Available on vinyl for the first time this early naughties release is having its vinyl debut but with four additional songs.

Don’t bother tryign to work out which one is Len because none of these three are called Len (obviously). This trio (luckily they aren’t a four piece or five and there is actually only three of em. Bare-bones guitar, bass and drums; classicly British. they get by on great hooks and vocal harmonies; fifteen songs in total and all done and dusted in half an hour.

Chinese Burn’ is the 2007 debut album from The Len Price 3, of course it is being rereleased by Wicked Cool Records, for the first time ever on vinyl, because Wicked Cool know a good LP when they hear it.

Raw, passionate, two-minute tunes of the Who, the Kinks, and the Clash, is pretty much the MO for The Len Price 3 and they deliver a high-energy garage rock n roll.

Imagine in the swinging 60s a band like this rolled up to play the Marquee with the melodies and swing but added the punch that this record has it would have been devastating. It’s got the snot of punk and the barroom boogie of Dr Feelgood. It’s not an easy sound to perfect and many have tried and failed along the way. Let’s face it these guys didn’t cross my path for some reason back in the day but one thing fo sure I’m so glad I’ve had the chance to acquaint my ears with these tunes now thanks to Wicked Cool and their pursuit of excellent rock n roll.

Fifteen songs are present here and everyone is an explosion of great songwriting and a fantastic retro yet modern sound that has guts, power and subtlety, not a combination many bands can achieve. It’s like the Kinks and The Who made a supergroup using the Jams equipment from the rapid chops of the title track its got swing and a masterclass in songwriting.

They nail the harmonies like on ‘Viva Viva’ but it’s the cheeky rock that gives it edge kicking and screaming but always being quality. What a great album from top to bottom – ‘Swine Fever’ is a proper earworm but then ‘Amsterdam’ is as well Daltry and Townsend must be cursing these guys for having the chops at a time when Roger is more concerned with shouting his tory bollocks whilst the Len Price 3 are cutting the mustard back home writing top-notch records like this. ‘Chatham Town Spawns Devils’ – I bet it does but they’ll be pleased it’s wrapped up in such a rockin’ tune. Writing a song about ‘Big Daddy’ isn’t something you expected to hear. Cheeky boys. Before they’re done I love ‘Medway Eye’.

Quintessentially a record that could only ever have come out of England and that’s part of its charm and beauty. It’s happy and avin’ it large at the same time. The Len Price 3 dish up a tasty treat now go get yourself some it’s worth it and so are you.

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Author: Dom Daley