces with renowned Danish Electronic Composer TrentmøllerAndy Bell of legendary shoegaze band Ride (as Glok)post-punk anti-heroes Xiu Xiu, the luminescent Annie Hart of hypnotic synth trio Au Revoir Simone (Twin Peaks: the Return), psychedelic guitar genius Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3, Spectrum, UK Post Punks TV Priest, Tampa’s Goth band Glove, UK emerging shoegazers bdrmm and many more to tear down the walls between Oliver Ackermann’s dreams on the remix album ‘See Through You: Rerealized‘, an RSD-exclusive 2xLP set on red and blue vinyl featuring twenty-one brand-new, spicy hot takes on songs from the sixth A Place To Bury Strangers album, ‘See Through You’.

To be fair, this record is very listenable in most places and letting it wash over you is possibly a good way to go if electronic music isn’t quite your bag, but appreciating different forms of music is good for the soul. If you don’t want to take my word for it hit up the link and go to their Bandcamp page where you can find the remixes ready for your very own house party. I wouldn’t claim to going big on remixes but I have bought my fair share of 12″ records where bands try our remixes and this is a lot in one place. If you own ‘See Through You’ and loved it then this is something that might well have appeal to you if you’re looking for A place To Bury Strangers way in might I be so bold as to point you in the direction of their Dead Moon covers record that might be your way in to this, Good luck I’m off to wave some glow sticks in the air and get down to some ‘ReRealized’ action – wheres my whistle?

You can also catch the band on tour as part of their – DESTROY INTO THE FUTURE TOUR – TICKETS

Author: Dom Daley

This is the band’s second time in this wonderful independent venue perched near the train station in the South East Wales city of Newport with its rich history of rock n roll shows. It’s the first show here since they released their third album and one of the last dates on their quick whirl around the UK before heading to the States nicely warmed up.

With a packed room full to bursting from teenagers to people in their eightieth year on this spinning rock and every age in between not somethign I’ve seen at a show in a long itme something wonderful is happening slowly but surely. The Bar Stool Preachers have certainly worked hard to pull in people of all ages and people of varying tastes to witness their brand of good time ska punk that morphed into something much bigger and to be fair on the evidence of their new record much better but whisper it there’s something in the air thats for sure.

Beaming smiles at a punk rock show and a heaving dance floor where people are lost in music as the band open up with ‘Call Me On The Way Home’ theres moonstomping, pogoing and just dad dancing going on left right and centre as the magnificent seven are leading us through all three albums with the best cuts from each record.

Tom seems excited and overjoyed by the reaction he’s getting and I can see why people are excited the band seem excited one is bouncing off the other like two magnets connecting ‘Choose My Friends’ is a blur of sweat and dancing whilst ‘State Of Emergency’ sounds massive. I look around and see people singing every single word back even from the new album that is only a handful of days old it seems everyone got the memo to sing along and join in the gang choruses louder and louder ‘Doorstep’ – exceptional. ‘Flatlined’ is exhilarating. ‘Race Through Berlin’ sounds massive with three guitars but the band sound like their in tune and tighter than a packet of Rizla papers.

‘One Fool Down’ is anthemic like a heaving football crowd singing with arms aloft and the doo-wop of ‘Love The Love’ is making me smile having seen these boys grow over the years to this is nothing short of brilliant. I’ve seen a dozen shows in the last couple of weeks with some being magical and I went to this knowing it was going to be decent because I’ve seen them plenty of times but I wasn’t expecting them to sound this good and so full of energy and the new songs made me want to just get home and play the new album to death ‘Don’t Die Today’ – stunning and the set was brought to a stop with my favourite song ‘8.6 Days (All The Broken Hearts)’ simply stunning.

Tom returned to the stage accompanied by Alex for a heartfelt ‘Lighthouse Keeper’ before the rest of the band join them for a pulverising encore of ‘When This World Ends’ and the knees up and we’re out of Here ‘Bar Stool Preacher’ bringing the curtain down on a truly wonderful performance but one I felt was only them running to helf speed they are getting better the more shows they play and by the time you read this they’ll be in the good old US of A and as they burn rubber racing around the country they will shift through a few more gears and if you can I can’t recommend taking in a show enough. Sadly I can’t see a venue like Le Pub being big enough when they next give shit island a whirl it’ll be bigger venues I’m afraid but I’m glad I can say I was there.

As a side, it was fantastic to see the band give Gibbs the mic where he expressed his heartfelt thanks for their book drive where they encouraged fans to bring books to the shows to pass on to kids who can’t afford reading books and the stack of paper books at the back of the venue was truly inspirational from a band who give a shit to an audience who gets it Tiny Paws reading I’m sure I saw Bungle wandering off to the tour bus with a copy of Yma O Hyd I didnt know he could read Cymru but fair play. the Bar Stool Preachers are going places and this is just the beginning. What a fantastic night.


Author: Dom Daley

On 16th June Ferocious Dog proudly release ‘Live At Rock City’ CD on Graphite Records. ‘Live At Rock City’ was recorded in April 2022 on The Hope tour and features the band performing 29 songs.

On 16th June Ferocious Dog proudly release ‘Live At Rock City’ CD on Graphite Records. ‘Live At Rock City’ was recorded in April 2022 on The Hope tour and features the band performing 29 songs.

The studio version of ‘Broken Soldier’, taken from their critically acclaimed album ‘The Hope’, was originally released to raise awareness and money for Combat Stress, the UK’s leading charity for veterans’ mental health. For over a century, Combat Stress have helped former servicemen and women with mental health problems, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety and depression. 

Thought provoking and politically charged lyrics, seamlessly combining with dynamic and eclectic music – Ferocious Dog seem to have the knack of evolving their sound enough to pique your interest, without losing any of the sound or attitude that made you fall in love with them in the first place.

To preorder Live At Rock City CD go to: https://linktr.ee/FerociousDog

The album will also be available to download from all digital streaming services. 

Following their Dogfest Festival in April, Ferocious Dog continue to take their music and message to the masses with further headline shows and festival appearances in 2023, including the A Beautiful Day Out and Rebellion festivals plus Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany.

Ferocious Dog 2023 tour dates:


Thu 11th Queen’s Hall  Nuneaton

Fri 12th Tunes in The Dunes Cornwall 

Sat  13th O2 Academy  Leicester


Fri 2nd The Georgian Theatre Stockton-on-tees

Sat 3rd North West Calling  Manchester

Fri 9th Here For The Music  Bideford 

Fri  16th Sign Of The Times Church End 

Sat  17th Docks Academy  Grimsby 

FrI 30th Victoria Hall Settle


Sat  1st Victoria Hall Settle

Sun 2nd Victoria Hall Settle

Sat  8th Ely Folk Festival 

Sat 15th Jurassic Fields Dorset

Fri 21st The Devils Arse Castleton

Sat 22ndBeautiful Day Out  Leeds 


Wed 2nd Wacken Open Air Festival  Germany 

Sat 5th Rebellion Festival  Blackpool 

Fri 11th Lakefest  Ledbury

Thu 17th The Drill Lincoln

Fri 18th Guildhall  Gloucester

Sat 19th Beautiful Days  Ottery Saint Mary

Fri 25th Solfest  Cumbria


Fri 1st Lindisfarne Festival Blyth 

Sun 3rd Acapela Studio  Cardiff 

Thu 21st Club 85 Hitchin

Fri 22nd The 1865 Southampton

Sat  23rd Roadmender  Northampton

Sat 29th Robin 2 Bilston

Sat 30th The Waterfront  Norwich 


Fri  6th Oran Mor Glasgow

Sat 7th La Belle Angele  Edinburgh

Thu 12th Esquires Bedford

Fri 13th Boiler Shop Newcastle Upon Tyne

Sat 14th The Birdwell Venue Barnsley 

* Ferocious Dog 3 piece

Tickets available fromhttps://www.ferociousdog.co.uk/events