She’s from Brazil, he’s from Denmark and they are collectively known as The Fabulous Courettes! Husband and wife duo Flavia & Martin Couri have been wowing crowds with their explosive high energy brand of 60’s girl pop & garage rock for nigh on 10 years. The stylish drum and guitar duo have released 3 long players and a string of cool 7 inchers, all recorded in mono with the coolest, collectable cover art a fan could desire. And the fuzzy, melody strong tunes back up the image tenfold. With more potential radio hits than their contemporaries could muster in a full career, and a live reputation to match, The Courettes should be on the tip of everyone’s tongue, yet they remain rooted firmly in the underground scene. Ssshh, don’t tell anybody though, as it’s our little secret!

Promoting new single ‘Tough Like That’ and with a new compilation record ‘Boom! Dynamite’ on the merch table, this is their first visit to Leeds and my first time witnessing the band, let’s see if they live up to the hype.

Before the main event we have a band who are not on my radar to warm us up. Nervous Twitch are a colourful Leeds based trio, a fiercely independent band with 5 albums under their collective belt. They combine a 60’s girl group sound with surf and punk, yet sound dynamically different to The Courettes. This is more British indie punk sound, like Fuzzbox or The Slits. What both bands do have in common though are great melodies, familiar riffs and hummable tunes that stick in the mind.

Singer/bassist Erin used to be the drummer, and in her quirky, coloured 60’s hat & dress combo and surf green Danelectro Longhorn bass, she sorta looks like a punk rock Paloma Faith, in stark contrast to guitarist Jay in his baseball cap and stripey t shirt. They sound great too, ‘The likes of ‘History Of The Wild West’ and ‘We Don’t Care’ are short, sharp and sweet blasts of nonchalant punk pop with hooks aplenty, and with plenty around me singing the words, it would seem they have the fanbase too.

I’ve not heard them before but now Nervous Twitch are on my radar I will be back for more. Very impressive stuff.

It’s the hottest day of the year and I was prepared for a sweat-fest in the notoriously humid Brudenell tonight. But you know what? It wasn’t that sweaty at all! One of the few good things to come out covid times was the addition of air con in venues, and while there was definitely no need for a coat tonight, the cool air was a welcome addition to one of the most energetic shows of the year.

Heartbeat of the band Martin Couri introduces his guitar slinging wife with a swish of the hand to great applause. The applause ceases as he takes to his minimalistic set of drums stage front, and reaches out his hand, his drumstick held tightly parallel to a stage that is about to be drenched in his own sweat and spit. His gaze is fixed firmly out to his audience who are silently waiting in anticipation, then the duo blast into a frantic ‘Hoodoo Hop’…. Holy shit! As he bashes seven shades of shit out of his kit with that iconic beat, Flavia immediately takes the attention. In a black and white 60’s go-go dress, matching make-up and her vintage red guitar strapped to her waist, she looks like the daughter Jack White and Olivia Jean would absolutely die for, and she has the energy and stage presence I was hoping for. With a gritty rasp like Lulu in her prime and a guitar tone to die for, she wows the crowd and pulls all the iconic rock star poses any photographer would hope. Pay attention all you bands out there, this is how you do it, ok?

The hits keep a comin’ and the energy levels do not drop for one second. ‘The Boy I Love’ is pure 60’s girl group goodness, with a garage rock riff you know you’ve heard before. It’s like the ghost of Phil Spector shines down on the duo. Everything is a bit familiar and it’s delivered with the raw, primal power you want from any live rock n’ roll band. ‘Hop The Twig’ with its Duane Eddy surf guitar and tambourine bashin’ is about as primal and flashy as I like my rock n roll, and I love it. Live, it’s extended and jammed out giving Flavia a chance to venture out into the audience.

Flavia is a charismatic and energetic leader and her husband is a powerhouse drummer. They are both engaging, push for crowd interaction and make it way more than just a gig, this is The Fabulous Courettes and it’s a rock n’ roll show delivered in the tradition of how bands used to entertain their audience. Their mission is to make you leave your phone in your pocket, cease talking to your mates, and pay attention. The Courettes want you to get lost in the moment and dance like no one is watching. And that is exactly what happens. A few songs in, Flavia invites all the girls to the safe space down the front, she wants them all dancing, and the ladies do just that. ‘Want You like A Cigarette’ gets the biggest reaction, and fair play, so it should. All handclaps and pop-tastic melodies, how could you not sing and dance your little socks off!

For all their pop goodness The Courettes have an equal amount of garage rock goodness going on. ‘Boom Dynamite’ is a killer slice of punk rock energy. With Martin’s primal beats and cool hollering mixed with Flavia’s fuzzy guitar and sexy rasp, it is a high energy set highlight. There ain’t no encore, the band just keep playing their glorious tunes. “Let’s have a party, it’s the end of the world” is Flavia’s invitation in ‘Misfits & Freaks” and yeah, I’m with her tonight.

Live music should be something that transcends your daily life. An escape from whatever troubles and tribulations we find ourselves in. When it’s stripped back, raw and primal and when a band gives it 110% there truly is nothing better in my mind. And if there is a party to be had at the end of the world, I would want The Courettes to open proceedings. Do not miss them if they come your way, you can thank me later.

Author: Ben Hughes

After the start of the pandemic and Brexit, Christmas were perhaps the first punk band back on tour in the UK in 2021. To capture the experiences on video, the band captured the tour in a small clip in 2022. Enjoy ‘Fuck It Up’ from the current album ‘Hot Nights In Saint Vandal’ (released in 2020 on Kidnap Music and TNS Records) you can watch the band from the ferry to Quadrophenia Alley!

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‘Live In Berlin’

Get ready for a mega Headcat drop as you comb your quiff with engine grease because Headcat have not one but three releases. Firstly theres this here ‘Live In Berlin’ recorded at Huxleys way back in 2011 as well as their second studio collection ‘Walk The Walk…Talk The Talk’ and the previously released ‘Dreamcatcher’ live at Viejas Casino 2008 previously only out on Vinyl now on CD wheras the other two are on both vinyl (for the first time) and CD. So, fill yer boots.

If you didn’t know, Headcat was the roots Rock n Roll three piece started by Lemmy ably assisted by the Stray Cats can thumper Slim Jim Phantom and picking the six strings Danny B Harvey. Essentially Lemmy always said his day job band just played loud Rock and Roll – well his bit on the side does the same thing but maybe not quite as loud but tipping Lemmys Stetson to the originals who paved the way and invented the genre we know and love called Rock n Roll. Sure Lemmy rasp is loose and casual but man when he wanted to he sounded like the most authentic Rock n Rolling young man (well, not so young) but the love and attention to detail in these songs is obvious for everyone to hear. It’s in your soul and no matter how hard one tries to fuck it up it can’t be done and the cream will always rise to the top. whilst the studio stuff is interesting and pretty damn cool live they were a pretty awesome six-legged beast as ‘Live In Berlin’ testifies.

Twenty-one tracks of sublime original rock n roll from ‘Something Else’ through ‘Let It Rock’ via ‘Fools Paradise’ you know the drill and by the time you get to ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ you’ll have had a blast and probably want to do it all over again. A fantastic time capsule now available to cherish forever. God blemm you Lemmy Kilmister.

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Ok, one live album down the other to go. Whilst the set is a little shorter this eighteen-track offering (even if one is band introductions) it doesn’t replicate all the tracks off the Berlin show which was recorded only a few years later. But what this lacks in quantity it sure as shit makes up in quality with a romp through ‘Route 66’ and ends with ‘Crossroads’ it has ‘Rock n Roll Will Save You’ and ‘Fight For Your Life’ which makes it equally covetable. the sound is of course as you’d imagine – impeccable and just as you’d imagine these three mates to sound. Another CD another must-have.

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‘Walk The Walk…Talk The Talk’

Finally, we close off this hattrick of releases with the studio album ‘Walk The Walk’. With expanded sleeve notes this album rocks. Its three mates having a ball cutting a disc doing what got them into this trouble in the first place. Sure Lemmy ain’t no choirboy but boy does he deliver these classics with gusto and attitude befitting the magnitude of the task in front of him. These are the foundations that went on to enable ‘Ace Of Spades’, ‘Love Me Like A Reptile’ ‘Stray Cat Strut’, and ‘Rumble In Brighton’, and its a bit of fun. I’m sure these cats could knock out volumes of these songs in their sleep and we are lucky enough to have several records of it both in the studio and live. Get on it and play it to your kids, it’s only Rock and Roll.

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Author: Dom Daley

If you prefer the US re-dubbed version of Mad Max, George Miller’s 1979 post-apocalyptic vision of the future, then hit the homepage button now, because C.O.F.F.I.N are about as Australian as every millimetre of Mick “Two Fingers” Simpson’s beer belly. Just take one look at the front cover of ‘Australia Stops’, the band’s fifth album to date, and there’s no disputing these madmen from the Northern Beaches of Sydney really do suffer for their art. I mean who has a mullet in 2023? Well, other than the members of Rough Gutts, obviously. (Ha!)

Yeah, these four guys are like a Cosmic Psychos and Asteroid B-612 jam band playing Bea Smith’s birthday bash at Boggo Road Jail, that’s how bloody Australian they are, and they sound totally bloody bonza too! Just take one listen to the album’s opening track (and lead video) ‘Give Me A Bite’ and tell me I’m wrong.  The opening guitar licks of this track slap you straight across the face before vocalist and drummer Ben Portnoy (no relation…I hope) literally spits the song’s lyrics in it too. There’s something very Hip Priests-like about the “spit in my wounds” refrain too, and that’s certainly no bad thing, eh pop pickers? 

I must admit that when the band released their ‘Children In Finland Fighting In Norway’ (think about it) album a few back, I was already balls deep into a playlist featuring the likes of Stiff Richards, Private Function and Civic, so that record’s dozen tracks kind of passed me by, but here in 2023 with no such distractions to take my (bonk) eye off the C.O.F.F.I.N shaped prize, I’m all about the mullet maaaaan.

‘Cut You Off’ reminds me of just how great Airbourne used to be before they recorded the same album four times over, mixing the Rose Tattoo riffage with Motorhead attitude to absolute perfection. ‘City Sun’ meanwhile appears to be an ode to a man with the head of a horse, so I’m always going to love it aren’t I?

‘Keep It Dark’ and ‘Lovers Leash’ quickly follow and continue this four to the floor approach before ‘Beasts’ chugs its harp beating black heart past the record’s midway point, and I can’t help but think of Stevie Young’s old band Starfighters and their classic debut album every time I hear this one.   

For the second half of ‘Australia Stops’ the album’s title track introduces us to a further five song knuckle sandwich of punch drunk rock ‘n’ roll, the highlight of which (for me anyway) is the blistering one – two of ‘Through The Sewer’ and ‘Faceless’ a fine duo of tunes for the children of Generation Z to truly lose their shit over, just like they have been to the likes of Amyl & The Sniffers and The Chats.

Hotter than a rollin’ dice, C.O.F.F.I.N will hopefully be back soon to rule the roads of the UK (they did a run of shows back at the start of the summer) and promote ‘Australia Stops’ to the max, In the meantime we can all get excited about this mighty fine record hitting the record shop racks on September 15th.

Play it loud folks, PLAY IT LOUD!

You can pre-order ‘Australia Stops’ via the following link;

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Author: Johnny Hayward

I always get excited when I hear news trickling through the grapevine that Californias Bryan Smalls has assembled The Hangmen to record some new music and when I got the PR to say ‘Stories To Tell’ was indeed done and in the can, I couldn’t wait to get me some.

Getting straight to business, ‘Broken Heartland gets ‘Stories To Tell’ off to a flier with its solid tempo and some cool slide driving this Rocker onward and upwards. With some really nice solo work. With very little fanfare it’s on with the show and always a band who simply let the music do their talking. As far as openers go this is a thumper, no messing about just good honest Rock n Roll with a decent hook sweet playing and a melody on the chorus that locks in to your good vibe receptors of your brain making this addictive and oh so sweet.

Play on. With a nice round ten tracks on offer Smalls laid back exterior and style is no more aparent than ‘Midnight Riders’ with its widescreen vision as the sun drops out of the sky its such a quality tune. You’ve gotta love the melody as it battles with the music for what grabs you most but this is where The Hangmen sit best for me – it sounds effortlessly cool as you’re drawn in. They turn up the amps for ‘Last Time I Saw You’ as the riff chimes the band are rockin out here just cruising through the gears.

Another shift in tempo sees the laid back ‘On The Outside’ go country roots rock. The acoustic guitars are out and its time to sip a beer on the porch whilst the Rock n Roll eases back. Four songs deep and four sides to The Hangmen painting broad strokes with a thread throughout thats totally recognisable which isn’t easy to do. That Hangmen tone is what captures your attention. It’s raw as a seeping wound but sweet as honey, ‘Sinister Purpose’ hangs its melody on a big riff thats classic and modern but always quality. The cowbell is out on ‘Bayou Moon’ as Smalls leads his troops down a Stones rabit hole that oozes class. As the groove takes hold I’m gazing into the sky hoping we can all get some of this ‘Bayou Moon’. In fact The Stones are lurking in the DNA of Stories To Tell as the acoustic rocker of ‘Behind The Wheel’ will testify.

With a title track being a mid paced mid day rocker stretching itself out building to the chorus its just classic Hangmen and if you get it you’ll dig it and admire their class. Its a very impressive album with variety and moments left right and centre that purr with quality from the rockin opener to the almost baladlike ‘Runnin Kind’ that brings the curtain down on this excellent album. Don’t take my word for it. Head out there and pick up a copy or if you’re modern and like to stream then get on and pre save it so you can also marvel in the majesty that is the most excellent Hangmen. Winner!

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Author: Dom Daley

Love European power metal? Double bass drum barrages? Endless widdly guitar solos? High pitched vocal gymnastics? Lyrics about swords and steel? Well, my friends, you’ve come to the right place.

Wake of Ashes is the debut album from Hungarian based power metallers Burning Sun. The band wear their influences on their leather studded sleeves, the obvious comparison to classic Helloween is plain to hear. There’s some Queensryche, Accept and Maiden thrown in too for good measure. The songs are cohesive and superbly executed, the production has an old school vibe which helps with the nostalgic feel of the album.

Apparently, Wake of Ashes is a concept album based on Zoltán’s World of Warcraft character Emaly…. I know nothing about World of Warcraft so I couldn’t possibly comment on that, but I do know a good metal band when I hear one! You get 8 melodic songs with a playing time of just over half an hour. The songs are short, fast, and sharp and I felt that a few more tracks wouldn’t have gone amiss.

Fans of the power metal genre will love Wake of Ashes, the album artwork by Alan Lathwell is great too. The album is available on CD, cassette, and digital platforms.


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Author: Kenny Kendrick

Marc Valentine, the unmistakably British singer-songwriter whose powerpop-fueled debut album was released last year to critical acclaim, returns with ‘Jinx Of Finchley Road’ – a digital single scheduled for release through Little Steven’s Wicked Cool Records.

Produced by Dave Draper (The Wildhearts, Ryan Hamilton, The Professionals), the song hints at nefarious and uncanny happenings in North London. Nostalgia and mystery meet in a basement full of hooks to create a single that sounds as if it was
plucked from the charts during the glory days of Britpop.

Having honed his craft over four albums with cult pop-rockers Last Great Dreamers, Valentine launched a solo career in 2022, his album ‘Future Obscure’ delighting fans and picking up praise from an array of publications.

‘Jinx Of Finchley Road’ marks his return to the spotlight, which looks set to grow even brighter through 2024.

Upcoming live dates 

Friday 15 September – Trillians, Newcastle 

Saturday 16 September – Fulford Arms, York

All links to buy and hear Marc Here

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Another day, another impressive album of psyche rock blues from France. Even though I live there, I’m not sure what they put in the water, but The Arrogants are convincing enough to have persuaded Pete Townshend to have them as support to The Who in Paris. “You really have captured the vibe of the very early ‘60s Mod scene and the UK R&B scene, this will work because you have reinvented it all so well. I wish you luck”. Pete Townshend.

The roots of the mod scene were quite varied, and these lads from Lille have an affinity with the scene, man. It’s by turns groovy, simple, spaced out and infectious. From the opening instrumental onwards, this could have been released in 1966-67. Not so much “reinvented”, Pete, but that’s not a criticism. ‘No Question’ and ‘Show Me How’ wouldn’t shame The Fuzztones, ‘Stoned Blues’ is perhaps a little too perfunctory, but pleasant.

‘Look At Your Body’ is more energetic, bonus points for the frenetic bass line which doesn’t let up. This should get you dancing. ‘Dark Flowers’ is equally catchy, the Hammond filling out the sound, while ‘I’m Tripping’ tips a nod to Roky Erickson. ‘Smokey Eyes’ and ‘6000 Years’ are quality garage rock, in a Morlocks style. They certainly tick all the boxes of the genre, and have worked hard at creating an authentic-era sound. This needs to be heard in a sweaty club, as you frug the night away.

‘She Smiles (She Comes)’ ends the album, drawing things out, starting off dreamy, then picking up pace like a youthful Stones. 14 songs, if you trimmed off the slower blues it’d be perfect, just my opinion. An impressive second album, I hope I get the chance to see them soon.

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Author: Martin Chamarette

RPM Online we’re super stoked when Matt got in touch and asked if we’d like to air their new single. Of course we said a rousing Hell Yeah! so here it is kids. ‘Knocked Down Again’.

They just finished up a run of shows during the summer for what was called their Midwest “Tour” – tour in quotes due to it being several different out of town weekend gigs through the past couple months instead of a bunch of shows every day for a while. It was a total blast!

The Next show for Poison Boys will be at Reggie’s Music Joint in Chicago on Wednesday 9/27/23 opening for the Oi! band Booze and Glory from the UK. Matt has Been powering through with this new three piece lineup of (Matt Dudzik) on vocals and guitar, new bassist Johnny K who just joined right before their Spain tour back in February of this year, and drummer Matt Chaney. 


This video was filmed by our Swiss friend Sleepy Doc Julius who came along on this tour for film and photography. In the past he has filled in on guitar for our tours in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Released on vinyl through Heavy Medication The Dogs second full length record originally only go treleased on CD so its been a long time coming but finally, its here in all its Motorcity glory. Loud loose and hocked up on gasolene ‘Hypersensitive’ is a killer record. Sure the opening salvo and salute to the forefathers of the Garage proto punks is one hell of a signal as the flag is raised with a middle digit in the air as we all get our freak on.

The 2012 release was the Los Angeles-by-way-of Detroit punks tribute and Features material going back to the band’s late ‘60s/early ‘70s origins, plus a cover of The Pagans’ “Her Name Was Jane.”

‘You Can’t Catch Me’ is thunderous as it hurtles along like a runaway express train from that ultra bassy riff hypnotising the listener to the gang vocals on the chorus and ripping solo. You can just imagine this live tearing the roof off the venue with ease from the low flying blades of that wah as it goes through the gears and back into the verse via some howling feedback – exhilerating stuff.

‘Slash Your Face’ is a heaving hypnotic rolling thunder of a track filled with menace and darkness before pulling away through the gears. Originally featured on the ‘Killed By Death’ comps. As for that Pagans cover ‘Her Name Was Jane’ is a mighty fine tribute.

Formed in 1968 and consisting of guitarist/vocalist Loren Molinare, bassist Mary Kay, and drummer Ron Wood, The Dogs played shows with their idols The Stooges and MC5 before moving to Detroit in 1973. By the following year, they’d moved briefly to NYC (where they shared stages with KISS, Television, and The Dictators) but ultimately set up base in L.A. and recorded two now-legendary singles.

They even took up residency in London briefly but soon returned to LA playing with a wide range of bands from AC/DC to Van Halen as well as the Stooges. As a part of the LA punk scene, however, their Detroit roots were a mixed blessing. Their sound bridged the gap between hard rock and punk, which probably explains how Loren joined Little Caesar.

Fast-forward to the 2000’s. The Dogs’ inclusion on cult compilations KBD and “Bloodstains Across California” has revived interest in the band. In addition the band recruited Tony Matteucci who replaced Wood on the drums.

‘Hypersensitive’ is a fantastic collection of songs with the title track being one hell of a song as it motors on. Songs like ‘Good Time Girl’ lean heavily on the likes of The Dictators with its familiar riff its got a ton of energy.

‘Beatin’ The Floor’ is the first song they ever wrote and its a banger filled with timeless riff-o-la and makes you want to see them live where these tunes would truly shine. Good on Heavy Medication for pulling all this together and releasing a sonically excellent and coherent record that ebbs and flows nicely.

Get an earful of this Dogs bark, it’s terrifying and wonderful at the same time seems you can teach an old dog new tricks after all. Besides you should buy it on the strength of the cover art alone. Now kick out those jams mother fuckers!

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Author: Dom Daley